5 thoughts on “Conservative wins election, and the liberal promises a court fight

  1. I left something on this at my site; I would like for there to be more of an effort to put the commie on the spot about his remarks regarding a possible “riot” if he was not declared the victor. He has changed his wording almost every time he is asked about the original comment. I would hammer him to death on it, because it could soon lead to real violence in the streets.

    And yes, I second the notion; When did Al Gore become a Mexican?

  2. When did Al Gore become a Mexican?

    Maybe about the same time William Jefferson Clinton became the first “black president”. Or maybe when Saddam’s illegal WMDs that were found in Iraq became “un-WMDs”. Or when Islamofascist terrorists became “freedom fighters”. But most likely it happened when we started counting chads (dimpled, pimpled or otherwise) rather than actual votes.

  3. As an American, I didn’t get to vote in the Mexican elections!! Since illegals vote here from time to time, I want to vote in the Mexican election. While I am at it, I want the Mexican government to print my ballot in English since I can’t read or speak Spanish!!!:d

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