The latest developments in the Israel vs. Lebanon conflict

Posted by: ST on July 13, 2006 at 9:12 am

There are so many, it’s hard to keep up this morning.  Memeorandum has links galore to peruse.

The top story is that a Hamas ‘militant’ (media code word for ‘terrorist’) who is on Israel’s most wanted list has been badly injured courtesy of an Israeli airstrike and underwent several hours of spine surgery. 

First they had to find his spine, and then and only then could they operate.   Mere speculation on my part on why it took so long, of course.

Lebanese Bloggers are on top of the latest developments.

Update I:  Allah has tons of updates on this – the latest news is that Hezbollah is trying to transfer the captured Israeli soldiers to Iran.  Here’s more on that development.


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    1. Kevin says:

      Israellycool is liveblogging it as well. Israel is not wussyfooting around this time. Good for them.

    2. Big Bang Hunter says:

      – Reading a sampling of comments on the Lebonese blogs, you’re struck once again with the words from people indicating that the trouble imminates from a extreme minority. Example:

      “…most Lebanese are against Hezballah as a militia. They only represent themselves, and have less then 30% of the population’s support…”

      and more:

      “…the problem is different: it shows onces again that this government that included the hezbollah into it is a failure once again

      it was forcastable that if such move from the hizbollah was doing such move, the government would be responsible

      and the lebanese population is paying the price again..”

      – So you have the vast majority of both the Isreali’s and Lebonese who just want to be left to live their lives in peace, and its being denied them by a small extremist minority. Hizbullah, and Hama, working in concert with their puppet masters in Syria and Iran.

      – And here in America you have the Neo Liberal Socialist Progressive movement doing everything it can to aide and support the Islamist Fascists of the Wahhbist sects of Bin Laden.

      – Some day maybe the world can have peace if all countries simply decided to make activist sedition hate speech, punishable by law, and totally outlaw sectarian/religious wars of any kind. thats what we should demand of the UN as its mandate, and until they make such a move, in the intersts of peace everywhere, we should withhold any form of support.

      – As long as the world allows small gaggles of extremist interests groups to practice hate speech, and needlessly turn people against one another through propaganda and demogogery, we will never achieve peace. Freedom of speech should not include freedom to foment hate.

      – Bang **==

    3. pecker says:

      The battle for the soul of Israel is almost done. How much longer will the Zionists hold out against the souls of Yahweh?

    4. PCD says:

      Steve(fn), you mind taking your hatred for Israel elsewhere? Thank you.

    5. JAH says:

      Israel has a secret weapon, no alternative
      – Golda Meir

      (I am paraphrasing, if someone knows the entire quote you might want to print it)

    6. Charlie says:

      you might all do a search for Kofi Annan’s comments about Israel’s “terrorist” tactics…I just caught an audio on the radio earlier. To say I’m greatful that Bolton is our UN Ambassador would be an understatement. Once again the UN demonstrates that it is the mouthpiece for islamic terrorism(lower case intentional) When will we kick the UN out of NYC and send them packing to, oh, Damascus would be a good choice.

      If we do anything, we should support Israel militarily and diplomatically…hunt Hezbollah and it’s supporters down and eliminate them.

    7. forest hunter says:

      Charlie: Should prove to be a short hunt, what with the target rich environment of thug-huggers employed at the NYT and sech……

    8. Dan says:

      I find the recent and the historical violence and action, for better or worse, a mystery as I sit here in a hotel. I do not know all of the history but I know enough as I think most do. For summary, the Israeli people have been persecuted for the last thousand years and more. Okay they supposedly killed Jesus Christ. As I grow and as my parents raise me we are taught to learn that…the Jews killed Jesus Christ. OKAY he may or may have not been a prophet just as Muhammad may have been. I believe in a supreme being and I do not in any sense hold strict to something I heard as a child. I have grown. So this is now. I would say to the Israelis so content on holding what was given after WWII, and I know the word (given) is hard to swallow, but many people died for their right to that land, Israelis or not in WWII. I can practice my religion in my head at my door step, in my heart and in the street. I wish you could have that. But I also see the Palestinians as a people struggling just as the Jews did. Is all the blood shed worth a piece of land. If this is about God and your land….What would God do? What would Jesus do? What would a sane individual do. He would know that fighting over something so iconic and so not necessary was ignorant patriotic idealism that any good God would not appreciate. This is blood shed for a piece of the Earth that we all lucky to have. From what I know it is beautiful. Montana is beautiful …Why can’t the Israelis accept this. I understand history but peace outlasts all. Please reconcile. I can worship my God here why cant you?

    9. Severian says:

      Dan, if you get anywhere near a point, plant a flag and get back to us.8-|

    10. PCD says:

      Dan sounds an awful lot like “shiloh” who got banned from Right Voices. shiloh, was a Kerryite wanker who just liked to stir trouble and not admit how deeply he was tied to the Kerry campaign and the Democrat party.

      “Dan”, The Jews had that land before the Palestinians. Also, the land was known as “Trans-Jordan”. Study your history a little more and try not to be so elitely anti-Israeli, if not anti-Jew.

    11. Lorica says:

      Actually the British conquered that piece of land during WWI. They controled it for over 25 years, before it was given over to Jews, as historically it is theirs, proven over and over again by archeology. The Dome of the Rock was the most ignored Holy Site in Islam, as the Koran only talks about Mecca and Medina, both Christian cities prior to Islamic take over in the 7th century. The Dome of the Rock covers the rock that Abraham was to sacrifice Isaac on.

      The great thing about Christianity is the fact that you can worship anywhere and at anytime. We are not tied to a specific place, unless you are Catholic, pertaining to the Vatican as a place where you can find specific history of organization. Sadly this is not true of many religions.

      Also there is really no such thing as a “Palestinian”. Most all of them 100 years ago were called Jordanians. Palestine is a creation of PLO. Even Yasser Arafat’s family tree took him thru Jordan, and not Israel/Palestine. Pretty odd, don’t cha think??? – Lorica

    12. david says:


      i am a lebanese christian person,
      i live in lebanon in that f**king war, i hate it.
      it’s the problem of the hezeballah,they are bad and stupid people who don’t care about the death of their people.
      hope that al this was will stop soon, and that the christian people and regions won’t be killed by the israeliens soldiers
      10x and pray 4 lebanon and 4 the innocents people

    13. Severian says:

      Keep your head down and stay safe David!

    14. PCD says:

      I hope the Israelis finish the job like we are finishing the job in Iraq.

      Syria may need to lose about 500 or so tanks which would destabilize the Baathist dictatorship and take them out of the terror game for awhile, if not forever.

      Iran won’t quit until their Mullahs are swept aside and the natural democracy emerges there.

    15. rob says:

      Okay, lets see where shall we start with this? How about taking a shot at pcd because frankly that was a pretty arrogant statement, yes the jews were there first, but then again Native Americans were in the US first and I haven’t seen anyone handing their land back too them, buddy hate to tell you this but your a hypocrit.

      As a second note, Israel’s war is completely unjustified, yes 2 soldiers were kidnapped and I do not condone this act at all, BUT bombing airstrips, bridges, highways and civilian areas are completely out of porportion. How many Hezbollah members have actually been killed from this? A lot less then the uninvolved people, victims of oppresion of a corrupt and greedy Israeli government. Hell they have Jerusalem, it was given too them without a fight after the second world war. How many died in the past trying to control this area? Now apparently this is not enough. They start invading other nations, trying to claim more land that does not belong to them. Tell me this, hypothetically say some mexicans cross the border into the USA and start to build houses and communities right there. Now say the American government forces these people out. The mexicans start to argue that this land was originally theirs and it belongs to them, does this mean the Mexican government will start bombing American cities because they now claim it to be theirs? No, of course not, its been going on for decades. Any illegal immigrant caught in the US is immediately deported.

      SO now all of a sudden Palestine can’t force these illegal immigrants out of their country because their ancestors lived there hundreds of years ago, oh sooorryyyy! I didn’t know Israel could just infrindge on international property laws and just move right on in. Who the hell do they think they are? The jews refused the prophet Jesus Christ(yes that is what he was a prophet, NOT the son of god, god doesn’t have a material embodiment so how in the world would he impregnate Mariam? He doesn’t have too, HE’S GOD, he can make whatever he wants and all he has to think is BE, and it is) Even though his coming was in the Torah, the jews didn’t want too follow him because of ignorance. Prophet Muhammed(peace and blessings be upon him) was as well mentioned in the Torah AND the Bible. The only reason Christianity refused him was because they too did not want to change their ways, they became fat with power and riches, accepting his appearance would mean giving these worldy possessions up.

      Now back on track here, a comment to Stix Dog…Are you retarded? The Israelis KNOW that they’re time is almost up, its in their book. not quoting exactly “there will be a time when the jews will be hunted down, they will run and hide but everywhere they turn , the thing they hide behind will state “here is a jew, come kill him” they will be saught out behind every tree and every rock and all will pronounce “here is a jew, come kill him”, but there will be a tree that will not speak, and there they would find safety for awhile”

      Most has already happened, during world war 2, the jews were turned away from many countries that did not wish to aid them for fear of the germans, as Hitler stated they would be saught out in every corner of the land until they are all put to death. This IS what happened, For most of the war, many european nations as well as Canada would not accept jews into their land. We all know about the holocaust. Then they came to find this “tree” which was given too them as the state of Israel, now forgetting what the name of the actual tree was, I do know that in Israel the jewish people have planted many of them, they also know Muslims will unite under a black flag and eradicate them from this earth. They are safe for now, but their own ignorance will be their downfall, because they know what is coming they are trying to delay it by attempting to cripple the Muslim nations, using a simile I will give an example of the situation.

      Consider there is a spring(like the ones found in vehicles ahhhhhh) this spring represents the Muslim nations, as of now the spring is spread apart because of nationalism and different ideals sperating them, and each section of it represents a different muslim country(with palestine, lebanon, iran, iraq being in near the top and Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Turkey near the bottom and all others are in between)
      Now at the top of the spring is Israel, and the bottom America. What Israel is trying to do is too apply enough pressure on the spring so that it becomes weak and eventually breaks, permanetly keeping muslim countries from uniting and using the USA as the wall to put their backs against. As they push on the spring, it begins to compress, they see this as the weakening stage, but what they don’t see is slowly but surely these muslim nations becoming closer to each other strengthening the spring. The harder they push on it the more compact it becomes but also their own strength starts to dwindle because they’re spreading themselves thin(this is what they are attempting, its only a matter of time until they invade more muslim countries, spreading their military might thin across the board, they are seen as strong now because they are fighting one or two countries at once, but soon enough they will have many more to deal with)back on track here, They apply more and more might onto these springs, unbeknownst to them there are OTHER forces to consider(china being one of them, they have strong ties too the middle-east increasingly now with their booming industrial needs such as !shock! oil, they are already providing aid to Pakistan in their struggle with India(China doesn’t like India remember?). Soon now they wil have the spring nearly fully compressed but with this comes the unity of muslim nations. What happens to a spring when the applied force becomes over powered by the kinetic energy of the compressed spring? Well if you don’t know that your an idiot and you should go back to school, it shoots back, and in this situation the compressed force will be strong enough to shatter the oppressing force.

      So kiddies, now as can be seen Israel’s own ignorance and unwillingness to change will be its downfall. This they may not see but when you know your own future and you don’t like it your bound to oppose it., even if accepting the truth(a lot bloody easier to accept the prophets jesus christ and muhammed then all the violence and bloodshed they chose)would mean they could still exist, not as one nation standing alone against the world but as a strong link in the spring which would fuel their own happiness and tranquility.

      America may be the wall too push the Muslim nations against but it won’t always be a lacky of Israel, the people are beginning to see how completely unneccessary it is to be fighting a war that is not their own(this is america’s way as you all know, they didn’t enter the second world war until they were directly under attack !shock! (the twin towers? Yeah, like Osama’s followers were able to highjack a 747 with nothing but box cutters..BOX CUTTERS, are you on crack? OH NO, not a box cutter! they might open something from the wrong side! Do you know how flimsey those things are? And I’ll tell you one thing you CANNOT stab someone with a box cutter, the first blade might go in a millimeter or two until the thing snaps off, if they WERE able to do so, I feel sorry for those people who didn’t choose to fight because of a man holding a box cutter, they must have been scared of their own damned shadows, better to have all died then a few in this case? Give your head a shake)

      Too think the Israelis are blind enough too think they can just toss UN regulations to the wind and continue too invade and attack other countries for no other reason then to keep instability and corruption in the middle-east. Now I know what some of you are thinking “oh this guy’s anti-jew”, “hes a jew hater” and the like, well your stupid. I don’t hate the people I hate their crooked government, there are good jewish people in the world I know a handful. The unfortunate thing is they insist on following fools who try to change fate. If you want to change fate, STOP fighting a pointless war, your only digging the hole deeper.

      Now you call Hezbollah, Hamas, and a lot fo other organizations terrorist. Why? Because their nation isn’t wealthy enough too afford a strong military force, and every time they attempt to reform and stablize their countries some foreign power comes in and bombs the place to hell, promoting their attacks as good for the nation saying they are helping too building a strong and just government? By what means does it become just to kill the people and then claim themselves as their heroes? Okay now I agree Saddam needed to be tossed out, but when did removing saddam from power turn into killing hundreds of thousands of Iraqis and then installing a US friendly government that’s only purpose is too secure a American oil provider? Oh and by the way after Afganistan, the USA installed into power a group headed by guess what? A business partner of George Bush. Now you can put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    16. rob says:

      A little tidbit for you, the installed man in afganistan was too build a pipe line for natural gas through the country, because in the past when the Taliban was still in power they refused to allow America too build this pipe line through their land. Heres another !shock! guess who’s company proposed to build this pipe line in the first place? You guessed it George Double U Bush. (I know its a W, but I wrote what I chose so anyone who doesn’t like it can you know what right off) Long one eh?

    17. rob says:

      Oh yeah another thing I forgot to mention was that Israel hasn’t centralized their assault on only Lebanese , they fired upon Egyptian and Canadian civilian ships, mising the Canadian one, but killing one Egyptian. For anyone thinking too themselves “they shouldn’t have been there” or “they should leave Lebanon”, hows this one for you? It’s kinda hard too leave a country when the highways, airports, seaports and bridges are being bombed don’t you think? If you thought one of those statements in the first place obviously not.

    18. Severian says:

      Rob’s obviously trying to beat everyone into submission with sheer volume and mass, not with wit or accuracy.

      Sorry Rob, the phrase “quantity has a quality all it’s own” really applies to the use of armor in ground combat (a Soviet general said it) not prose used in an argument. :o)

    19. rob says:

      Oh, which part did you find not to be accurate? Wit wasn’t implied in the message I was getting a point across, that point being Israel has been continually trying too put a wedge between muslim nations and using force on any that even began to look unified. What they have too realize is these crude means of oppression won’t work forever. As it goes, evil may rule for a term, but good will always triumph in the long run.