Haunting phone call from WTC on 9-11

Allah has posted a link to the audio recording of the last call one 9-11 victim ever made (transcript here). This came out a few months ago but, like Allah, I hadn’t heard about it til this evening.

The victim’s name is Kevin Cosgrove. While you’re listening to the call (which he made to 911), the burning towers can be seen – and eventually, his last words are spoken as the South Tower – the one he’s in – starts collapsing. It will chill you to the bone.

Never forget.

6 thoughts on “Haunting phone call from WTC on 9-11

  1. And some people just don’t get it. May God forgive them.

    Thanking you for this post doesn’t seem right. But we musn’t ever forget.

    Beware. Some on the left would consider this “fear mongering”. They just don’t get it.

  2. You are right, I was chilled to the bone and felt so much compassion for this poor man. May we never forget, even if the left is still saying it was an inside job, until their building falls they just don’t get it or care.
    Thanks for making this available to us.

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  4. All I can say is:
    Oh my stars!
    My stomach just sank.
    We DO indeed need to see and hear these things as a gruesome reminder of of the brutal attack on American soil.
    It is about how America was attacked. It is about remembering those people in the towers and the pentagon. It is about the Americans and others on those flights that struck their targets, or landed in the field. It is about remembering their families and honoring the dead.
    God Bless America.
    Never Forget

  5. May we never ever forget these brave men and women who lost their lives on this tragic day.I find myself wanting to watch flight 93 over and over again just to remind myself and the tears still flow. Not just because of the tragedy but because of how proud I am of these individuals who took it upon themselves to make sure that these maniacs did not hit the target intended.All however are truly heroes in this tragedy.All but the maniacs that boarded those planes that fateful day.Rest assured vindication is coming soon!

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