The UN ceasefire deal on Israel and Hezbollah

Lots of discussion about the UN ceasefire deal (read Kofi Annan’s ‘give peace a chance’ speech here) going on in the blogosphere. Olmert has signaled that he’s ok with it, and the AP is reporting today that Nasrallah has said Hezbollah will as well.

Several worrisome things about this: This deal doesn’t require Hezbollah to disarm. It asks for Israel and Lebanon to work out a compromise where Hezbollah would disarm. Like that’s going to happen. There isn’t anything forceful in the resolution about Hezbollah unconditionally releasing the IDF soldiers Hezbollah captured, either. Also, doesn’t this ceasefire deal effectively recognize Hezbollah as a “state”? If so, that’s worrying.

Olmert’s support amongst Israelis is already slipping, and once word of this ‘ceasefire agreement’ spreads, it’s likely to go down even more. Can’t say as I blame them.

Captain Ed calls the ceasfire deal a ‘mixed bag’ – while Rick Moran gives a much less charitable view of it.

On a semi-related note, check out the oh so ‘helpful’ “Green Helmet Guy” – the director’s cut:


LGF has more on “Green Helmet Guy” here.

(Hat tip for the “GHG” video: my friend Dunk)

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  1. - You just cannot parody the Left anymore. They’ve become a parody of themselves. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if one of the Vunderkliene in the moonbat enclave comes up with a new theory that Bush hired the freedom loving terrorists to fly planes into the WTC, and to kidnap Isreali soldiers to foment the war.

    – These people are so out of touch with reality, you have to wonder why they’re out walking free
    on the streets. I’m still digging, trying to find a link or a posting of that poll taken from Liberal dingbats where they admitted that 74% of them have one or more mental issues. You look at the wild, unsubstantiated things they believe and say, and then they wonder why they aren’t trusted with political power, and that irony right there, and their inability to process that ignimonious position, tells you all you need to know. Apparently the onset of BDS preceeds to all out mental delusions, and a total loss of perspective.

    – The “elite” are more nearly like the savant idiots. Fortunately for the country, they represent a very small group in the far Left gaggle. None of my Democratic friends believe any of this nonsense they make up. In fact I don’t believe the so-called “progressives” are really Democrats. They’re self-styled Marxists that have hi-jacked the Dem party, in much the same way that the Islamofascists have hi-jacked the Muslim religion. They’re such pathological liars, they won’t even admit what they really are.

    – Bang **==

  2. Kathy, I am not responsible for your outright ignorance on the issue. Nor am I interested in doing the research you should do yourself, because you, like many other leftists, will either downplay it or assert that it’s not true. You guys just continue to dream up your own realities, facts be damned (in fact, you’ve already done so in this thread). It’s not suprising, but after a while, it gets annoying – and then, boring. Waste of time.

    The answer to your question is in a blogpost I did here about a week ago. Utilize the search feature if you’re really interested. I’m beyond caring what you think about me, quite frankly, but your continued questioning of the integrity of my readers is over. As of right now. –ST

  3. In fact I don’t believe the so-called “progressives” are really Democrats. They’re self-styled Marxists that have hi-jacked the Dem party, in much the same way that the Islamofascists have hi-jacked the Muslim religion. They’re such pathological liars, they won’t even admit what they really are.

    There’s great deal of truth in that Bang. Many “mainstream” Dems have sold out to the nutroots, in an attempt to gain power, get funding, etc. Their mistake was in not realizing that there was no way they’d ever be able to control people who are that mentally ill, and it has all the hallmarks of mental illness. They do change the words they use, they keep on with their unsupportable and reprehensible views and behaviors until they taint a word, like liberal, then move on to another in the hope the world won’t see them for who they are. Classic Newspeak at work, unfortunately these people view Orwell’s 1984 as an instrucion manual not a cautionary tale.

    It is hard to parody a parody, you’re right on that account.

  4. Goes to the old joke we talked about the other day Sev. When they sold out, it was no longer a question of what they were but what they were becoming and now is the negotiation aspect. Go ahead you tell it better than I.

    Back to you Don!=))

  5. Well, ST, I took you up on your offer and searched for your “evidence” that Hezbollah hides weapons and fighters among civilians. I typed “Hezbollah civilians” in the Search box (without the quotes). I also tried “Hezbollah hiding civilians.”

    The results? Nothing. My search criteria didn’t match any of your posts.

    I won’t speculate on why that is, but I agree with you that pursuing this matter is a waste of time.


  6. That’s odd ST, I typed Kathy has an idea in one hand and a clue in the other in the search box and I got something similar.

    “The results? Nothing. My search criteria didn’t match any of your posts.

    I won’t speculate on why that is, but I agree with you that pursuing this matter is a waste of time.”

  7. Really Kathy, you MUST try harder…..

    I typed CIVILIANS and much came up for me.

    Like THIS

    So if it took me all of 2 or 3 seconds to find this, it shouldn’t be that hard for you.

    The results are not “nothing” as you stated.

  8. Jeez, it’s not hard is it ST?

    The letter-writer, who identified himself as Dr. Mounir Herzallah, said he was a Shiite from southern Lebanon who had lived there until 2002. After the Israelis withdrew from the area in 2000, he recalled, Hezbollah moved into his town, dug rocket depots in bunkers, and then built a school and a residence over those bunkers.

    The letter went on: “Laughing, a local sheikh explained to me that the Jews would lose in any event because the rockets would either be fired at them or, if they attacked the rocket depots, they would be condemned by world opinion on account of the dead civilians. These people do not care about the Lebanese population; they use them as shields and, once dead, as propaganda.”

    Link Here

  9. I just typed “Civilians” in the search box and nothing came up. So I can’t explain it, but that’s what happened.

    That said, I looked at the links provided by sanity and by severian.

    The link provided by sanity is to ST’s post of July 30, which I certainly do remember reading when she first posted it, because she had that dismissive comment about civilians always dying in war, and I commented on that at the time.

    I read through the post to find ST’s evidence about Hezbollah hiding weapons among civilians. I found one link, to an Australian paper called The Sunday Daily Sun. Clicking on the link, I come to an article headlined “Photos that damn Hezbollah.” The first para starts, “This is the picture that damned Hezbollah.” Unfortunately, I cannot offer any comment on what I saw in the picture, because there WAS no picture.

    On to the next example of “evidence.”

    It’s a link provided by Severian to an article in the New York Sun about a letter published in a German news publication by a Shiite from southern Lebanon who wrote that after the Israelis left in 2000, Hezbollah came and built a school over a bunker where they had buried weapons.

    The New York Sun writer also says that he checked with the editor at the German paper about the authenticity of the letter writer’s identity, and he was told that the editor had never met the letter writer, that the writer did not want to be contacted, and that, although the editor thought the letter writer was probably telling the truth, he could not be sure.

    I marvel at the fact that these two links are what you submit to me to support your claim that I am ‘flat-out lying’ when I say that there is no evidence (perhaps I should say “no credible evidence” in the light of what you have shown me) that Hezbollah hides weapons among civilians.

    Is it possible, ST, that even you — as dug in to your position as you are — might be able to agree that these are somewhat less than convincing support for your argument?

  10. Once again, Kathy proves that you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. It must be comforting, having such a well constructed and thorough set of delusions, you never have to question anything, never have to question your fantasies, never a lick of self doubt. All you need to do is view every fact through the prism of your prejudices and delusions. Evil doesn’t exist, all the problems of the world are all due to that evil ol’Bushitler, there are no barbarians looking to kill you, liberal policies haven’t been complete failures, it’s not your fault no matter how much you contribute to the ills of the world.

    Like I said, the mind of a child, capable of rationalizing anything away, short of a knife to the throat, and by then it’s too late to have an epiphany.

    Unless it appears on DU or MoveOn or Kos, I guess Kathy the Communist won’t find it “credible.”

  11. Unfortunately, I cannot offer any comment on what I saw in the picture, because there WAS no picture.

    Heh, Kathy’s got one of those “see no evil” filters on her computer!

  12. KATHY! Like a flea on a ticks ass – one waitin’ on the other ta git’er done, both non-contributors – hippity hop mob stop…….

    “The letter in the German newspaper shines a clarifying and sobering light on a strategy that, like terrorism itself, is used precisely because it works. In an age in which many organizations and even some countries are prepared to sacrifice their own civilians in the service of killing ours — and are prepared to do so by situating their weapons, even weapons of mass destruction, in places of human habitation….”

    DO YOU DENY THIS TAKES PLACE!? Take your time. Take a couple years if you like. And then take no more!

  13. Easy people, we are beginning to sound like KOS and DU here, no pun intended, but lets bring some sanity back into the discussion.

    I followed the link and it looks like the sun herald de-linked or removed the photos from the article for some reason. Nothing was added or editted to show why they removed them.

    But there is more than one report coming out that Hezbollah is hiding and firing from civilian positions.

    Try this link from LGF HERE, they seem to have gotten pics up of what was removed from the article at the Sun.

    I do not understand why you seem hell-bent on defending Hezbollah though Kathy. They are listed as a terrorist organization, their goal is to destroy Israel and whether you want to believe it or not, they started this recent escalation because they invaded Israel, killed and kidnapped their citizens.

    I can’t remember where I read it, but someone had an excellent quote that went something like this:

    What would happen if all the terrorists, muslims, arabs, put down their guns……there would be peace in the Middle East.

    What would happen if Israel put down their guns……They would be annhilated, destroyed without a thought or care.

  14. Just for additional showing, IDF has videos of rockets being fired in residential areas, hiding the trucks the rockets are launched fom in residential areas…ect.

    See it HERE

  15. - Sev – ST – sanity – Forest…. we’re all wasting our time. If the truth doesn’t fit the Marxist rhetorical world view, they just clap their hands over their ears, or cover their eye’s, and sing lalalalalalalala. They can’t handle the truth. It’s all about regaining power, and they’ll stop at nothing. Lie’s are fine, as long as it’s for the “cause”.

    – Bang **==

  16. - In the mean time, while those of us who recognize those hard truths, that we’re dealing with the new “fascism”, are wasting time even listening to Leftist propaganda, ( they want to distract us as part of the suicide pact agenda ), the situation stands at an impasse thusly:

    – The Lebanese cabinet was supposed to meet today to discuss, among other things, the disarming of Hezbollah. The Hezzi’z said no way as soon as it was announced, and surprise, surprise, the Leb’s cancelled the cabinet meeting.

    – The murdering outlaw thugs are not going to accept any real change in the ground conditions until they’re thrown out on their ass’s, because they know that would be the dagger through the Jihad’s heart. We know, they know it, the UN knows it, everybody, including Italy and France knows it. Everyone is just stalling, trying to avoid the inevitable.

    – Bang **==

  17. Late to the game, but I believe that Kathy is Jewish if she says so. Why shouldn’t I? There are tons of self-loathing Jews in this country, with one organization recently featured on the Factor, Medved and Prager (I think). Most Jews in this country vote for whatever Dem is nominated, rather than any Republican. Can you say, “Streisand”? It’s sad, that with their recent history, any Jew would not look on these events with at least a bit of suspicion. One of Kathy’s statements, regarding her father’s teachings not to judge entire groups of people, seem silly considering how THIS group, Hezbollah, has lobbed around 4000 missles/rockets into Israel in the last month. And I’m a little hazy, but Israel never invaded Lebanon for no reason back in the 80’s. But in any case, the saddest part is that folks like her insist on seeing only what they want to see about these radical groups, like the chucklheaded Fox dude, who went to Iraq to preach his steve-like message of peace, and got a beating and a bullet for his troubles. I truly wish that the leaders I support were just as the left says they are, and we could just step away and all the troubles would end. But my weed just ain’t that good, and reality is just too insistant. Where do you get YOUR weed, Kathy?

  18. I believe that Kathy is Jewish if she says so. Why shouldn’t I? There are tons of self-loathing Jews in this country…

    I was waiting for that one, lol. I really thought Severian was going to say it; but I guess you guys are not 100% predictable.

  19. Well, stereotypes such as the self-loathing Jew seldom spring up without some basis in reality. The really disturbing thing is that Kathy purports to be a school teacher. Yup, that’s right, she is educating, or one would more likely say indoctrinating, our children. Doesn’t that give everyone a warm fuzzy feeling. 8-|

  20. “…Two road diverged in a yellow wood
    and I, I took the road less traveled by
    and that has made all the difference.”

    Kathy, indoctrinating 7th graders in the summer school session of a Bronx middle school.


  21. “Two roadS diverged in a yellow wood” (not road)

    (even English teachers engaged in indoctrinating their students into the political ideology of Robert Frost make typos!)

  22. How unoriginal. Maybe you should try following the yellow brick road in order to find your way back home, Kathy. Just click your slippers together and see what happens. Or maybe the role of the scarecrow would be more fitting.

    This thread has run its course and will now be closed.


    The Wicked Witch of the South

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