12 arrested from Northwest airlines flight in the Netherlands

Posted by: ST on August 23, 2006 at 8:16 pm

Via CNN:

AMSTERDAM, The Netherlands (CNN) — Twelve passengers were in custody Wednesday after a Northwest Airlines flight bound for Mumbai, India, returned to Amsterdam with a fighter jet escort, Dutch police said.

They have not been formally charged, police said. But an airport policeman said authorities have enough information to hold the 12 for at least three days.

Flight 42 returned to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport “after several passengers displayed behavior of concern,” Northwest Airlines said in a written statement.

In a recording of communications between the pilot and air traffic controllers circulated among Dutch media, the pilot is asked if he wants fire trucks on the runway when he lands, The Associated Press reported.

“No, sir,” he replied, according to the AP.

Some of the passengers pulled out cell phones during the flight and appeared to be trying to pass the cell phones to other passengers, a U.S. government official said.

Rob at Say Anything is on top of this developing story.

Are there possible terror connections? Stay tuned …

Thurs. PM Update: Dutch minister: Plane return not terror related

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2 Responses to “12 arrested from Northwest airlines flight in the Netherlands”


  1. forest hunter says:

    Ship them back to their home countries. Say bye bye to your VISA’s and Passport. Say hello to an automatic one year in a desert cell. No air conditioning-no TV- no news-Let them ROT in Hell! Fines that’ll own them, to offset the expense and inconvenience of returning to port.

    The first mouthpiece that shows up to represent them can join’em!

    Anyone care to wager what percentage of them are students?

    Still wanna play games….. I gotta cure for that too!

  2. stackja says:

    Meanwhile a father who paid a hitman. Is this where the problem starts? A family of killers.
    Article from: dailytelegraph Source: AAP August 24, 2006
    A Sydney Lebanese-born father who paid a hitman to kill his son’s teenage rape victim has been jailed for at least 10 years.
    Earlier story:
    Father accused of plot to kill son’s rape victim
    By Natasha Wallace December 31, 2003
    From his Silverwater jail cell, Khater Bou-antoun allegedly planned what he thought was a surefire escape: to pay a hitman $23,000 to kill the 16-year-old girl who accused him of raping her.