My God!

Posted by: ST on August 24, 2006 at 6:36 pm

There is nothing – absolutely nothing- that rocks my world more than to hear a strong conservative male passionately go off on the utter moral bankruptcy of moonbat liberals, especially on the issue of the war on terror.

Who am I talking about? One Mark Steyn. I did not get to leave for lunch today at the 8-5 so I missed the show (and AM radio reception in my office is awful), but Allah oops, make that Ian, thank goodness, has a small audio segment of Steyn as he filled in for Rush today.

You’ll dig it. He digs freedom. He digs America. I dig Steyn.

I’ve never heard him speak before, but I’m very glad I did today.

Once again, here’s that audio link.

To segue into a semi-related topic, there have been some discussions in the blogosphere this week about people’s looks and whether or not it’s a good idea to ‘use’ them to help sell your book/blog, etc. While Steyn is easy on the eyes to yours truly, it’s what he says that really counts. You can be the most fantastic looking person in the world and it will not get you far if you don’t have the brains to go with them (with the exception of Hollywood and the modeling industry). Hot Air proves this every week with the gorgeous Michelle Malkin at the helm doing Vents, and they proved it this week as well with the lovely Mary Katharine Ham and Bethany guest-Venting. These gals look great, and they’re smart as hell, too. But even if they weren’t ‘all that’ it wouldn’t change a thing about what they’ve said in their vlogs. Nice looks just makes things more interesting, and heck – might entice people who otherwise wouldn’t tune in to do just that. And maybe those people who’ve tuned in because of that will learn something.

Chris Hitchens, for example, is not someone I’d look twice at if I saw him on the street – assuming for purposes of discussion that I didn’t know who Chris Hitchens is. But listening to him debate, reading what he’s written, if I did see him walking down the street and recognized him, I’d trip over my own feet to talk to him (that is, if my knees didn’t turn to jello first) Whether the looks are there are not, at the end of the day it’s what’s said that is important. And the passionate deliveries from the likes of Hitch and Steyn provide guarantees that these two really do believe in what they’re talking about.

To me, that rocks. Gotta love it. Gotta appreciate it.

Steyn or Hitch*. I can’t decide who kicks moonbat liberal bootie better.

Lastly, with all this talk about passionate conservative males, I have one final thing to add: Goldstein’s Vent debuts tomorrow :D

*Footnote: Yes, I know Hitch couldn’t techinically be classified as a ‘conservative’ but he sure sounds like one.

Update: Here’s what you need to do when you know Steyn’s gonna be on a talk station. The song is Autograph‘s “Turn Up the Radio” \:d/ :

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  • 17 Responses to “My God!”


    1. CZ says:

      Steyn was great sitting in for Rush today. His voice reminded me of the character on The Jeffersons named ‘Bentley”, a british neighbor of George and Weezey. I think Walter Williams is sitting in tomorrow. Walter by far is my favorite substitute on Rush’s show.~o)

    2. CavalierX says:

      … just waiting for the first Sister Toldjah video blog…

    3. forest hunter says:

      It may never cease to amaze me that the disillusioned dissin’dhimmicrat party types can be so completely disengaged from so many diverse levels of reality. Adding to the proof as though it were needed, that their incomprehension of Islamic directives really is pathetic and adding to what’s destroying a once good democratic party. Ignorance is no longer blissful for them. A fatal grasp of a non-existent handle to lifting the lid on reality……betrayed by their own teachers and training, we watch them wither away. Sadly, common sense was traded for a vacuous belief, which will finish them and at their own hand.

      Can the Islamo fascists be far behind and is it this kind of kinship that drives the dimbulbs to such distraction…………..or that allies them?

    4. Lorica says:

      I have to admit that I really did enjoy listening to Mark Steyn. I loved it when he compared Jimmy Carter To Ronald Reagan. He talked about the defeatism that still plagues Carter. Then there was Ronald Reagan, who’s optimism was just infectious. Who helped us to realize that we do have a place and a destiny, that doesn’t include rolling over and dying. It simply was awesome. Would love to hear him substitute again. :) – Lorica

    5. Lorica says:

      OMG Hello Bethany. :)

    6. gahrie says:

      My problem with Hitchens is the same one many people have with Ann Coulter. I find his constant and gratuitous attacks on capitalism and organized religion (especially the Catholic Church) (and I am a Deist and don’t believe in organized religion myself) too distracting when I read his work. And it’s a shame, because he is a good writer and thinker.

    7. Sorry, ST…I can’t take Hitchens seriously. Not since he wrote that character assassination of Reagan.

    8. Hitch hasn’t always been on the conservative side, to be sure – but he’s on the correct side in the war on terror, and there’s nobody better at slamming the defeatist cut and run moonbats than him.

    9. You’ve got a good point there. It’s just tough for me to get past all the other stuff. My issue, for sure–I’ll just add that one to the list my therapist is keeping. ;)

    10. Marshall Art says:

      On the most important issue facing the world today, Hitch is an asskicker. I bought his book on Jefferson and he seemed unable to mention Jefferson’s attitudes against religion often enough. And I don’t believe Jefferson was that hard core agin it. But as far as the WOT, he is right there. (I’d hate to be in a war of words with him. He’s good.)

      But Steyn is conservative and though his accent lacks the uppercrust tone and pomposity of Hitchens, he is far and away more logical in his overall view of the world, and thus, smarter. I used to hear him at least once a week on Hugh Hewitt’s show when an hour of it was broadcast at a better time than his whole show is now (8-11PM CST 560AM WIND), and he impressed the hell out of me from the first word. He’s really good. I have his site bookmarked. I believe it’s

      As for the superficial, it is a major bonus for the looks to be as good as the brains. I may be partial, but I’d wager that in the wild, wild world of political punditry, we conservatives are truly blessed with more great looking babes than the weasely libs, and for that I am truly thankful and in need of cold showers. Our lovely hostess is one of those and if I wasn’t married, she’d have a restraining order on me by now. But I’d still visit here, because she’s got the smarts.

    11. ST, you are right. Chris H is one of the best of the best!!! I am trying to get him to come here a speak. If I am successful, I will let you know.

    12. Actually, I meant that I am trying to get him to come here to speak. (Poor editing on my part!)

    13. Frank says:

      Just a head’s up . . . Bill Maher’s HBO show begins a new season tonight and Mr. Hitchens will be on the panel (along with former Sen. Max Cleland and author Vali Nasr).

      The DailyKos poobah will also be a guest, but I’m figuring nobody who frequents here could stomach him; thought I’d pass along the info.


    14. Severian says:

      You mean Max “I’m a war hero because I stepped on my own grenade” Cleland?

    15. Oh my heavens, Burwell – please do drop me a line if you are able to arrange a speaking engagement with him. I’d break speeding records to get there ;)

    16. Marshall Art says:

      Jeez, Frank,

      I can’t stomach Maher. Was he ever funny? I’ve never seen evidence.