Pluto gets a demotion

Posted by: ST on August 24, 2006 at 10:03 am

And the universe weeps

You know, just because Pluto doesn’t meet all the qualifications for “planet status” doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be a planet. I think Pluto is being discriminated against by the overly-agressive International Astronomical Union. Pluto should be given “victim” status accordingly – if that happens, this could become a key issue in the fall elections, as the Democrats would have the chance rally around yet another helpless ‘victim.’

Pluto, we hardly knew ya:

Pluto and its moons - photo courtesy of the AP

Update 11:01 AM: Heh.

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  • 6 Responses to “Pluto gets a demotion”


    1. Lorica says:

      Poor Pluto, you will always be a planet to me. >:d< Yes I am a planet hugger. :) – Lorica

    2. Marshall Art says:

      It sucks. First, he’s the only animal that doesn’t talk and wear pants. Then, he’s the only planetoid without status. Where’s the freakin’ justice?

    3. Just found your site through BlogHer. LOVE IT!

      And for Marshall Art: The Imagineers have already lost their mind over this.

    4. Welcome to the ST blog, ab! Pull up a chair and stay a while :)

    5. Lorica says:

      I was listening to some of the logic on this decision over the weekend. I kept asking myself, since Jupiter and Saturn are gas giants why doesn’t the same logic apply to them??? We don’t even know if they have solid cores. Atleast Pluto has that. – Lorica