Monday/Tuesday open thread

Posted by: ST on August 28, 2006 at 11:51 pm

Put on your dancin’ shoes :)

Break it down, Tony Manero!

(Bump: I’ve blogged so much this evening the open thread has gotten lost in the shuffle. Bumping up for ya’ll now. Newer posts for Monday are below this one.)

(Originally posted at 7:23 PM)

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  • 12 Responses to “Monday/Tuesday open thread”


    1. Lorica says:

      OMG Just shoot me will ya. :D /hugs :D Still loves ya Sweets, but I can’t do John Travolta & the Bee Gees. /shiver – Lorica :x

    2. You mean you never owned a white suit in the 70s, Lorica? ;)

    3. Lorica says:

      I was just a boy in the 70s. I didn’t really like white too much. To hard to keep clean and I had been doing my own laundry when since I was 13. :) – Lorica

    4. G Monster says:

      This is me every 3rd saturday night in mexico, only I’m wearing alot less clothes and barefoot and I tend to climb up on chairs and jump off. The tequila seems to make everything work out.

    5. Amy Proctor says:

      I loved the Bee Jees but Sat. Night Fever was a bit too raunchy for me back in the day. Hell, it’s still too raunchy for me, who am I kidding?

      I have to say I wonder what non-white readers are thinking watching Travolta dance???? I used to bust moves like that in ’78, ’79. What a weird time!

      And bell bottoms are back. :-?

    6. Big Bang Hunter says:

      Oooohhh…. you can tell by the way he use his walk, he’s a womans man, no time to talk…

      …May be right or may be wrong… Jes knows the way to get along…

      River cities burnin’ an’ everbody’s churnin, jes stayin’ alive, stayin’ alive ….

      Oo – oo – oo – oo – stayiin alive-hiiiive—hive….

      - Bang **==

    7. camojack says:

      Disco sucks!!! Always did.

      And Johnny Travolta? Just another nutjob Scientologist=:)

    8. camojack says:

      Actually, this one’s better: >-)

    9. Mahwah says:

      “I have to say I wonder what non-white readers are thinking watching Travolta dance????”

      Who cares? I’m personally tired of the stereotypical ‘All white men can’t dance’, thing. To me, it’s as racist as saying ‘All blacks crave dat watermelon’.

      Back in the day everyone danced to the disco boogie. And most took cues from JT. I was not an exception. I wore double-knit suits (not white though!), platform shoes, and synthtic wide collar shirts, and, while it’s not something I’d wear today, I was a kid, and am not ashamed that I participated in the culture of the day. I grew up into a long-haired Heavy Metal rocker playing and touring in bands, so obviously it wasn’t detrimental to my musical development – though some may argue differently…;)

      Thanks, ST, for glimpsing back at what most of us consider part of our youthful culture. And while I ended up playing music more like Def Leppard and Motley Crue, the Bee Gees are all right with me!:d

    10. Amy Proctor says:

      Mahwah, my point was that I am embarrassed at Travola’s dance! I like the music, but did you see him boogie, oogie oogie? I wasn’t being racists, but stated the obvious.

    11. Mahwah says:

      Amy, if I came across as calling you racist, that was not my intention. Mostly all the people that contribute to this blog are of the highest caliber human beings, and I have the highest respect for everyone here.

      It’s okay with me if you are embarrassed by Travolta’s disco dance, but you implied that it was because he was a white guy dancing, as indicated by your concern on how non-whites view that clip. Be embarrassed, if you wish, but be embarrassed because he was disco-ing and not because he was a white man disco-ing. I still stand by my statement that at that time, John Travolta’s dance performance in that movie set the bar for people of ALL colors to move to the groove!:d

      White guy notwithstanding.:)>-