Just who are the Islamofascists?

Posted by: ST on August 29, 2006 at 9:49 am

Dennis Prager reminds those who try to morally equate America and Israel to radical Islamic extremists (like Bill Maher) exactly who the bad guys really are.

Not that the moral relativists will listen, of course. But Prager provides numerous examples of Islamofascism around the world in his opinion piece, which will be useful to reference the next time some ‘high-minded’ moron tries to say there’s no difference between US “terrorism” in Iraq and the ‘insurgency’ there, and that there is supposedly ‘nothing’ that distinguishes Israel from Hamas (and Hezbollah and …).

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2 Responses to “Just who are the Islamofascists?”


  1. Great White Rat says:

    A very timely post, ST. Who are they? In some places, you can’t ask that question. Hell, the moonbats start bouncing off the walls if you even use the phrase “islamofascists”.

    Two days ago, one of the resident leftist columnists at the Philadelphia Inquirer tossed this piece of drivel into the commentary section. She’s upset that anyone dare use the term. For example, after going into a scholarly inquest about the exact defintion of “fascism”, she sniffs:

    This blanket term confuses the American public about the nature of the struggle they are facing. This is not World War II, where an Adolf Hitler was bent on, and capable of, territorial conquest. This is not a war of standing armies seeking to capture land.

    Got that? We’re all so DUMB that we’re likely to think Hitler’s still alive. It’s not like the terrorists are trying to destroy us or anything, ya know? >:p

    What idiots….

    But the next time the President wants to raise domestic spending by, say, 10% and the Dems scream about a “cut” because they want to hike it by 15%, do you think we’ll see any such concern with the accuracy of the terms and “confusing the American public?”

  2. Marshall Art says:

    What confuses me, is that I can’t get the link to fully load. No matter. I listen to Prager all the time. I have no doubt as to his position or what he’s likely to say one the subject.

    And of course the lefties won’t buy into it. BDS clouds every thought and action. If they were to see this struggle as it truly exists, they’d be forced to support the effort. Of course there are those that simply, and by that I mean, “simplemindedly”, believe that peace is the answer, but that’s a whole other disorder.

    The question is, are there enough who truly understand the nature of these people, and are there any capable of running a successful campaign?