Two definitive posts on Hurricane Katrina

Posted by: ST on August 29, 2006 at 4:29 pm

Today is the one year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall along the Gulf Coast. Lots of opinion pieces, news stories, and blogposts have been devoted to the topic, but the two most important posts I think you should read on the topic come from Paul at Wizbang who lived in New Orleans when the hurricane hit (not sure if he’s still there or not) and Bryan at Hot Air, who compiled quite a number of very detailed posts about Katrina and the aftermath of it, who was at fault for what, etc, when he still blogged at Junkyard Blog.

Paul’s post will make you rethink everything you know about what happened when and after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans. Bryan’s will make you furious all over again, especially at local and state officials and their handling of pre-Katrina evacuations and post-Katrina relief efforts.

Update: Gateway Pundit: Things We Learned From Hurricane Katrina

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  • 6 Responses to “Two definitive posts on Hurricane Katrina”


    1. forest hunter says:

      Oh, if only the Special forces that Bush sent in to steal the keys to the buses had failed in its mission.

      Meanwhile, life in one of America’s greatest crime infested drainage ditches, picks up where it left off. Hopefully the government will build them an even better house than the one they had before.

    2. Dana says:

      The lovely Mrs Pico and I actually have an entire three-day weekend where we are both off of work — and the remnants of Ernesto are supposed to hit the Keystone State and ruin the whole freaking weekend! :((

      I blame Al Gore!

    3. Lorica says:

      Correct me if I am wrong, but a day spent with your wife lounging around in your pjs, is not quite wasted, and could be alot of fun. :p – Lorica

    4. Marshall Art says:

      Besides, you KNOW everything is Bush’s fault.

      Could this coverage, this “remembrance”, be more of a “remember how Bush f’d this up?” kind of thing? Hmmm.