Weekend open thread

Posted by: ST on September 1, 2006 at 10:22 am

And what better way to get one started off than to check out the studly and talented Jeff Goldstein‘s latest Citizen Journalist Report at Hot Air? Haven’t seen it yet (no Flash on the compu here at the 8-5) but I’m sure it’s good – the comments are already rolling in to confirm its bloggy goodness :)

… TGIF, ya’ll!

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5 Responses to “Weekend open thread”


  1. Big Bang Hunter says:

    – Now that the Left has gone from simple mental dysfunction steming from widespread Bush derangement to openly discussing assassination of a sitting president, and this soon to be released docu-drama showing exactly that, I refuse to even debate them any longer. They have gone from useful idiots to beneath contempt. Shoould the moonbat gaggle gain any meaningful politcal position in the upcoming election cycles, without being too melodramatic about it, I sincerely fear for the future of our country. I personally see the rebirth of the Marxist movement on the hard left of the Democratic party as being at least as much of a danger as the Islamofascists, whom they see as brothers in their collectivist cause. I would call on all non-Neo-Liberals to work as hard as we can to deny the people that hate our Republic any political power.

    – Bang **==

  2. Phil says:

    Hi ST, I second what Big Bang Hunter just said.:-w:-w

  3. Marshall Art says:

    Goldstein kills.

  4. Drewsmom says:

    Bang, you’re so right on, you can’t even have a rational discussion with these trolls as I found out going on their sites and listening to joe wilson’s attorney last night on keith,heil hitler,olberman’s show last night, they are beyond any comprehensive understanding of whats going on in the world and they are putting all of us in extreme danger.
    I think the best we can do now is to simply pray for our President and leaders, and I have faith in my God, he is listening.

  5. forest hunter says:

    Has anyone here ever gone into a fitting room in some posh department store and rattled around for a bit, then shout out, “HEY! There’s no toilet paper in here!”? Ya, me neither, too.

    Hope your headache gets better ST.