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Posted by: ST on September 12, 2006 at 12:16 am

Blogging was a bit light Monday, as I’m sure you noticed. I, unfortunately, allowed myself to get distracted on other things that took up a lot of time and it put me behind here :( I shall return in a few hours to resume blogging as normal.

In the meantime, here’s your open thread for Tuesday.

BTW, thanks for the nice comments on my tribute to Peter Mardikian. I thought about his family earlier in the evening on the drive home, and what they must have been going through on the 5 year anniversary of 9-11. God bless ’em, and all other family members of those murdered on 9-11.

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  1. Drewsmom says:

    Well, we had our one day of unity for yesterday’s sake 9/11 cuz the moonbats wanted to appear sane but just wait till today, it’ll start back up big time.
    I liked Bush’s speech, at least he stands behind what he says, this man ain’t backing off and YES we are safer loons, so please shut the hell up for awhile.[-(

  2. tommy in nyc says:

    **==**==**==**== Well Drewsmom is simply mistaken if she thinks we are safer today then we were 5 years ago. This completely mishandled war in Iraq is one very big reason why. Madrassas will keep churning out young radical lunatics brainwashed into thinking their going to heaven by blowing themselves up and very sadly some of our servicemembers. If he and his cronies think that this conflict are so vital then why are his kids getting drunk and laid here in the states instead of doing their duty in Baghdad?????? the silence is deafening.

  3. What an idiotic thing to say, tommy. Are you high again this morning?

  4. sanity says:

    I think most bloggers took the day to reflect, I know I did, similiar to a day of silence.

    Sadly, on such a day of rememberance, we remember and that is all….most seem to have lost that fire in their belly.

    I think the best quote I heard was:

    “I remember seeing the twin towers everyday from work, then 9/11 happened, and I remember for a short time I was horrified and sticken with grief, but now, everyday I pass by and look up where the twin towers used to be, I feel ANGER.”

    I feel most of America seems to suffer from ADD, for those who don’t know what that is, Attention Deficit Disorder.

    If it isn’t happening to them right now, then they seem to slowly forget, or it no longer concerns them, because now it’s in the past.

    There are so many that sit there and say we are no safer than before 9/11, and yet they don’t seem to feel any fear living here in the US; they don’t make any suggestions at making the US even safer…..just the same as the Democrats message; Vote for Change, and yet they give no idea or suggestion at what that change is!

    We are never completely safe no matter what anyone thinks, you can step off a curb and get hit by a car, fall in the shower and break your neck, and yes, you can have a terrorist attack, BUT the government is doing all it can to help protect America to make it safer, even in the midst of the media publishing how the government is doing so, and in the midst of democrats trying to undermine how the government is keeping the US safe.

  5. sanity says:

    I am going to steal from Karl’s post, he seems to relate the anger that we should feel but most don’t….

    In the end, my feelings are unchanged. I was angry before and I am still angry.

    – Angry at religious zealots who place so little value on life, and so much value on death.

    – Angry at small minded politicians who use the tragedy for political gain.

    – Angry at politicians who care more about election and reelection then they do for public service.

    – Angry at petty bureaucrats who value the system and red tape over efficiency and results.

    – Angry at activists who ignore the simple truth before them in favor of self deception and feel good policies.

    – Angry at civil activists who carry their programs and protections to those who do not deserve them and who create rights and rewrite our Constitution to justify themselves.

    – Angry at foreign powers who care more about weapons sales then they do about peace.

    – Angry at the UN that demands it in control and relevant when it is mired in corruption and unable act against its own special interests.

    – Angry at the Media that loves the story more then the truth, and will go as far as to create the news themselves, just to get “the scoop”; and who care more for their scoop then they do for peoples safety.

    – Angry for partisan hacks who will happily watch their country be destroyed as long as they can cause political ruin for the other side.

    I don’t know what else to say.


    Karl puts this anger in persepctive, but for most, unless it is directly affecting them, they seem to have forgotten, or ceased to care.


  6. Great White Rat says:

    Yup, Drewsmom is right. Here comes the verbal sewage, right on schedule. For example, this:

    This completely mishandled war in Iraq is one very big reason why. Madrassas will keep churning out young radical lunatics brainwashed into thinking their going to heaven by blowing themselves up and very sadly some of our servicemembers.

    Here’s a bulletin, Tommy: that was happening BEFORE 9/11 and well before Iraq. The WOT didn’t cause islamofascism; it’s the RESULT of islamofascism. Appeasement and running away from the enemy isn’t the answer. Osama, when he isn’t regurgitating Democrat talking points, boasts about how AQ was emboldened when Clinton turned tail in Somalia. So naturally, you want to do the same. Brilliant. Just brilliant. :-w

    In all this time, we have yet to hear ONE idea from the left about how to combat this ruthless and implacable enemy. Nothing but whining and criticism.

    So how about it, Tommy…what’s YOUR plan for keeping Americans safe from terror, once you abandon any confrontation with them? It’s time to put up or shut up.

  7. tommy in nyc says:

    Well some things that I would change are a little too late because of operations in Iraq in the first place. So that’s just for starters. But obviously we have paid nowhere need enough attention on the Taliban and al-queda over in Afganistan. Which means we need to throw more money,reconstruction,troops almost everything really. As far as Iraq I personally think since the whole freaking country is an ammunition dump filled with former baathists,Islamic lunatics(both shia and sunni) there is really little than actually can be accomplished. Once we as a nation seriously reduce our military presence whether it is 6months or 6 years these folks over there will start fighting each other with greater intensity than what we are seeing today. If that’s what youse call success well there really ain’t much more for me to say.

  8. sanity says:

    Just because you don’t hear about it in the news doesn’t mean good things are not happening in Afghanistan.

    The MSM packed it in quickly and ran to report everything bad in Iraq.

    So just because the main focus is the MSM in Iraq, doesn’t mean the US doesn’t have operations still going on in Afghanistan.

    Also, just because here are htings ongoing in Iraq, les ear what your plan WOULD have been.

    I am curious.

  9. Lorica says:

    Well it seems to me that we have been doing well against the Taliban in Afghanistan. If these two stories are any indication. The 1st story is out of Australia, stating that Aussie special forces have killed 150 Taliban in the last 9 days, story dated 9/12/2006. The 2nd story is from England stating that Nato forces have killed over 400 Taliban fighters in the last 9 days, story dated 9/11/2006. This was just a simple Google search and it clearly shows we are doing well.



    Been saying this for a very long time, and I am going to continue to say this. We are doing better in the War on Terror than most people believe. But when the major sources of information in this country have a vested interest in our loss in the WoT, what else would you expect, than the deception of the people. If you notice neither of these stories are in US newspapers. – Lorica

  10. Baklava says:

    25 point turn around for Republicans.

    Rush brought it up on his show:

    Ignored was a Gallup Poll released in late August that found an unexpected tightening in what pollsters call the “generic ballot” question: “If the election were being held today, which party’s candidate would you vote for in your congressional district?” Pundits looking to assess the national mood regularly cite the results of this question, and did so promiscuously earlier this year when Democrats enjoyed seemingly insurmountable advantages such as 54% to 38% in late June, or 51% to 40% immediately before Congress’ August recess.

    But then something happened as lawmakers spent August reconnecting with their constituents. The advantage for the generic Democratic candidate slipped from 11 points in late July, to nine points in early August, and then to a statistically insignificant two points (47% to 45%) in its August 18-20 survey. Among those most likely to vote, moreover, the Democrats’ advantage disappeared entirely, with Gallup reporting a dead heat: 48% to 48%.

    Anxious to understand this movement toward Republican candidates, Gallup sorted the responses to the generic-ballot question into two new categories. Are Democrats, it wanted to know, “competitive in U.S. House districts currently held by Republicans” or “just getting a larger-than-normal share of the vote in the districts they already hold”? Obviously, the odds that Democrats will retake the House are exponentially greater if they demonstrate strength against Republicans in their own backyards than if they simply accumulate larger-than-usual margins in their own districts.

    Using area codes and exchanges to identify whether the voter resides in a district represented by a Democrat or a Republican, Gallup reviewed the 13 polls in 2006 in which it asked this question. Through July, Democrats not only posted two-to-one margins in districts they currently represent, but were unusually competitive in Republican-held districts as well.

    For example, Democrats outpaced Republicans in Republican-held districts in several polls, with their advantage peaking at an astounding 11-point margin (51% to 40%) in late June. This verifies the widespread perception in conservative circles that Republican base voters were in open revolt against their party earlier this year.

    But then Democrats began to lose favor in Republican districts, falling steadily from 51% in late June, to 46% a month later, then to 43% in early August, and finally to the current low of 40% in the August 18-20 survey. Support for Republicans, in contrast, rose 14 points in six weeks, from a low of 40% to its current level of 54%.

    Change Underway

    This 25-point turnaround began prior to the August 10 revelation that London and U.S. intelligence officials had thwarted a terrorist plot to blow up a dozen airliners. Interestingly, Gallup also reviewed its last pre-election poll in 2004 and learned that Republicans managed to expand their House and Senate majorities with an identical 54%-to- 40% margin of support in their own districts.

  11. Baklava says:

    Sorry. I didn’t bold or intend to bold my entire post.

  12. Severian says:

    We forgive you Bak….:d

  13. sanity says:

    It wasn’t Baks fault…

    It was Karl Rove’s…

    It was President Bush’s…..

    Attorneys for a man accused of fraud say he was charged at the behest of presidential adviser Karl Rove in retaliation for a flood of spam e-mails sent to a campaign Web site. A federal prosecutor says the claim is “absurd.”


    They don’t pay Karl Rove enough, he is EVERYWHERE!

    We should put together a list of all the Rove Conspiracies, see how much work Rove has been doing, besides his normal work duties that is.

    Does he even sleep?

  14. Big Bang Hunter says:

    – The Demogrunts are in full wailing mode today, in a total hissy fit that the pres. decided to lay out the WOT in clear concise detail using facts rather than “feely opinions”. No fair scream the Dhimmies. We can bad mouth Bush and Iraq from our political dens, and through the drive-by lame-brain press, but how dare he fight back. Purely political.

    – The Liberals want it both ways. They get to bitch and moan, call the pres. a liar, demonize him and the admistration at every turn, complain endlessly about Iraq, but no one in the administration is permited to push back.

    – The more they sqwuak, the more they make Bush’s argument for him. This morning press gaggle was all about the so-called press characterization of Bush’s speech as a “double-cross”. Snow was having none of it, and refused to be drawn into that strawman by the press.

    – More “fantasy” from the “un-reality-based” communes of the moonbats. After we’ve had to listen to 6 years of 2700 good reasons why we should cut and run away from the WOT from the Libtards, I personally hope the GOP rolls over them like a Mac truck at every oppertunity. Their craziness, and lack of resolve to face America’s enemies has been clear from the very start.

    – In a way we’re fortunate to see their agenda plainly. Lord knows what would happen to this country if they were in a position of power now. You see what the Clinton regime did, and how it eventually led to 9/11. We just can’t afford the idiotic “elitist” approach to fighting the Islamofascists ever again. If the Jihadists ever get their hands on nuclear weapons, one of our cities would have to go up in atomic dust before the Dems would move. And most probably their response would be further appeasement, to the point where we’d all end up talking Arabic. thats not the legacy I want to leave for future generations of our country. America. Love it or leave it!

    – Bang **==

  15. I see you’re a man of few words in that last one, Bak ;)

  16. Baklava says:

    I tried to end the bold by submitting only the html tag.


    Bang rendered me speechless. 8-|

  17. Big Bang Hunter says:

    Sis…. would you please correct some of my typo’s – as usual I typed ahead of my head and didn’t PF – Bang

  18. forest hunter says:

    Is it just me or are there a lot of bold comments?