Pope: “deeply sorry” for reactions in Muslim countries to his speech; also Italian nun killed by ‘Somali gunmen’

Posted by: ST on September 17, 2006 at 11:32 am

I’m way behind this weekend on the news, so I’ll start off this morning with news about the Pope’s non-apology apology (usually those aren’t good, but in this case, it is) and the news of an Italian nun who was murdered by, as the news describes it, ‘Somali gunmen.’ I think we know that that means.

Malkin’s got the details on both, and a couple of her posts below that one show the violent displays of outrage we’ve come to expect from the followers of the ‘religion of peace’ in response to the Pope’s remarks last week.


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  • 17 Responses to “Pope: “deeply sorry” for reactions in Muslim countries to his speech; also Italian nun killed by ‘Somali gunmen’”


    1. NC Cop says:

      I remember reading a good assessment of this ridiculous reaction by the muslims. It said that basically the muslims have taken a break from slaughtering each other long enough to protest the Pope’s remarks suggesting Islam is violent.

      As William Shatner said in Airplane II:

      “Irony can be pretty ironic sometimes”

    2. I.M. Neiman says:

      The Pope should not have apologized! But, the world is genuflecting in fear of Islam and that to the peril of our freedom and our rights to our own beliefs and the Pope is no different.

      One thing we must not do is offend the Muslims and Islamic terroists, it may make them mad at us!

    3. Severian says:

      You know, looking at this from an information warfare perspective, I think we see a vunerability of the Islamic Fascists. Not a vunerability of them per se, but a useful one. One of the main problems we consistently seem to have is getting the bulk of people in the West to realize and recognize just how intolerant and dangerous the Islamofascists are, and how few “moderate” muslims there actually are. Our own people refuse to recognize this, which is a great weakness. An infowar approach would be to constantly push the Islamists, thru the use of statements like the Pope’s, the cartoon riots, etc. to show up and riot, complain, and wail and degenerate into violence, their usual approach, to protest these egregious insults to their religion. Every time they go open loop, they lose face and credibility in the west, and more people on the west realize how dangerous they are. It would be in our best interests to encourage them to act out this way often in order to show their true colors. A good infowar strategy would be to provoke them as often as possible to force the issue and “allow” them the opportunity to demonstrate just how intolerant and dangerous they are in a way that even the most head in the sand peacenik would understand. Sadly, it’s unlikely anyone will do this as an organized approach we are all so dedicated to helping them put forth the fairy tale of “moderate” islam.

    4. Phil says:

      I.M. Neiman

      I agree with I.M. Neiman that the Pope shouldn’t have apologized. The heck with the Mooslims, I don’t care if they got their punie little feelings hurt. :-w:-w

    5. benning says:

      I’d disagree with only one thing: “… violent displays of outrage we’ve come to expect from the followers of the ‘religion of peace’ in response to the Pope’s remarks last week.”

      Actually it is in response to the lies and preching of the religious leaders of the various Muslim communities. The average Muslim out there has no idea what is happening in the world. They are dependent on their “leaders” to tell them what to think and what to do. Evil Sheeple.

    6. Drewsmom says:

      I’ve about come to the conclusion, there are no moderate muslims out there, not if you read their so called Holy Bible.**==

    7. NC Cop says:

      Shooting a nun in the back.

      I wonder if Cindy Sheehan has called the perpetrator a “freedom fighter” yet…..

    8. forest hunter says:

      To quote a friend of mine,”(Forget the fact completely of the flipping Ack-madman of Iran saying all the crap he has about the Holocaust, wiping Israel off the map and killing Christians. Who has apologized for the Kobar Towers? The USS Cole? The American Embassy’s? 9-11?!!!! Pfffffffft)

      The only apology acceptable in my book, will be when they try the first man for killing one hundred of these Islamoghouls and he says he’s sorry he didn’t get a thousand.

      OT but not- Have you heard what’s happening to the Pendleton eight?

    9. sanity says:

      What I don’t understand is, in how they are acting, their threats, the killing of the nun, the bombing of churches….aren’t they just proving the Pope’s point on the person he was quoting from?

      Everytime there seems to be even the slightest “affront” we suddenly are inudated with “behead those who insult” and “Kill”, “Maim”, “Jihad”….

      But all I hear is the same thing over and over again…it is the religon of peace.

      Well, as a Christian, we have a saying, the world will see your faith in your actions and how you live your life.

      Now, do you really want to even think this is the religon of peace by the way those who firmly believe it are acting?

      Even IF, and that is a mighty big IF, moderate Muslims say these extremists are hijacking Islam, why are they not speaking out…will they just lay down and have their religon taken from them? But from everything I have read, even these so-called moderate muslims favor those who commit violence.

      And now they have said they will strike at Rome and the Pope directly and try and kill the pope. The pope signifies the most senior of the Catholic Church I believe, who in the Muslim world would be the most senior to Islam and if the Pope is killed should they do the same to this Senior Muslim cleric?

      It will never come to that though.
      I am sorry to say western civilization has become to complacent. We will roll over. If the pope is murdered, there will be alot of noise, but in the end, western civilization will not do a thing.

      What do you do when there is a lack of real response to actions of those who pervert Islam (or perhaps they arent perverting it, perhaps they are reading it who it means and we are just turning a blind eye to it).

      What do you do when places like Dutch contemplate Sharia law in their own society, even when it goes against its own laws?

      Or when Europe is being over ran with Muslims, and more and more of its country is being carved up into muslim societies where Europeans lose the ability to govern or police, and it is directly controlled by Muslims?

      When Catholic Priests are jailed in Australia for speaking about Islam, and they are tried under some hate crime bill that was recently passed?

      When will people wake up and see this as an epedmic, and all we are deemingly doing is appeasing, apologizing and making “mewing” sounds to the muslim world while they laugh at how weak we all are?

      Sorry if I offend anyone on this…but when will the Western Civilization GROW A PAIR?!?!?

    10. forest hunter says:

      “Sorry if I offend anyone on this…but when will the Western Civilization GROW A PAIR?!?!?”

      I’m not sorry if you did offend someone, because IF you did, it is more than clear where they stand OR NOT on this plague. I for one will no more reach out to understand this rabid path they’ve willfully chosen and as you said,”…they laugh at how weak we all are…”.

    11. sanity says:

      Isn’t it funny though, how the majority that speak of doing such evil as murder, beheadings, curse the pope, jesus is a slave to allah, pope goto hell…..majority have their faces and heads covered so they can’t be recognized.

      My head is wrapped in the table cloth to tight!

    12. Big Bang Hunter says:

      “The Religion of peace – Killing the Blashphemering infidels, one bullet in the back at a time”!

      – Bang **==

    13. Lorica says:

      I wish the Pope’s next speech would go something like this:

      I would just like to repeat what I said earlier of comments made by the Byzantine Emperor. Thank you one and all for proving the truth in these words.

      Islam has always been spread by the use of force. It keeps the people ignorant, and blind. How many churches were destroyed in Kosovo?? How many Nuns were raped, or How many were murdered?? How many Priests?? You can’t reason with these people. They are only interested in holding power over the rest of us. You cannot get along with that attitude. You cannot appease that attitude. – Lorica

    14. Severian says:

      Excellent article on people who are easily “offended:”

      It is axiomatic that those with the least to be honestly proud and confident of are the often quickest to take offense at any real or imaginary slight. Those of real achievement tend to ignore their detractors, knowing that criticisms, if true, should be heeded, and, if untrue, are merely displays of ignorance, jealousy, or the hatred that grows from the slacker’s internal morass of envy and self-loathing.

      Those of little achievement, or none, are the people most sensitive to being “dissed.” The greatest underachievers are the most easily offended, precisely because every criticism, especially if true, threatens to penetrate and evaporate their tenuous, false, and exaggerated illusion of self-importance, the illusion by which they justify themselves. They are ostentatiously proud, because there is nothing to them but their ostentatious pride.

      The Islamic world of today has precisely this grandiose and delusional sense of self-importance, as it declares Islam to be the cure for all the world’s ills, despite the rather obvious fact that where militant Islam is dominant, as with the Taliban in Afghanistan, society regresses into barbarity…The Islam of today does not export science, or literature, or music, or art, or charity, or humanitarianism, or freedom. Islam has produced no Einsteins, no Da Vincis, no Beethovens, no Churchills or Franklin D. Roosevelts, no Declarations of Human Rights, no Mother Theresas. Islam today exports oil, and terror.

      Yet Islam wallows in the self-inflicted delusion that it is the center of the world and the quintessence of civilization.

      Read it all.