Legacy time: Bubba’s fired up over claims his admin didn’t do enough to catch OBL

Allah’s got the video.

What’s interesting about that video clip is that he actually admits at the end that he failed.

Well hell, Bill: we’ve been trying to get you to admit that for years now (especially after you admitted to having at least one opportunity to snag OBL). Thanks for finally coming around to seeing the light. Now will you shine it on your apologists, too?

The clip is actually a snippet of what will be broadcast on Chris Wallace’s Fox News on Sunday show. Should be a good one to watch.

Sat AM Update I: Olbermann Watch recaps the interview that Olbie did last night with Bubba. At one point Olbie actually gave – on camera – a check written out to one of Clinton’s charities. Awwh. Olbie cares! Read the recap, and you’ll realize that while Clinton is the bigger of the two egomaniacs, Olbie’s not running too far behind himself in that department. Allah has video of KO interviewing the Slickster.

Sat AM Update II: Captain Ed makes a call for us to start looking fwd, rather than continuing to assess blame for pre-9/11 failures. With all due respect to the Captain, I’ll stop emphasizing Clinton’s failures on fighting terror right about the time the left stops saying “BUSH KNEW!!!!!!!!” about 9-11 and did nothing and right about the time former Clinton admin officials quit trying to make it sound like “if only they’d had more time, maybe they could have prevented it.” Tom Maguire is on a similar wavelength.

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