REMINDER: Carolina FreedomNet 2006

Here are the details of the upcoming NC conservative blogger conference I posted about a several weeks ago.

It’s on Saturday October 7th at the Sheraton Greensboro (NC) – Koury Convention Center from 8-2.

Yours truly will be there and will also on one of the panels. Will be my first blog conference and obviously my first panel. I’m a bit nervous, but as you see from the details page I’ll be in good company, so that should help calm the jitters a bit.

As a reminder, Scott Johnson from Powerline will be the keynote speaker. So please – make your reservations now :)

(Bumped from original post date of 9/12 at 3:59 PM)

6 thoughts on “REMINDER: Carolina FreedomNet 2006

  1. Sister, do you know how long it takes to drive from Alabama to there?
    I’d love to shake your hand, along with the others. :d

  2. I’d love to be there too sis, but I never miss the Flyers’ home opener. Can’t get them to reschedule, huh? :d

  3. Ah, but most of us local conservatives will be there.

    It’s a great alternative to going to Converge South the next weekend (also in Greensboro) which has the potential to turn into a Kosfest, despite the protestations of the organizers.

    And Rat, let me once again thank your Flyers for giving us Brind’amor and Williams.

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