Stepping away (Weekend open thread)

Posted by: ST on September 29, 2006 at 8:11 pm

There are some things going on in the blogosphere right now (check out Wonkette, HotAir, and Malkin’s for more) that I don’t want to be a part of, even as a blogger standing on the sidelines watching it all play out. So I am stepping away from blogging for the next couple of days until the latest blog war brouhaha (hopefully) cools down. I’m afraid I’d be too tempted to blog about it if I stick around and will end up saying things that I’d later end up regretting, so stepping away from blogging for the weekend I will.

This will be a good opportunity for me to do some research on how to vlog, how to record news clips and post them to this site, and explore some other cool features to add to the blog. I want to make this blog the best it possibly can be and to do that I need to keep up with new trends in blogging – so I’ll spend a significant amount of time on that, rather than giving in to the temptation to get involved in the ongoing sparring.

Don’t worry – I’ll check in from time to time to release any non-spam/troll comments held in moderation. In the meantime, please use this thread as the weekend open thread. I’ll be available via email, should you need to contact me.

For your listening enjoyment, this clip is from U2’s halftime performance at the 2002 SuperBowl. They are playing the best song I think they’ve ever done: “Where the Streets Have No Name” – they performed it at the bowl as a tribute to 9-11 victims, and you’ll see the names of the victims scrolling in the background. It starts off somber, but within a few seconds, the actual song starts.

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    1. stackja says:

      Wonky wonks?:x

    2. G Monster says:

      The Tesla is out. A sports car that can compete with a Porsche or a Ferrari and is battery powered. No gas needed. What do you think will happen to the price of oil?

    3. G Monster says:

      250 miles on 1 charge. 0-60 in 4 seconds. Car costs $100,000 but it’s only a matter of 5-10 years before the car is affordable to the masses. The other car companies need to get with it or they will be obsolete.

      I proved my point. Soaring gas prices created a need, and some genius went out created the solution. I heard he had a 50 million dollar budget, but had a finished project for $25 million.

      He came in under budget and the first 100 cars are already sold. Gas stations 20 years from now will no longer sell gas. They will be selling electric charges.

      From there it’s just a matter of time before commuter planes can run on electricity, and who knows, maybe oil will become obsolete.

      Hate to use twilight zone analogy, but anyone remember the episode when gold became obsolete.

    4. G Monster says:

      I can see the oil producing countries dropping there prices immediately. I can see Chavez and Ahmenijad competing to see who can become nicer to the west first. Trying to sell thier oil while it still has value.

      Hate to post all over this board, but this invention is right up there with the personal computer and the internet. The world has just changed.

    5. Wild Bill says:

      Concerning Michelle Malkin:

      “First they came for the Communists but I was not a
      Communist so I did not speak out.
      Then they came for the Socialists and the Trade Unionists
      but I was not one of them, so I did not speak out.
      Then they came for the Jews but I was not Jewish
      so I did not speak out.
      And when they came for me,
      there was no one left to speak out for me.”

      I look at your blog almost everyday and agree
      with you most of the time.
      Good Luck and God Bless you.

    6. Tom TB says:

      Today with GPS systems, you would know how far you could go to the next station to exchange a battery-pack, and go on your way, the same way we had stations with fresh horses in the pony-express days.

    7. Dodo David says:

      In regards to the photoshopping controversy involving Michelle Malkin:

      Who do you think would look the best in a bikini: Michelle Malkin, Mary Katharine Ham or Sister Toldjah?

    8. Marshall Art says:

      Dodo Dave,

      That’s an interesting and thought provoking question. I doubt that a consensus could ever be achieved without a full examination of the issue. I would like to volunteer my services in order to arrive at a satisfactory answer to this dilemna. It’s the least I can do.

    9. forest hunter says:

      G: I was thinking along the same lines as the gold analogy but with a different take. What will happen when people w/o skills and admirable qualities have to get a job? Politics aside, surviving based on their DNA challenged abilities to generate even so much as an idea, should balance out the evolutionary cycle for the better.

    10. benning says:

      Is that all the controversy is about? A poorly photoshopped image of MM? Sheesh!

      Are we expecting better behavior from the lefties? This is nothing. We know better, Michelle knows better, the Left continues its drift into the Mariannas Trench. Just wave Bye-Bye to the fools as they sink.

      Yeesh! **==

    11. camojack says:

      Photoshopped picture of Michelle Malkin in a bikini?! :o

      Big deal…not.

    12. Lorica says:

      Has the left no dignity at all?? What a pathetic excuse for human beings are these people would would do this to MM. I feel so bad for the poor girl these lowlifes stole the photos from. Then after they were caught photoshopping these things, they act all innocent, and ingnorant. Ignorant is standard operating procedure on a daily basis for the majority of the left, and MM should take heart that she is so effective that these 8 year old idiots need to attack her on a level of immaturity that would make an 8 year old seem like a piker.

      The left talks about how kind and generous and wonderful they are, but seriously, all these guys need is the broken cross and the black suits, and they would be perfectly suited to start goose stepping their way into power. My leftie friends wonder why I will never vote for a Dem again, and I charge ever good and fair minded individual to re-think the idea of “voting for the individual”. If you vote for a Dem you increase the power base of the people in leadership. I don’t care how good or conservative the Dem is, if that person gets into power, it will only embolden their leadership.

      Sis, I miss you, and I hope you have a refreshing weekend. I pray that it is a beautiful weekend for you. I long to see your post Dear. Just know that we are here standing with you. Always – Lorica

    13. GM – I’ve been following the guy who started Tesla Motors for years, since he lives only a few miles north of me in San Carlos, where the manufacturing plant is located. He started out converting small foriegn compacts over to electric, and trying to get any one of the major car companies interested in his approach without much success.

      – I did some quick calculations, and based on the specs that little puppy developes approximately 240 brake horsepower at the wheels, which, owing to the higher effieciencies and lower weight, equates to 480 HP in a standard gas guzzler sedan. All at a rolling cost of around a penny a mile. But one of the biggest saving’s, something the big three never like to talk about, is the monthly average cost of operation, over and above fuel/oil costs.

      – You buy one of Detroits land yaughts, and then get to pay for it over and over in ongoing mechanical repairs, particularly after the first 6 months of ownership. Foriegn offering’s were no better, because everything is even more costly, largely offsetting any increase in reliability. At the risk of sounding like a paranoid Liberal, the question is, how long before one of the car industry biggies buy’s him out, and it all quietly dissapears.

      – When you look at the amount of money that revolves around the great auto industry scam, the number of jobs involved, politics, labor unions, ect ect ect., the only thing that will drive it to success, so to speak, is the recent loss of jobs, and falling fortunes of the big three. that, and just maybe freedom from the tyranny of ME oil.

      – Being at the mercy of the ME oil sources, and S. America as well, is so bad for America, maybe people will finnaly understand that the benefits would far outweight the economic impacts. Take away the huge flow of Western revenue into the ME coffers, and for the most part, the whole Jihad thing would dry up like a snail caught on a noon time sidewalk in the California sun.

      – Most industry observers think its inevitable. Not whether, just a question of when.

      – Bang **==

    14. G Monster says:

      RE: Michelle Malkin.

      From all the pics I’ve seen with Michelle Malkin in clothes, I can assume in a bathing suit, she looks way better than that picture. She’s pretty modest saying she wish she looked that good. But her business is not beauty contests, she is married raising a family, and passionate about getting her viewpoint known. There are people out there that don’t like her viewpoint. Rather than debate her, they choose to play stupid games. By using this tactict they admit they can’t debate her ideas.

    15. G Monster says:

      RE: KO

      I never mention him by name, because it drives him nuts that people won’t mention him. KO decided to call Roger Ailes fat, about 10 times on his show the other night. Again, KO is getting his butt kicked nightly by Fox News and Bill O’Reilly, and rather than debate thier ideas, he plays stupid games, therefore admitting defeat.

    16. G Monster says:


      I hoped you invested a few dollars in Tesla way back when. If he sell 100 cars at 100,000 a pop, he has 10 million back. Now if he just does that 10 times, he is at 100 million.

      I think the demand is going to be phenominal. I’m tempted to take out a second mortgage and buy one of these cars, but more tempted to take that money and invest it in their company

    17. Great White Rat says:

      It’s October, and that means voter fraud season!!

      Over in Pennsylvania, more than 100 fraudulent voter registration applications have been detected in the last few weeks. Who knows how many others got through without being caught. All of them have come from a local group of “community activists”. Not surprisingly, this group is an offshoot of the local Democrat party.

      Just one more piece of evidence of why the left is so virulently opposed to a photo ID requirement for voting. Makes it that much harder to steal elections, ya know. >:p

    18. Great White Rat says:

      Jules Crittenden, brilliant as usual, on some good news from Iraq (I dare you to find it in the MSM):

      A U.N. report claims al-Qaeda’s foreign fighters want to kill Americans and don’t like being told to martyr themselves in suicide attacks on other Muslims.

      Al-Qaeda in Iraq has recruiting problems. Allah be praised!

      Even before the killing of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the U.S. military was reporting that al-Qaeda in Iraq was severely compromised. But if you don’t trust the U.S. military, you don’t have to take the military’s word for it. You can listen to Al-Qaeda’s own propaganda and the United Nations.

      So a majority of Iraqis would like to see the U.S. out of Iraq, even though they seem to like the results of our work there. We know better than to act according to the dictates of wishful thinking expressed in poll results. The U.S. out of Iraq? Not when we are only halfway through this tunnel. Not when we can take heart in the light we see around us.

    19. sanity says:

      I just got a chill….

      I was reading an old article by a former democrat on his observation of his party and the way it is heading….

      Fascism, corruption and my ‘Democratic’ Party

      Here is some excerpts from the article but even though it is an older article, I think you should read it. He makes some very valid points and observations that might shock you, then again, it may not.

      “PC attitudes were heavily criticized, and even mocked, by mainstream thinkers all around the country, liberal and conservative. And yet, in 1992 America elected into power an administration that in many ways adhered to the PC worldview, thus beginning a process of “change” unforeseen not only by most Americans, but by most Democrats as well. I have known for a long time that there were serious problems in my party, but I didn’t fully grasp the political nature of those problems. Sometimes it takes a simple, symbolic moment to cause an epiphany — to bring clarity. That happened to me this past May.

      My awakening
      When I read about people spitting on the Honor Guard at the New York State Democratic Convention May 16, I started to understand what has happened to my party over the last few years. I still can’t get over the fact that Democrats attending a formal convention would so insult the American flag, but it happened. As an Honor Guard of Albany police officers entered the convention hall – with band playing and lights shining – they were spit on and called “Nazis” by a number of people on the delegate floor. On top of that, no Democrat nearby stopped the “spitters,” or even reported them. And the Democratic leadership expressed no public outrage.

      I was so outraged at my party’s lack of outrage that I started a reward fund to find the “spitters.” But I soon realized that I needed to address the larger issue of what I had come to understand. I direct this commentary to the mainstream elected officials of my party – the “adults” as the media often calls them. Whether you are still in office or retired, you can have a profound effect in waking up the party and the public. I see clearly now that the path the party is taking will eventually lead to its destruction and to the destruction of liberty in America. It is practically mathematical. And it won’t take very long in years if nothing is done to stop it.

      I have been a Democrat all my life. I grew up in New York City in a staunchly Democratic middle class family. Although private-school educated (I had financial assistance thanks to Trinity School), my father was a union man, a musician with the Metropolitan Opera. My parents and stepparents were all “Roosevelt Democrats.” As a young English teacher in Montclair, New Jersey, during the Richard Nixon Watergate scandal, I drove around with a bumper sticker saying, “Don’t Blame Me I Voted for McGovern.” I was proud to be on the side of “right” as I saw it. I was proud to stand against corruption and the abuse of power.

      Now, 25 years later, I am ashamed to be a Democrat. More than that, I have come to fear my own party. Hatred and corruption – the roots of fascism – are on the march in America as they have never been before, and leading this march is the Democratic Party. Increasingly, mainstream Democrats are uncomfortable with what we see in our party. We may not have a real name for it, but we know it is dangerous. ”

      How far are Democrats willing to go to get power?

      On Sunday, June 18, the headline of the Washington Post read, “Political Dirty Tricks Alleged in Alabama Trial,” but the story revealed something far more serious than “dirty tricks.” A Democrat lawyer and a private investigator are now being tried for attempting to defeat a Republican candidate in 1998 by bribing a prostitute to accuse the Republican of raping her. The prostitute recanted and turned witness against the two “Democrats.”

      The Republican, Lt. Gov. Steve Windom, was elected when the prostitute confessed, but let’s consider what his “political opponents” were willing to do to him. This wasn’t political rumor mongering — which is bad enough. These two men allegedly took direct action to destroy Windom’s reputation in the community, shame him before his family, and basically ruin his life.

      These two “Democrats” were apparently willing to destroy everything precious to a Republican man because he stood between their party and political power. It is the totalitarian choice. The question is, how deep does it go into the party and what motivates it? ”

      I think the author is correct when he states that majority of deomcrats are moving to the party first, and the ends justify the means, as long as the party comes first…

      “Loyalty to the party is everything because the party is the country. “

      I just got a chill….

    20. – “The Big Lie”, reborn 60 years later. All over the country in various colleges I picture poly-sci Liberal socialist prof’s laughing to themselves as they watch the results of their brainwashing campaign on the minds of many of our young people, dating back to the early days of VietNam. Hate mongering was one of the key tools used in the leadup to the Third Reich, as well as a favorite ploy of Marxist and later the Communists. Stalin used it, along with corrupt kangaroo courts, to eliminate countless millions of people. Today’s Liberal’s love the tools of hate mongering, class and race warfare, and think they are great political tools. But there’s a fly in their ointment of disgrace. “Principle”

      – It will not work. The really hard left, the progenators of wanting to turn our republic into a socialistic, government controlled state, will fail. This is not a country of “dependent”, soft, dis-interested people. What they have tried so many times, and failed just as many times, to accomplish, is always discarded by the simple fact of fierce American independence. They don’t believe in individual freedom, so like all socialists, they continue to ignore that simple fact, and fortunately for us, it’s always their undoing.

      -The Left keeps hinging its hopes on an outright overthrow of our priciples, moral values, way of life, and in the process, even our form of government. None of them will live long enough to ever see that happen. Nor will their grandchildren, or their granchildren, not ever.

      – I like to think these snakes die bitter, and unhappy, fully aware of their failures. That, in the end, leaves all true American’s smiling, as well as the misguided, repentant “Liberals” who eventually come to their senses. I’m convinced that, after watching the things you see going on in the Liberal ranks, many of them are secretly disgusted, and ashamed of their own party and it’s actions, but lack the courage to say so.

      – But most of all they believe that loud enough, hateful enough rhetoric and lies, which cause people to just walk away in disgust, means they have won. But on election day they learn once again what it means to live in a trully free and open society, as well as a refresher lesson in geography, when they are shown once plainly, that Paris is not the Capital of America.

      – Bang **==

    21. Ryan says:

      I know it’s not the weekend, but I felt I must add this somewhere in light of his Bush-bashing… George Michael was arrested on drug charges after being found slumped over in his car. It’s probably just Bush’s fault, though.

    22. G Monster says:

      As I said before, sounds like George Michael has some problems and should work on himself first.