Church of England backs doctors letting severely disabled babies die after birth

Posted by: ST on November 14, 2006 at 8:28 am

Progressiveness” rears it’s ugly head again:

The Church of England has broken with tradition dogma by calling for doctors to be allowed to let sick newborn babies die.

Christians have long argued that life should preserved at all costs – but a bishop representing the national church has now sparked controversy by arguing that there are occasions when it is compassionate to leave a severely disabled child to die.

And the Bishop of Southwark, Tom Butler, who is the vice chair of the Church of England’s Mission and Public Affairs Council, has also argued that the high financial cost of keeping desperately ill babies alive should be a factor in life or death decisions.

It was only a matter of time before ‘active euthanasia’ (as the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecology call it) started to catch on, especially considering that partial birth abortions are legal in the UK, ‘justifiable’ on the basis that the mother’s health could be ‘at risk’ if the baby is actually born. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that if people can successfully ‘justify’ killing a baby at birth for the sake of the mother’s health, that people would also try and do the same as it relates to what’s in the ‘best interest’ for the baby’s health – and the state.

The UK is not the place a disabled baby not yet born would want to be right now. Once again, convenience and cost outweigh the moral (and spiritual) implications, and in the end, it’s the innocent who pay the price.

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    1. Phil says:

      This is a sure sign of the “End Times”
      Behold the pale horse. The man who sat on him was death, and Hell followed with him.

    2. PCD says:

      Let me throw some petrol on the bonfire.

      Will they demand that AIDS and HIVV patients be quarrantined to stop the spread of AIDS?

    3. Lorica says:

      This is truly sad, and truly sickening. They come up with this stuff, and then wonder why the Church of England is all but dead. Huge cathedrals that were meant to house 1000 people for Sunday Service, now only draw 10. If it were not for this country and the Anglican, and Episcopal churches the Church of England would be berift financially. These Bishops, and Pastors who want to support this sort of stuff, including Amendment 2, are just playing a fools game. You give an inch to this devil and he will take a mile. How soon before perfect little babies are killed because the hair color or eyes are the wrong color?? I think these Bishops, need to go back school and learn abit about early church history. It might make them appreciate some of the struggle we are now going thru, instead of just catering to it. – Lorica

    4. Lorica says:

      Ohhh and PCD, we can’t do that. If we locked these people for having HIV it would violate their right to give that STD to someone else. – Lorica

    5. seejanemom says:

      I hear the thundering horsemen too.

      Hold your children tightly and pray. Hard.

    6. I. M. Neiman says:

      Once any people decide to turn from the Ten Commandments as a set of eternal principles for any stable and virtuous society; and thereby things like ‘Thou shalt not kill’ cannot even be read in the school house lest some poor child read and obey it, our society quickly develops into a culture of death. Once we find we can commit one incredibly evil act like abortion without any easily apparent consequences, then the next evil act becomes even easier, less of a moral burden upon our consciences.

      Should we be shocked now that active euthanasia (state sponsored murder of another human being) is so easy to approve and even admire as a moral act. In a misplaced sense of compassion, several decades ago we, as a people, made abortion on demand legal in this country and a Constitutional right. Quickly these abortions changed from being a rare event to being no more or less than a form of cheap, in fact most often free form of birth control for people unable to control their sexual urges and unable or unwilling to face the financial burden or other sacrifices of being a parent. As we were climbing to over a million abortions a year in America, we began to turn a blind eye to passive euthanasia; that is, withdrawing extraordinary life support for the terminally ill or injured. Then not satisfied with that level of state sanctioned murder, we moved, as in the Terry Schiavo case, to assisted suicide and other such cases to ‘active euthansia;’ that is, the deliberate taking of a human life thought no longer to be worthy of continued living.

      Why then are we surprised that the next step seems to be so logical and even moral; that is, to kill infants after birth that we determine in our great wisdom will not have a decent quality of life and who will become an emotional and financial burden on their parents and society. That now being found acceptable in some corners of the world and eventually here in America, will it be shocking or even hard down the road to euthanize political, religious or other socially undesireable adults? This form of active euthansia too will be viewed as compassionate, moral acts to deliver society from destructive people and to relieve the victims of the suffering caused by their social deviancy.

      All the posts above were excellent and worthy of commendation; but I believe Phil spoke to the issue most clearly. We are living in a culture of death: abortion, euthansia, terrorism, child murders by mentally unbalanced parents, the murder of children by sexual deviants, etcetera; and behind it all is the rider of the pale horse, the spirit of death and destruction.

    7. This is very disturbing. Thanks for the post.

    8. – Relax people. Remember two things. The “free thinkers”, purveyers of the “if it feels good, or avoids that nasty thing called responsibility, do it” credo, have one enduring quality; They are self exterminating.

      – That, and before the “culture of the depraved” spreads too far, the Muslims will probably burn Paris. So take heart. Sooner or later, Paris the Hilton, and Britney baby, will run out of tapes to shill.

      – Bang **==

    9. I. M. Neiman says:

      All we need for evil to prosper is for good men to do nothing. For evil to be stopped it requires resisting it and fighting against its influence. Relaxing accomplishes nothing but laziness and endangers us all!

      I have personally witnessed in my time time where nudity and sexual suggestion only occurred in Burlesque Houses, French Postcards and rarely in print. Then Playboy made soft pornography fashionable, then more sexually graphic magazines, then topless dancers – topless waitresses – topless bottomless dancers – simulated sex acts on stage – gay bath houses – laptop dances and all the way up to pornography on demand via the computer.

      All this time good people did little or nothing to protest the mass production of hard core pornography, even available to children, including incest and child pornography. What did all this toleration and relaxation accomplish? Nothing good, evil prospered!

      So we can all relax and do nothing, eat, drink and be merry until Muslim extremists and/or extreme liberal partisans take our neighbors away to be euthanized. Will that be the inevitable result? What is to stop it? A few decades ago who would have imagined that homosexuality would become a socially acceptable lifestyle choice? Whether you agree that it should or not, virtually no one in America would have imagined its social approval only a few decades ago. Who would have imaged we would even be talking about euthanization of babies outside the womb? In another decade, if I am still alive, would I be writing ‘who can imagine political undesireables being euthanized?’

      By all means let us relax and be more tolerant!

    10. I.M. – Maybe we should just nuke San Francisco from orbit….It’s the only way to be sure….Armageddon….Armageddon…..Fleeeeeee

      – Bang **==

    11. Phil says:

      Big Bang Hunter

      I beleive that I. M. Neiman is getting to the point of not letting it get to that point of having to nuke San Fransisco. But in case your curious maybe you should read the part of the Bible where it talks about GOD destroying Sodom & Gomora

    12. I. M. Neiman says:

      Nuking San Francisco is, in my humble and senile opinion, a terribly juvenile response to a serious question. Speaking out, voting and in other ways resisting the spread of evil are hardly reactionary or extreme measures! To suggest such reasonable opposition to evil and then to have someone make that proposition into a desire to kill others or destroy cities is to jump off a rather large cliff and, pardon my judgmentalism, a seemingly ridiculous reaction.

      But of course, being one of the 5 untouchables on this blog, I hope my words do not cause any harm to your heightened sense of self worth or negate your feelings of superior intellect, wisdom and mental acuity above my own and most others posting here.

    13. – Phil – Trying to view everything that happens in society through the prism of the bible is just as extreme as the NeoLiberal rejection of all things moral. The pendulum swings both ways, and man is adept at using both Atheism, and Religion, to his own ends and agenda. When people have tired of the nonsense, the current “flavor of the month”, amoral Socialism/Collectivist Marxism, will sink beneath the noise level for another generation or two, until there’s enough youthful minds to brainwash, and then it will emerge again for it’s brief moment in the sun.

      – Depravity is self regulating. If I had a dollar for every generation that thought “the end is nie”, I’d be a billionaire.

      – Aside from that, having read both antiquities of the bible, including the “lost” Gospels, cover to cover many times over, G_d said man will not know the end when it comes. He has thus spoken. Believe in Him.

      – Bang **==

    14. – Having trouble trying to figure out how to argue with G_d I.M.?

      – Bang **==

    15. Beach Girl says:

      Interesting that I found Sister Toldjah as well as Hillbilly White Trash today posting on this subject. I clicked over from Perri who had left a comment on my blog. I won’t link it just mention it, Abortion and the Death of the West. If you have time, I’d appreciate it if you’d read the post.

      I cannot understand how we have slipped so far. Of course, the immoral ruling of the US Supreme Court in 1973 was not our grandest moment.

      As I understand it, there is a “professor” at Princeton who advocates a mother being able to legally kill her child up to 3 months of age.

      I wonder what Steven Hawking (if he is still alive) would say about this – kill the disabled – crowd. I wonder what they would say if they should themselves become disabled. Would they want a good shot of morphine or the slow death of dehydration and starvation that our “civilized” society inflicted upon Terri Shaivo?

      I had not read of this when I wrote my post this morning – funny how things get minds of their own sometimes.

    16. I. M. Neiman says:

      I don’t like to debate ‘religion,’ especially since I do not believe Christianity is a religion; but I offer these brief points:

      1. A true Christian must, whether other people like it or not, view everything through Scripture, as it is the living Word and as such is the sole guide for every aspect of life for a Christian.
      2. Yes, God said we would not know the “day” or “hour” of His return; but Jesus told us His followers that they would know the general time frame (season) by reading the signs of the times based on His Revealed Word of future events.
      3. Lastly to the point: “If I had a dollar for every generation that thought “the end is nie”, I’d be a billionaire.” Jesus told His disciples to always be looking for His return as being imminant, there are many reasons for this; but the point is that those believers expecting His return and the End of days are doing so because they are obeying the Lord in always expecting Him.

      Beach Girl: I was going to mention Hawking, but my post was getting long. Thanks for doing so!

      Phil: Thank you for getting my point so clearly!

    17. Phil says:

      Big Bang Hunter

      Big Bang Hunter wrote: If I had a dollar for every generation that thought “the end is nie”, I’d be a billionaire.

      Why Big Bang Hunter you sound like you have been around since the Big Bang.

    18. – I guess I was right I.M. , you would argue Jesus off the cross. I know you want to squak, and run around like Chicken little crying the sky is falling so badly you can’t think of anything else. Good luck. You sound just like the extreme on the other side, you claim to hate so much.

      – …and Phil. Your thinly disguised crack about my age is the sort of lame ad hominems you go too when you can’t think of anything else.

      – The point I made that apparently flew over both of your heads, is if G_d has decreed you can’t know, then how much more useless could something be, than to rend your clothes, and pull your hair out over.

      – Keep up the good work, both of you.

      – Bang **==

    19. Phil says:

      Big Slang Hunter

      Guess what Big Slang Hunter you are “wrong”

      Maybe you would like to dispute this fact that I. M. Neiman put up there so graciously that you seem to avoid answering his question.

      2. Yes, God said we would not know the “day” or “hour” of His return; but Jesus told us His followers that they would know the general time frame (season) by reading the signs of the times based on His Revealed Word of future events.

      Also I was not trying to disguise the crack about your age, you just seemed to be such a know it all I just figured that you must have been around long enough to ask GOD himself what the grand sceme of things was about.

    20. It’s time for everyone in this thread to officially cool it. Debate the issue, and not each other’s personalities, please.

    21. Steve Skubinna says:

      Beach Girl, I think you refer to Professor Peter Singer, perhaps the most nauseating academic in America today. If you plan to read up on his anti-human “ethics” be prepared to shower afterwards.

    22. Marshall Art says:

      “It’s time for everyone in this thread to officially cool it. Debate the issue, and not each other’s personalities, please.”

      Damn! Just when I was gonna jump in!

      But I was going to be nice and merely say that religious talk on a thread about the position of the Church of England seems rather appropriate to me.

    23. sanity says:

      See what happens when there is no sanity around…heh heh

    24. I. M. Neiman says:

      It is becoming more and more apparent that any emotion, any passionate defense of ones beliefs are not permitted to be aired her!

      I did not notice anyone attacking or debating anyones personality, it was simply a healthy debate absent any real rancor or acrimony. But, this blog belongs to someone that can set the rules and absolutely dictate the tone and manner and even the words used of any debate. So, that is it, all debate or discussion on this issue has been terminated due to extreme discomfort of the hostess.

    25. I’ve had enough. Goodbye, IM.

    26. Lorica says:

      Actually you are all pretty correct. Jesus did say we would not know the day or the hour. But He did give us many clues, especially in Matthew Chp 25 and in Revelations of the Holy Spirit to the Apostle John. Due to both of these sources we do have a clue about the season, but only in our understanding. If our understanding is incorrect than we go back to the drawing board. I have a book that was printed originally in the 1880s, I read it some time ago, and their understanding of the book of Revelations, is not my understanding of the book or Revelations. If you read any of Grant Jeffery’s books he expected the end to come prior to the new Millenium. Grant has spent the last 40 years researching the prophetic, and has access to the original Dead Sea Scrolls. Even then it is incumbent upon the Church to look for the return of Christ, that is just not an option, we must remain forever hopefull. But this sort of thing from the church is a sign of the end. At what point in time has the church advocated the genocide of infants?? This is the same Church who has a openly gay Bishop, and who’s supreme leader, the Arch Bishop of Canterbury, was installed as a druid in a midnight evocation at Stonehenge, the year prior to him becoming the Arch Bishop, and this was well known before hand. – Lorica

    27. 2. Yes, God said we would not know the “day” or “hour” of His return; but Jesus told us His followers that they would know the general time frame (season) by reading the signs of the times based on His Revealed Word of future events.

      – All that is perfectly true Phil. The problem I was addressing (again for the third time), is over reaction; seeing a “sign of the end times” everytime some world leader gets a glob of gum stuck to his shoe.

      – When every bend of the willow, and gust of political “wind”, has people grabbing for revelations, it devalues the whole process of serious observation, and obfuscates clear headed thinking.

      – A steady “balanced” push back in things like flagging moralities, particularly demonstration by example, ect., is generally proven to be more lasting and proficious, than wild eyed religiousity.

      – I wouldn’t expect that to be characterized as a “know it all” proposition. But I couold be wrong. what say you? (and no, I did not know Moses on a first name basis)….

      – Bang **==

    28. Lorica says:

      I will not disagree with that Bang. How many of us remember the book 88 reasons Jesus will return in 1988. It was a best seller. The sequel, 89 reasons why Jesus will return in 1989 wasn’t such a good seller tho. Imagine that. End Times mania has found a home in the Church before, but not just the Church. During WWII all plans to assasinate Hitler were rejected due to the thinking that they did not want to prove Hitler was the anti-christ. This can all be such a mess. These days, since I am older now than when I read Armegedon: appointment with destiny by Grant Jeffery, I tell everyone seeking knowledge of such things to just relax, and know that their relationship with Almight God will see them thru. – Lorica

    29. benning says:

      If indeed the end is nigh, well, great! But we should not be looking for that, rather than focusing on the Christ. All the nifty, interesting books about the Rapture, End Times, and so on, do not one thing toward enhancing real Faith. They simply sell books.

      We should, perhaps, try to do better in our lives, as believers. And we cannot do that if we don’t speak out against such horrid apostasy as “leaders” of a denomination supporting euthanasia. It seems that in some churches, belief is not necessary to take the pulpit. What, then, is the point?