What happened at Minneapolis/St. Paul International airport?

I’m surprised this story hasn’t gotten more attention:

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has learned that federal investigators and airport police are questioning six Middle Eastern men who had to be escorted off of a plane Monday afternoon at Minneapolis/St. Paul International.

U.S. Airway officials tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS’ Aviation Expert Bob McNaney that Monday while Flight 300 was preparing to take off from Minneapolis to Phoenix, a passenger passed a note to a flight attendant saying they noticed ‘suspicious behavior,’ among the men.

The men would not get off the plane when asked, 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS has learned, and had to be removed by police.

Sources tell 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS that the men were chanting ‘Allah, Allah, Allah,’ as they were transported down the jetway.

I’m headed off to zzzland. Perhaps there will be more to report on this story in the morning.

Tue AM Update: Atlas Shrugs and Allah have more updates on this developing story. Looks like it was a false alarm.

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