A tale of two alleged gang rape cases in Durham, NC

Blogger KC Johnson compares a 1989 Durham gang rape case with the 2006 Duke lacrosse rape case and finds that unlike this year’s case, the case from 1989 was actually handled competently. Make sure to read the entire post – especially for the surprise you’ll find out at the end of it.

On a related note regarding the lacrosse case, Johnson also reports that Dr. Brian Meehan, the head of the DNA lab in charge of testing the samples provided by the alleged victim as well as the accused, will have his accreditation status investigated by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors/Laboratory Accreditation Board for possible violations after his admission late last week that he went along with DA Mike Nifong’s request not to report that the DNA found in and on the victim did not match the accused.

Hat tip: Jon Ham

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  1. Amazing! It would seem that Nifong wasn’t running for office at the time of the 1989 case, or didn’t think he needed minority support. Things changed for him this time around. Instead of working the case he worked the minority electorate. That isn’t Justice.

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