Walkin’ in a winter wonderland …

Seasonal linkage for your perusal:

—- If you are or will be attempting to travel to or from Denver over the next few days, I’m afraid you’re going to be SOL. See photos of a cold, wet, windy, and snowy Denver here.

—- So much for Allen Iverson’s debut with the Nuggets … the Suns/Nuggets game was postponed due to the bad weather there.

—- Speaking of cold, the MSM buzz is that the US economy is “cooling” while retailers are “uncertain” as to how merry Christmas may be.

—- It’s hard to believe but it’s true: two jerks have been arrested for repeatedly stabbing Frosty the Snowman. I’ve heard of LOW, but this is like lower than low – like lower than the gum on the bottom of your shoe. Why the hell would anyone want to stab Frosty?

—- Hot Air has video of a series of clips someone at YouTube did of Senator Obama on whether or not he will run for pres. As one commenter there said, it’s both funny AND scary. Here’s how the background song starts: “Run, they told me, pa rum pa pum pum.” It has a very Christmasy feel to it ;)

—- Another year with no white Christmas in Charlotte. :( One of these days, I’m gonna experience a real white Christmas even if I have to go to the mountains to do it.

—- It’s Christmas tree decorating time with Britney Spears! Just in time to make your holidays complete.

—- Did you hear about the “hunky” shirtless Santa? Some shoppers dig him, but I say save it for the beach, pal. THIS is what Santa is supposed to look like.

—- This story about a a “wrong number” Santa is cute:

A California man has been inundated with hundreds of calls from children who are trying to reach Santa Claus but dialed the wrong number, the Associated Press reports from Goleta, Calif.

“I just sit down by the fireplace and play Santa Claus,” John Dickinson said. “I’ll probably be playing Santa every year.”

Dickinson runs the santabarbara.com website and fields calls from people who dial 1-800-SANTABARBARA (1-800-726-8222). That number differs by one digit from 1-800-SANTACLAUS (1-800-726-8225).

About 100 children a day dial the wrong number.

“I’ve spent the last two weeks listening to what children want for Christmas. It’s been fun,” Dickinson said.

“The kids are real serious, and very specific,” he said. “They get right to the point. They say, ‘I want this, I want this, I want this.’ I always make sure they’ve been nice.”

:) Love it!

—- Just where the heck is the REAL Santa, anyway? Track his whereabouts here. Santa’s gone cyber, by the way, and you and/or your kids can send him an email here. Gotta love technology!

—- Lastly, for discussion purposes, are you a last minute shopper or are you one who gets your shopping done in a timely manner? I’m done. I just cannot deal with Charlotte Christmas traffic and the other shoppers so I like to get done early.

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