Good news from Afghanistan

The AP is reporting this morning that the US military has killed a top Taliban commander who they describe as a “close associate of Osama bin Laden and Taliban leader Mullah Omar and Afghan insurgent leader Gulbuddin Hekmatyar” earlier this week.

Way to go, guys!

Hat tip: The Astute Bloggers

Update: In other war on terror-related news, AQ’s #2 Ayman al Zawahri is claiming that that Al Qaeda should claim credit for the Republican defeat in the elections last month. Brian Ross has the details here, details you will likely not see anywhere else in the MSM.

Regardess of what you think about AQ propaganda and whether or not it should be taken seriously, this latest message from Zawahri is even more proof that Al Qaeda pays attention to what we say and do over here. I have argued with my liberal friends up one side and down the other about how the enemy keeps a close watch on what’s happening here in the US, and most of them just come back at me by saying or implying that AQ doesn’t have time to pay attention to what goes on here. What that demonstrates to me is that they have a fundamental lack of understanding about how the enemy operates. They DO analyze what we do here, make no mistake about it.

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