Saddam’s execution “imminent”? (UPDATE II: SADDAM EXECUTED)

Rumors and news stories are swirling that the former Iraqi dictator who the US captured and ousted in 2003 will be executed this weekend. Hot Air and Malkin are on top of the latest developments. Jules Crittenden speculates on the time the execution will occur and has a link roundup of other opinions.

In the meantime, the NYTimes seems to be lamenting the fact that Saddam’s rec’d the death penalty. Hmm. The Washington Post, OTOH, takes a strong stance in favor of Saddam’s sentence. Good for them.

Latest development: Saddam wants the US to block his execution.

Update: Will it happen before 10 PM tonight? The AP reports on the possiblity.

Update II: He’s been executed. Via Drudge:

CNN Broke at 10:06… NBC first broadcast net to report execution of Hussein at 10:14 pm, ET — CBS went up at 10:18 — ABC up at 10:25…

Iraqi-Americans cheered the news.


Here are some reactions from the blogosphere over the announcement.

19 thoughts on “Saddam’s execution “imminent”? (UPDATE II: SADDAM EXECUTED)

  1. Well, on Dec. 30 it will be exactly one year to the day of my ambush. I could think of no better way of celebrating it then hearing that Saddam was stretching at the end of a rope.

    Here’s to you Saddam: You are about to get the justice you deserve. Say hello to Khomeini and Zarqawi when you get to hell.

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  3. Buh bye Saddamn, couldn’t of happened to a nicer man. HEY California, Perhaps you all need to be watching, this is how it should be done. – Lorica

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  5. Shouldn’t surprise anyone if he’s already been hanged an hour or two ago, and the “before dawn” thing is a necessary security precaution. The place is gonna get hot no matter what time he shuffles off to Buffalo.

    I keep seeing in my mind that smirky video of his years ago when he eliminated the rest of his opposition one by one, all the while enjoying his cigar. Won’t have a problem getting one lit anymore…

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  7. The Butcher is dead! Now the Iraqis will have something to celebrate during Eid (well, most of them, anyway). On the other hand, I’m counting the minutes until the first Defeatocrat politician uses the death of Saddam to demand that we pull out immediately…

  8. The bugger’s dead.

    Next?! You, with the kooky pompadour… what number you got? Hey, little guy with the beard–what’re you smiling so much about? And why are you two guys glowing a faint green aura? You all in show business or something?

    So, what’ll it be? Hmmm… little off the sides, and careful around the back of the neck? Got it.

  9. I’ll be off to the Hallmark store tomorrow to pick out my sympathy card for the NYT editors on the passing of their loved one. Anybody have any suggestions on the message I should write inside?

    (he asked, innocently…)

  10. I’m so glad we’ve had this time together
    just to have a laugh or sing a song
    Seems we just get started and then before you know it
    you’re dangling from a rope and then, you’re gone.

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