If you were president, how would you handle things?

The President is taking heat from all sides these days, on just about every issue. With that in mind, ST reader sanity made a good suggestion in a prior thread:

ST, here is an idea….

Open up another thread, and lets play a little bit of make believe. Instead of doing like hte democrats and play make believe in the basement about impeaching the president….lets do a “What would you do if you were President?”

We have a wide array of ideas and thoughts, and I for one would truly be interested to see how everyone would handle the problems the President faces, from foriegn policy, wars, terrorism, immigration, illegal immigration, domestic policy, trouble in the party, rumors, the media, opposition (democrats vs republicans), handling disasters, ect.

I think this would be an interesting debate, because it seems many think our current president is either dumb as a box of rocks or the most devious man in the world. Being too stupid to pronounce nuclear but so devious he outsmarted the entire democrat party in voting for a war…etc.

I would be curious how everyone would handle what he has had to handle.

How do deal with media that is out to get you?


Upstart regimes like N. Korea and Iran?


I really think this would be an interesting debate.

Have at it, ya’ll :)

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