If you were president, how would you handle things?

Posted by: ST on January 4, 2007 at 12:32 pm

The President is taking heat from all sides these days, on just about every issue. With that in mind, ST reader sanity made a good suggestion in a prior thread:

ST, here is an idea….

Open up another thread, and lets play a little bit of make believe. Instead of doing like hte democrats and play make believe in the basement about impeaching the president….lets do a “What would you do if you were President?”

We have a wide array of ideas and thoughts, and I for one would truly be interested to see how everyone would handle the problems the President faces, from foriegn policy, wars, terrorism, immigration, illegal immigration, domestic policy, trouble in the party, rumors, the media, opposition (democrats vs republicans), handling disasters, ect.

I think this would be an interesting debate, because it seems many think our current president is either dumb as a box of rocks or the most devious man in the world. Being too stupid to pronounce nuclear but so devious he outsmarted the entire democrat party in voting for a war…etc.

I would be curious how everyone would handle what he has had to handle.

How do deal with media that is out to get you?


Upstart regimes like N. Korea and Iran?


I really think this would be an interesting debate.

Have at it, ya’ll :)

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    1. Lorica says:

      How would I handle the Media?? 1st and foremost I would start revoking press passes to all the hatefilled know it alls that are at the daily press briefings.

      I would be looking into treason charges for the editor and newsperson who wrote about the bank tracking program to the NYT. They could get off scott free if and only if they gave up the leaker.

      I would be telling the Justice Department that the investigation of Scooter Libby if now over, as the real criminal has confessed and so has his helpful co-conspirator. If I had to I would pardon Libby, and order a new special prosecutor to go after the other 2.

      I would of brought extra troops into Iraq last year knowing that the bad guys there would want a Dem win so they would be ramping up operations. I would be conducting sweeping operations to get rid of bomb making factories, and have an extra 20,000 soldiers watching the border between Iraq and her neighbors. I would also make a deal with Al-Maliki to get us out of Iraq prior to the elections. Like I have posted before, we are out in 3 years with a 1 year option at Iraq’s request. It only took half that time to train the 5 million men of the WWII military. How long would it take to train an army the quarter the size for Iraq?? Not like they need alot of Navy or Marines for now. 4 years is plenty of time to do that. It would of been great value if there was a treaty in place suggesting just that. It also would of taken away the whole “Open ended commitment” argument.

      I would of STOPPED backing every frickin’ moderate that was running, and backed a few conservatives. This would of told the party base that I still care about the conservative agenda.

      The border debate would be over and done with. There would be armed reservists rotating in and out from the border. A good fence makes for good neighbors. Infact I would encourage all of the minute men who were under the age of 42 to join the National Guard. I hate the continous stories of Mothers and Fathers and Children dying in the desert between us and Mexico.

      Deportations would of started of all the criminals types that have come over our borders illegally. All the hard working and or those that could be of some sort of contribution to our society would be evaluated on a case by case basis. All others would be deported or hopefully self-deport once the government assumes control of the possesions of the 1st few thousand or so. Sorry guys, but there are people here that need to make a living too. I wouldn’t be against a guest worker program, but only after the borders are secure and the deportations are over and done with.

      Gitmo would not be an issue. The every deed of the really bad guys that are there would be exposed. Yes I don’t doubt that some of these guys were impressed into service against us. Yes I understand that some of these guys are not as bad as others. But the really bad guys, they would exposed. It is time to use the bully pulpit, and exposing evil is what needs to be done in this situation.

      Iran and Syria would be getting special attention. It is my understanding that Israel is just chomping on the bit to be let loose on someone’s nuclear program. Maybe start dropping weapons to the rebels in Iran?? But start exposing Iran for it’s human rights abuses, and start putting pressure on the U.N. to get an understand of the evil that beats in the heart of Iran’s President.

      I would slap Jimmy Carter’s lying mouth.

      N. Korea is just a boy in dictator’s clothing. I would do 1 on 1 talks with him, and I would stand my ground on him tranistioning into a non-comunist state. That would be the only point in my part of the discussion. Deal with it.

      Ok if I missed anything let me know. – Lorica

    2. Severian says:

      Well, to start with, I don’t want to be president, I want to be dictator. But you libs, don’t worry, my idol is Cincinnatus, not Idi-Amin. I don’t want to be dictator for life, just for long enough to straighten out the mess we find ourselves in, which is largely due to the insidious infiltration of liberal ideology at the expense of the original Constitutional principles. You won’t like my approach though, I’d bring back crucifixion for traitorous and seditious behavior like leaking and publishing classified information, etc. I’d also being back the use of the Triumph for returning victorious military, no more spitting on returning soldiers, they’d get the respect and honor they deserve. Also, as you might well imagine, the rules of engagement for our troops would be significantly altered, as would the rules for Gitmo. Spitting on a guard would bring a guaranteed butt kicking of extreme proportions, good behavior would be rewarded but bad behavior would not be tolerated.

      And to keep the pubic occupied, I’d bring back the Circus Maximus and the Arena, give the people some real entertainment for a change. ;)

    3. Severian says:

      Er, public not pubic…Freudian slip? :d

    4. Lorica says:

      Dealing with abit of anger Sev?? – Lorica

    5. benning says:

      Lorica: Wow!

      Me, I’d deal with Iran by using the “smart spear” as discussed here, and take out every known or suspected nuclear site in Iran; I’d do the same in North Korea. And I would not discuss it with the MSM.

      I’d also get armed folks down to our southern border to protect us – as the Constitution allows – and fund the building of a fence or a wall.

      I’d give the U.N. one month to find another place to roost outside the borders of the USA. I would then call the Prime Minister of Israel and ask him, “What do you need that the USA can help you with?” And that I would discuss with the MSM just to get reality and truth on the record.

      I would sic the Justice Dept. on leakers of national security secrets. I would not discuss this with the MSM either.

      Basically I would enforce the US Constitution and limit government powers to only those authorized by that Constitution. I would support any office-seekers who hold to the First Principles of that Constitution, and ignore those who are power-seekers alone or play to the “masses” with promises of money from the public treasury.

      Then, I would break for lunch and a short nap.

    6. Severian says:

      Anger? Nah, you should see me when I’m angry, it’s not pretty. This is just my normal view, a deep and abiding respect for the “classical” way of handling things. SPQR.

    7. NC Cop says:

      Ok, first and most importantly I would ban breast reduction surgery. This is the most disturbing surgery I have ever heard of. It’s completely anti-American and I think the founding fathers would agree with me.

      Now, as far as Iraq, I would have invaded, but I would not try to fight a politically correct war. Did you notice how the Ethiopian army drove out the Islamists from Somalia? How? By using military force without worrying about how it would look in the media and guess what? It worked!

      Iran? Pretty much like other people have said. Knock out each and every suspected nuke site and let president Abajamedadadh, or however you spell it, know that any terrorist strike against the U.S. in retaliation and he will be held personally responsible. In other words, we will do our very best to drop a bunker buster on his head.

      The media? I would demand Congress call them in front of a congressional committee, like the oil companies, and have them explain their procedures. Specifically, using sources that no one can prove exists, etc. I mean, if they can drag oil executives in front of these boards, why not journalists whose stories incite violence and even death??

      Leaks? I would offer million dollar rewards for information leading to the arrest of those leakers. Can you think of anyone who wouldn’t turn you in for a million dollars??

      Finally, any idiot celebrity who says they are going to move out of the country if an election doesn’t go there way would be forcibly deported to Russia.

    8. PCD says:

      NC Cop,

      Have you ever watched, “Dog the Bounty Hunter” on A&E? If you’ve seen Beth Chapman, Dog’s wife, you’d drop your breast reduction surgery ban. I believe Beth needs this operation before she breaks her back.

    9. NC Cop says:


      Ok, you’ve got a point there. How about a special panel made up of…….ME!!! I would review every request for breast reduction surgery personally. :d Then I would decide if it was permissible.

      How’s that?

    10. Leslie says:

      If I were president I’d:

      1. Give the Iraqis a year to take over their own security, and then leave. At that time, announce that, yeah, Bin Laden’s dead as that Monty Python parrot.

      2. Quietly, and I mean quietly, through diplomatic channels, pass the word that in the event of another terrorist attack on U.S. soil, every Islamic capital is going to end up looking like Dresden in 1944. And we don’t have to use nukes to do it. Are you listening, President Musharaff? How about you President Asad?

      3. At least TRY to use diplomacy with Syria and let’s see what happens. If it doesn’t work, crank it up. (Iran’s probably a lost cause.) Tell China: North Korea’s your problem. You solve it, President Hu. We’ll back you.

      4. Illegal immigrants? Well I’d have to study the situation more closely. Where I’m from, this is not a major issue. I know what I wouldn’t do: build a fence. And I would certainly remind immigrants, legal and illegal, that you have a right to TRY in this country, but you don’t have the right to SUCCEED.

      5. The media? No way to beat them, so you might as well act nice. Yeah, it’s frustrating. But this is the way it is. So: I’d be as deadpan as possible. The less you react, the more stupid they look. They’re only trying to provoke anyhow. Why let ’em? (And can we please stop, awreddy, with this “treason” nonsense? I mean, that is _so_ emo!)

      6. Make Tom Friedman Secretary of State.

      7. Encourage automobile manufacturers to make more hybrids. (Tax incentives?)

      8. Ask Congress and the Several States to lower the drinking age to 18; legalize gambling and prostitution and soft drugs; get the govt. out of everybody’s face–and I mean in every way.

      9. Urge a constitutional amendment declaring that marriage is a union peformed by a licensed clergyman (or clergywoman). Anything else is a civil union. If the clergyman is a member of a religious body that wishes to marry gays and lesbians, fine. If not, also fine. (Personally I don’t care if somebody wants to cohabit with a goat–so long as they don’t live upstairs from me. Goats have those noisy hoofs, y’know.)

      10. Declare the first Monday in August a national holiday. We need a day off between July 4 and Labor Day.

      11. Appoint FCC commissioners who will enact a regulation prohibiting any World Series game, NBA playoff game, or any major nationally televised sporting event to begin later than 7:00 eastern time.


    11. sanity says:

      Taking this completely serious, I would say it would be incredibly trying position and problem age you beyojnd your years dealing with the stress / backstabbing and problems that come up.

      That being said, if I was President…

      The Media:
      Freedom of the Press is very important, but that comes with Responsibility of the Press also. If the press cannot be responsible, then they need to be investigated.

      Anonimous sources need to be verified for reliability. Just because someone is feeding you information, doesn’t mean it is correct and if you print it, you should be liable. Make sure your are correct before you go to print.

      Regular press releases from the White House on what is going on and what we are dealing with to keep the public informed.

      White House press will be civil and respectful (none of this garbage like Gregory is doing). This is not a backyard event, a car crash or a robbery in progreess, you are asking questions that you believe the people (America) wants to know, so be respectful of how you act and the in the manner of your questions. Would you act such way in front of the Queen of England? Well, the president is the head of this Country and very similiar in station. Act appropriately.

      Domestic Policy:
      There is so much that can be done with this that it is hard to narrow it down.

      The economy is doing well, but we need ot expand more for services (manufacturing seems to be slowing).

      Taxes / tarrifs need to be raised on foriegn goods, especially with countries that are doing the same with US products coming into their country.

      Encourage business growth and responsibility.

      Find incentives for business growth, new business, and tax incentives for new businesses going into harder hit areas where manufacturing is slowing, places like Michigan where the Auto industry is hurting.

      Switch to a flat tax and a consumption tax.
      Flat tax for ALL Americans.
      Consuption tax, whether it be groceries, fast food, services, ect.

      Get rid of inheritance tax. That should be illegal to tax that which has already been taxed.

      Put a stop to class warfare in politics. Denounce it and rake whoever does it over the coals in the media. A few times likes this will put a stop to it fast.

      Get behind alternative fuel research, government fund that instead of embryonic stem cells. Alternative fuels will show more promise that embryonic stem cells.

      Begin drilling in ANWAR.

      Reduce oil input from other countries.

      Audit Katrina victim funding. If New Orlean politicans have siphoned off from those funds for personal or pet projects, they should be blasted in the media and made to REPAY the amount the took away.

      PORK – This must stop. Bills being introduced should be concerning ONLY that bill, not several dozen pet projects attached to it. You want those projects then draw them up and have them voted on a project by project basis. Any PORK added to a bill will immediately have the bill sent back and revised and pork removed before being voted on.

      GITMO – Put cameras EVERYWHERE, let the world see how these animals get treated and how they act. Let the world see the soldiers are the ones being abused and not the terrorists. Oh, and no more ‘special’ meals, terrorists get the sheriff Joe Arpaio treatment: baloney sandwiches, pink underwear. You act up, spit at guards, urinate and throw feces at guards, you end up doing hard labor and no soccer, or social time for you.

      Torture – We don’t do that. We will have Iraqi government help us with learning the truth and have them ask questions and get answers.

      UN / Iran / Syria / N. Korea – Quit pussy footing around. Put Bolton back in the UN. Congress, either side wants to hold up nominations, we go right to the press let the American people know that so and so is holding up this persons nomination to protect america. We lay waste to them in the public eye and in their districts. Then go over their heads and appoint Bolton again.

      America needs to be a major player in the UN. Countries start bad mouthing the US, do a comparison of countries, from one Deomcratic Nation to one Dictatorship. Then we will find out who the real devil and smell of sulphur really is mr. chavez.

      Iran running its mouth. Start funding a revolution. There is more than enough opposition. Idiots that want to say the holocaust didn’t happen, prove them wrong and embarrass them. Also show the direct link between Hitler regime and those Muslims that served with him and help him.

      Syria / Lebannon / Israel – Show Israel we are 100% supportive of them. They are a life perserver in a sea of madness. Remove those rediculous French from “gaurding” the borser, and have the border patrolled, locked down. Any funding of terrorism, weapons, ect will be confiscated and those caught will be imprisoned. If Syria is caught doing this, strategic targets will be bombed in retaliation – strat by leveling the Syrian presidents house.

      N. Korea – They need to come out and join their brothers, even if it means funding a revolution on Korea to topple the bad hair day dictator. Lock down their borders, no ship trade or anything to N. Korea, but agree on one to one talks, as long as we are firm with what we expect of them. Get rid of any nuclear weapons, and no trading nuclear information or material to countries like Iran or Syria. If they comply, show them how much cooperating can mean to them by helping their country get out of the stone age.

      Immigration and Illegal Immigration – Increase funding for INS, and make things simpler in getting passports, visas, ect. Security checks and background checks for anyone coming to this country, any ties to terrorism or terrorist groups and your entry is held up, you are detained and questioned. If answers are not good enough you are banned from entry.

      Borders, Especially Mexico, we get a wall in place, drones that patrol, cameras all along the border so that all Ameericans who wishto help can monitor and help spot illegal entry and report it. Any illegal coming in will be investigated for terrorism (make sure no terrorist background) and be released back over the border (explaining how they can go about getting into the US legally). Gte our border secure before we decide what to do with the problems inside our borders. After that, All illegals in prison, gang bangers on the street that are illegals, ect, get taken in, and dropped off into Mexico. Untie the hands of the police and let them do their jobs. This also includes the states. If there is a law passed, ENFORCE IT. Do not let them go because it is a federal law and INS or federal people should be doing it. The Law is the Law, enforce it.

      Those not enforcing the law will be removed from their jobs immediately. No more illegal city sanctuaries. Any city that is set up as a Sanctuary for illegals will have ALL federal funding stopped and investigations of thsoe responsible for harboring criminals. Yes, if you came into this country illegally you are a criminal – you have broken the law.

      Open Alcatraz back up for the worst offenders.

      Now, I don’t want to deport all Illegals coming into this country, just the criminal elements. I believe a temporary work visa can be allowed and get them all in the system to either become citizens or a renewable work visa. Companies that higher illegal immigrants should be fined heavily, perhaps $50,000 – $100,000 per illegal employed. This will cut down on illegals being highered fast and make companies more responsible on checking on the people they higher.

      Differences in the Party or Opposition from the other side – Try to reach out, compromise if need be, as long as there are concessions from both sides. Any locking out of either party, not allowing a vote, stone walling, not showing up to do your job – will be recorded, and the persons district will be kept fully aware of the going ons of their representatives. They are afetr all accountable to the people who elect them.

      Any Senator or Congressman who calls something a quagmire, or criticizes the troops, will take a 2 week vacation to what they consider a quagmire or to be embedded with the troops for those two weeks so they can have a better understanding of what they are talking about. If they still wish to call it a quagmire or criticize, only THEN will they have that right since they will know what they are talking about then.

      Also any Congressman or Senator who wishes to filibuster better be there IN PERSON and keep talking to keep the filibuster going, because if they are not present, there is no filibuster and the vote and discussion will continue.

      Kelo – The court has ruled, it is now up to law makers to make laws that stops taking away the rights of private homeowners. There is no fair market value for a home that has been in the family for generations, or a couple has retired in. In the case where it is absolutely needed, it should not be going from private owner to private owner, only for PUBLIC use such as roadways, railways, ect, and the Home Owner should get double the market value for the home being taken.

      Thats all I can think of for now……

    12. sanity says:

      NC Cops says: Ok, first and most importantly I would ban breast reduction surgery. This is the most disturbing surgery I have ever heard of. It’s completely anti-American and I think the founding fathers would agree with me.

      Also Decaffinated Coffee, what sicko came up with this one deserves scorn!!!

    13. Lorica says:

      I know a girl that had breast reduction surgery. She is much more perkier now. :D – Lorica

    14. Steve Skubinna says:

      I just heard from an old friend who had augmentation surgery. Haven’t seen her in a few years and am now practicing my cool for when I see her this coming summer.

      She’s a good enough friend that she’ll stay one even if I do stutter and trip, but I’d kind of like to not reinforce any negative stereotypes about guys of the male persuation.

      Eye contact is key. Make it and maintain it.

      What this has to do with me being president, I dunno, except that I damn sure will not act like Bill Clinton.

    15. Steve Skubinna says:

      And now, having commented on breasts, I look again at the post’s title and think “could we reword it, please? Just the last two words?”

    16. stackja says:

      Teddy Roosevelt said speak softly and carry a big stick. How the augmentation is handled does not seem to matter.

    17. camojack says:

      Breasts?! You characters have a fixation; seen one, seen ’em both.

      Ok if I missed anything let me know. – Lorica
      Comment by Lorica @ 1/4/2007 – 1:35 pm

      Since you asked, it’s “would’ve”, not “would of”.
      (A contraction of “would have“)

      1. No more “kid gloves” in the War On Terror.
      2. Illegal immigration needs to be curtailed sharply.
      2. Lawbreakers should go to jail…especially those traitorous ones in the media.
      4. I’d get to put Air Force One through its paces… **==

    18. Lorica says:

      LOL Correcting English. Yippie!!! – Lorica

    19. PCD says:

      Without going into depth, if I were President,

      I’d clean out the State Department. No surrendercrats.

      I’d shake up and consolidate the Justice Dept and FBI. After that I’d instruct them to investigate and prosecute corrupt Congresscritters like Harry Reid, John Conyers, Jack Murtha, and William Jefferson.

      I’d seal the damn borders, and use troops to do it. If Mexico can’t control their criminals, I WILL!

      Education: I’d cut off all funding to schools that enact recrutitment or ROTC bans. I’d also cut off funding to any school that has a Ward Churchill or the Dumbf**k in Madison who thinks 9/11 was a Bush job. I’d push through a student’s bill of rights to curb activist professors who punish students by down grading their work solely for political retribution.

      Next up, the Trial Lawyers. Out of Congress and a ban of all frivolous lawsuits.

      A simplified tax code.

      I would institute a comprehensive energy program to insulate all buildings, promote alternate fuels without blackmailing.

      Finally, the Unions. No Union goons on the picket lines, no closed shops, no forcing of non-union members to pay union dues, no deductions from paychecks without express permission of the worker.

    20. Dana says:

      Could I be Tsar of All the Americas?

      Let’s see: I’d put into place a new voting plan, wherein people’s votes would be multiplied by how much they paid in taxes — and if someone pays zero in taxes, well you know what multiplication by zero yields!

      I would end all social welfare programs; you don’t work or have enough money, too bad, go get a job.

      I would declare that English is not only the official language of the United States, but it is the only language of the United States; all official and commercial business would be conducted in English only.

      I would impose huge taxes on any company which employed computers to answer their telephones, with an automatic doubling for every layer of computers answering!

      I would ban, by law and under pain of death, all use of people for whom English is not their first language from having any customer service responsibilities whatsoever.

    21. Great White Rat says:

      The problem with an exercise like this is that what you want to do is severely limited by what you can do – the old checks-and-balances thing. I’m reading some good ideas here that had zero chance of ever being enacted with the last Congress, much less with the new one. With that in mind, I think Severian had the right idea – what would I do if I were dictator. So that’s how I’m approaching this. Of course, everyone knows laboratory white rats don’t settle for just being president…we want to take over the WORLD!! (Don’t make me come over there and hurt you, Pinky…) :d

      On to the serious topics then:

      The judiciary: This is very important. Nominate a strict constructionist to every single vacant federal judgeship. If the Senate won’t confirm them, make recess appointments and keep making them until the Senate gets the point.

      Iraq: Go after the militias. No more nonsense about restricted ROE. Give Mookie al-Sadr and others like him 48 hours to disband his thugs, or else he gets a one-way ticket to visit with Saddam. Pacification should then be much easier, which means the Iraqi government can assume control more quickly. And we do get a permanent base or two there – sort of a Middle Eastern Gitmo. Make the so-called ‘insurgents’ a lot more worried about us than we are about them.

      Syria: Apply pressue directly. Leslie has a good point here. Assad is far from the most stable dictator in the area; make it clear to him that can take after Saddam Hussein or he can take after Muammar Khadaffi, and he will get no second chances. His first task will be to close the Iraqi border to terrorists and their supplies. NOW.

      Iran: Open the financial spigots to the internal resistance. As Sanity noted, there is a sizable opposition there. Fund them, help them. Give Ahmadinejad a few things in his own back yard to worry about for a change. Then, covertly work with Mossad to locate an destroy the Iranian nuke program, pronto.

      Terrorism in general: Quietly pass the word to the islamofascist groups that we know they don’t worry about dying themselves – but if they don’t put an immediate halt to their activities, something really bad might accidentally happen to wipe out Mecca. That might be something they do care about.

      Illegal immigration: Empower state and local police forces to enforce the immigration laws everywhere. Beef up the border patrols, use technology to assist in patrolling, and then build the fence as soon as possible. Fine companies that knowingly hire illegals – make it hurt. Any illegal caught gets sent back and the bill for the airfare comes from whatever he owns.

      Gitmo: Get tougher. Make this a prison, not a country club. The idea of terrorists lounging around getting fat is an outrage. Back to basic prison food – no special islamic diets. You talk, you get treated better. You abuse a guard, you go to the hole with no Koran or prayer rug.

      UN: If John Bolton could be persuaded to return, that would be a great first step. Then you make clear to the UN that they need to clean up the corruption. There’s a decent chance the new Secretary-General might be agreeable there. If they don’t, let them finance their malfeasance with someone else’s money. And in someone else’s country. I suggest the Sudan.

      Other international: Reward and support our friends and give the back of our hand to those who are not friends. Bush has already said that in the WOT, you’re either with us or against us. Let’s start applying that. Let’s see how many Americans still want to buy Fwench wines when we slap a 150% tarrif on them.

      Domestically: Extend and enlarge the current tax cuts to further spur the economy. Freeze entitlement programs – for now. We’ll get around to cutting them back later. Scrap the current tax code and go to a flat tax. I’m also not opposed to a consumption tax. Start drilling in ANWAR as soon as we can get the equipment up there, and reduce the impediments to building new refineries or nuclear plants. Make energy independence a goal. Veto any bill with wasteful earmarks.

      Political opposition: Play hardball. Use some of the guideposts from the Clinton administration – despite all he did wrong, Clinton was a master of keeping his own people in line. Get full control of my own party leadership, and tolerate no disloyalty. That means all positions, especially the ones that control funding campaigns. RINOs get no funds, period. Don’t be neutral in primaries…if a solid conservative is facing a RINO incumbent, at the very least cut off funds from the candidate who isn’t supporting me.

      The media: Conduct a press offensive. Publicize the good things – the economy, for example – at every opportunity. Channel interviews with administration officials to real journalists, not cheerleaders for the other side. It would be a cold day in Saddam’s new home before David Gregory, for example, got any face time with anyone working for me.

      I’ll have to think about what I’d do in my second day in office….

    22. Severian says:

      One thing I’d do is up the recruitment of Arabic speaking and looking special forces, and even if the Democrat controlled Congress hamstrings our efforts in the War on Terror, I’d use them to spread anti-government insurgencies in Iran and Syria. Two can play at the car bomb game, but instead of random attacks on mass civilians, Iran and Syria have lots of vulnerable targets, particularly Iran with their limited refining capacity. Start showing that their own government is weak and can’t control events in the country or insure a steady supply of fuel, and see how the Mad Mullah’s handle that.