We hear a lot about the bad news in Iraq …

… now it’s time for some good news.

Bill Crawford from the All Things Conservative blog has a lengthy piece up at National Review on positive developments in Iraq. Make sure to read it all.


Speaking of Iraq, NRO’s posted a symposium on Bush’s speech. Check it out here. Additional commentary can be found here and here.


Former US Ambassador to Sudan Tim Carney has been asked by Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to be the reconstruction coordinator for Iraq, according to the Washington Post. Michael Rubin provides some background on Carney here and here and is skeptical on Carney being the right man for the job.


The Post gleefully reports this morning that “most” Americans are opposed to Bush’s plan. The NYT joins in the bashing with their story headlined Promising Troops Where They Aren’t Really Wanted.


Captain Ed notes a flip flop on Republican presidential contender Senator Sam Brownback’s position on sending more troops to Iraq. Shame shame, Senator.


Bryan Preston and Michelle Malkin are in Iraq and have photos and commentary to share on what they’ve learned and seen so far here and here. Bill at INDC is also in Iraq (Fallujah, specifically) and reports back on what he’s seeing here and here. All of those pieces should be considered must-reads.

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