Tucker Carlson overreacts?

The Washington Post has a blurb today about a blogger who was fired from his job at a video store because Tucker Carlson felt his family was threatened over something the blogger wrote on his blog about him. The Post left out part of the post (deliberately?) but Patterico has the link and text to what the offending post said, and I have to say I agree with the video store manager who fired the blogger.

The blogger wasn’t just criticizing Carlson – he was bragging about knowing Carlson’s address, and what he thought would be ‘awesome’ to send to his house.

Joe Gandelman wrongly portrays this as a “David and Goliath” situation because the blogger not only lost his job but is saying that Carlson has sent ‘lawyers’ to his house, something Carlson denies by saying he doesn’t even have a lawyer.

I wonder how Gandelman, a blogger I respect, would have reacted had what the blogger written been about him and his family, rather than Carlson’s? Still David and Goliath? Would he have still added the blogger to his blogroll, as he apparently did today?

Hat tip: James Joyner

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