Weekend open thread – make your NFL playoff game predictions here!

**Bumping to the top, with newer posts below – let’s see some more predictions! :) **

Here’s the Sunday game schedule.

Who will win this Sunday, and who will take it all?

I know who I’ll have my eyes on this weekend:

ST caption: It might look cold with all the snow
in that pic, but Tom Brady is smokin’ hot! :D

(Originally posted 1/19/07 at 7:22 PM)

New Fox News promos

I swear, you’ve gotta love Fox News! Check out these two new promos they’ve done for their news channel:

Promo 1
Promo 2

Haven’t heard the howls of outrage from the usual suspects, but it’s probably only a matter of time before they take out their anger on the only network out there which has spoiled the left’s monopoly on the MSM (which is why they hate Fox in the first place, not because they’re interested in ‘balance’, as they’d like you to believe).

Speaking of news networks, Dan Riehl was on CNN’s Reliable Sources this morning where Howie Kurtz of the Washington Post grilled him and Nutroots blogger Mike Stalker Stark on the controversy surrounding KSFO’s Melanie Morgan and other members of her radio program for comments that Stark laughingly acts as though they “offended” him and other far lefties. I hope Hot Air will have video of that today – if so, I’ll post a link to it.

Update: Here’s the video (hat tip: Allah):