Weekend open thread – make your NFL playoff game predictions here!

Posted by: ST on January 21, 2007 at 12:43 pm

**Bumping to the top, with newer posts below – let’s see some more predictions! :) **

Here’s the Sunday game schedule.

Who will win this Sunday, and who will take it all?

I know who I’ll have my eyes on this weekend:

ST caption: It might look cold with all the snow
in that pic, but Tom Brady is smokin’ hot! :D

(Originally posted 1/19/07 at 7:22 PM)

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    1. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      AFC Championship: Colts down Patriots. Monday headline in the New York Times: Patriots: Real Target Of ‘Patriot Act’?

      NFC Championship: Bears beat Saints. Hizzonah Ray Nagin calls for a Congressional investigation. Rev. Al Gore questions whether all points scored by New Orleans were actually counted.

      Super Bowl: Colts defeat Bears. PETA sues the NFL, calls for an end to professional sports teams named after animals.

      In Dallas: Tuna out, T.O. in.

    2. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      BTW ST: My Cowbags come to your neighborhood to play your Cats next football season. Again (I think this is 3 years in a row).

      Shall we agree to be mortal enemies, at least for 3.5 hours, on that fateful day?

    3. T-Bone says:

      AFC Championship: Pats once again crush Mannings’ dream, and legacy, for another trip the Superbowl.

      NFC: Saints go marching to Miami and seal Rex Grossman’s fate as lifetime backup QB.

      Superbowl: As much of an incredible storyline the N.O. Saints have been this year, their run comes to an end at the Superbowl. Pats 24-21!!

      (Full disclosure – I am a Pats fan!!!)

    4. G Monster says:

      T-Bone? Is this George Castanza?

    5. LOL MD – sure! I may even liveblog the game just for the hell of it :p ;;)

    6. Mwalimu Daudi says:

      It’s war, then, ST.



    7. geezer says:

      Been hoping for a Bears win if only to stem “Katrina fatigue.” Now that the Mets’ AAA team is down in N’Orleans, I find myself backsliding quickly.

      ST, Football has no place for sexiness, other than the cheerleaders. When will you liberated women stop objectifying these poor players with your fantasies, which detracts from their image of savage warriors?

      Bears 24 – Saints 20
      Colts 30 – Pats 20

      So, shoot me: I like even numbers.

    8. Great White Rat says:

      I’ve disliked the Patriots ever since they changed their logo from the original Boston Patriots logo (displayed on this page) for the current one. The first time I saw that logo, I thought, geez, they used John Kerry as the model for it. Go ahead, go look at the logo on Brady’s shoulder above, and tell me you don’t see a little bit of Lurch there.

      Just based on that, I’m pulling for the Colts.

      As for the NFC, I don’t care, now that the Cowboys are out.

    9. Marshall Art says:

      Don’t believe a Bear loss will result in permanent backup status for Grossman. For all intents and purposes, he’s still a rookie.

      Can’t make predictions. Still realing from last week’s Bear loss. So nice of Seattle to pretend we won. Will need far better effort against Saints. Saints need to lose. New Orleans needs to move further north instead of rebuilding.

      Another love fest which needs to stop is the one for Manning. But then, Brady’s got one going as well. After what I felt was a surprising victory over Chargers, (didn’t see the game) I still don’t see either AFC team as dominating. If Saints beat my Bears, they’ll win the big one. There. That’s kinda like a prediction. Oh. And I don’t bet on the Bears ever, particularly this year with their Jekyl and Hyde antics.

    10. T-Bone says:

      GWR, come on, to say the new logo was designed after the Poodle is a little paranoid don’t ya think?? Since it came out long before sKerry was in the mainstream. It is, however, very errie I’ll give you that…LOL Also reminds me of Bill Cohwer of the Steelers…maybe scarier…LOL

      MA, I agree he may “for all intents and purposes” still b a rookie but, he is a rookie that has shown he can’t handle the job. True rookies have shown that they can…Vince Young…Matt Lienart. And they haven’t had years of study or practice. Also, Phillip Rivers was essentially a rookie this year as well and had a better record than “Da Bears” even without the same defense or the weak division Chicago played in. I like Grossman but, he is not an an NFL QB!!!

    11. steveegg says:

      I couldn’t be more underwhelmed with the conference championships. On the NFC side, you have the LeftStream Media darlings going against a team I absolutely despise as a Cheddarhead. Over in the AFC, you have the Dolts and the team that seems to win every year and that has become arrogant with that expectation.

      Now, should I take who would win in a pre-NBC NFL, or in one taking its cues from NBC? Ah, screw it; they don’t have the Super Bowl this year….

      Saints at Bears – The forecast says it all – 3-5″ of snow and 31 degrees with what little wind going essentially cross-field. Scat-backs do not do well in the snow (see Sanders, Barry). Bears 21, Saints 17. CBS is deeply saddened they don’t get to do one more Bush-bash using the ‘Aints.

      Patriots at Colts – There’s no weather to save Tom Brady and company this year. However, you have the biggest playoff loser this side of Marv Levy on the other side of the field. The coin says Dolts in a shootout, 52-49 as Vinateri puts the dagger in his old team.

    12. Carl says:

      Frankly as a lifelong Saints fan I would love to see them win Sunday against the Bears. If it doesn’t happen, I know longtime diehard fans like me will remember this season very, very fondly. New Orleans singer/composer Paul Soniat sent me a cool mp3 he made a capella called “Who Dat National Anthem.” One part of it goes “Forty years of frustration/Built the who dat nation

      I’m a proud member of the Who Dat Nation.

      And if the Saints defy all the naysayers and actually win the Super Bowl in Miami, the reaction in and around the “Crescent City” will be similar to when the Red Sox won the World Series but ramped up by a factor of 100.

    13. Chris says:

      He may not win every time, but in the long run, you win more money than you lose betting on Brady to lead the Pats to victory. Especially if it is a big game. Closest thing to Joe Montana since the incredible 49er runs in the 80’s.

      Bears like to give up too many yards and points in big games. I don’t think Rex can out point the Saints. Look for New Orleans vs. New England in the big game.

    14. Carter says:

      Who dat gonna beat them Saints?

    15. Chris says:

      Got me there Carter. Wow Chicago really shut them down. From the moment that Reggie Bush hot dogged it into the end zone (forgive him, he’s a rookie), Chicago dominated. It was like that showboating ticked off Chicago and woke them up. Currently Brady and Manning are battling it out. Going to be a good game.

    16. Kevin says:

      I live in La, and went to the store an hour ago. Here’s what I heard:

      Those f#^%& Saints. It’s just like the old f$^^# Saints. Five f#*^! fumbles. What the @#%^&$? And a f$&@@ safety! $^&#!

      I didn’t know the guy, but shared his sentiments, though slightly less swear-ridden in my mind. To quote the queen, we are not amused.

    17. Chris says:

      Wow, the Pats Colts game just ended. Wow. Shows what I know and why I don’t bet football. Manning did a great job at the end. Here’s hoping he wins the Super Bowl. Still, a great game.

    18. Marshall Art says:

      Grossman’s a gunner, T-Bone somewhat similar to a young Favre (take it easy, cheeseheads. I said “somewhat”). As such, when he’s bad, he’s gonna be awful. But still, he’s more rookie than vet and more upside potential than down. I think you’ll see this guy improve every year and as long as he doesn’t get injured, he could be a big-time QB. In any case, as of this post, he da man in the NFC and if he doesn’t force anything, he’s stay clean.

      Couldn’t decide who I wanted da Bearss to face in the Bowl. The Pat corners were very impressive in their loss to the Colts. That wouldn’t have been a good thing for Grossman. But as a buddy said to me today, it’ll be sweet to prevent Manning from winning the Bowl.

    19. Ryan says:

      We’ll see about Grossman. At 26 he does compare to Favre did early in his career, but a 23-year old Brett. By 26 Favre was approaching 15,000 yards passing and had thrown over 100 TDs. The next two years will make or break him.

    20. G Monster says:

      Mwalimu Daudi…It looks like your game predictions came true. Bears beat Saints, and Colts beat the Patriots. You also have Colts over Bears in the Superbowl. If you nail that, I’m a believer.

      I’m going to try one up you, and pick next year’s SuperBowl Champion. I’ll pick the Raider’s in ’08, yes the Raider’s to win it all. With more than 365 days to go, and the Raider’s terrible season this year I’d say it’s a long shot, but I’m going with it.

    21. camojack says:

      I guess you can take your eyes off of him, now… :-"

    22. Congrats to those whose predictions were correct ;)

    23. Baklava says:

      I predicted that the Redskins were going to win their 4th SuperBowl because Joe Gibbs was back. Boy was I wrong. :((

    24. Marshall Art says:

      Don’t forget two years of injuries. Favre didn’t have that working against him. That puts Grossman behind the curve. But before you think me queer for the guy, know that I understand that too often he has been “Wrecks” Grossman.