Kerry decides he won’t run for president – and other Senate news

Posted by: ST on January 24, 2007 at 2:13 pm

I’m sure Democrats everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief over the news that Mr. Unlikeable has decided not to make another run for the Oval Office.

Hat tip: ST reader sanity

More: The Senate Foreign Relations Committee voted 12-9 in opposition of Bush’s ‘surge’ plan. (Hat tip: Allah)

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    1. benning says:

      And we all greet sKerry’s pronouncements with a huge yawn.

      So the Dems oppose the surge? Well, unless they stop pretending that the US military is an arm of the Department of Welfare, they may well be kneeling to the Izlamofascists mighty soon.

      Put the troops on the ground, give ’em whatever they ask for, and turn them loose. No more constraints. No more liberal silliness. War means killing. Make it so in the Middle East.

      Gad! Makes me sound bloodthirsty. But I’m tired of Americans dying because the rules say they can’t be mean to the enemy.

    2. NC Cop says:

      Benning you’re not bloodthirsty, you are absolutely RIGHT!!
      I e-mailed some of my buddies over there and they told me that the new unit they are working with aren’t allowed to load their weapons when they leave their base!! Their Lt. is afraid of an incident so they can’t even load their weapons until the Lt. says so! Can you belive that? I hope these new rules of engagement let the soldiers do what they are trained to do…FIGHT!!!

    3. Tom says:


      Poor Lurch. I was kinda’ hoping to see Crazy Te-ha-rayza one more time.

    4. sanity says:

      That is rediculous NC.

      No wonder some soldiers think Lts can’t find their ass even if they had a compass and neon arrows.

      I understand the need to not want ‘incidents’ to happen, but for cryin’ out loud, these guys are in a war zone, what happens if the enemy infiltrates the base?

      It is also why M16’s have safeties and any soldier who doesn’t know what or how to use it should not have the weapon in the first place. I was a former Army Armourer.

      We used to do ‘alerts’ where we would be locked and loaded on the perimeter on the base in Korea. Really sucked when you were off duty and they would spring an alert on you without notice and you been drinking….


      At age 20 while in Korea, I could probably drink most normal men back in America under the table. Got back from Korea and met up with a buddy who just got back from Turkey and we sat down and went through 30 pitchers of beer.


    5. Severian says:

      The three most frightening words in the world, when a Lt. says “in my experience.”

    6. TedintheShed says:

      Kerry who?

    7. sanity says:

      Dangit, that was suppose to be 13 not 30.

      went through 30 pitchers of beer.

    8. Severian says:

      I guess Te-ha-rayza decided she didn’t want him to run, and threatened to cut off his allowance. Either that, or Hilary and the DNC put a horses head in his bed warning him off. Too bad in a way, watching him bumble and stumble around had a certain comic value.

    9. Severian says:

      Dangit, that was suppose to be 13 not 30.

      Still impressive sanity, but you’ve been demoted from demi-god status in my eyes with that admission…:d

    10. Severian says:

      There used to be a place I knew that had an “Around the World in 50 Beers” club. I did it with a friend in 3 and a half days and that was tough, one guy did it in two sittings, 36 beers the 1st, 14 the second. He was looked upon as a god! :)

    11. Tom TB says:

      I miss them already; those accents, the inability to connect with the common man, yet the insistence to speak for all of us! Sniff! sniff! Hey, which one of their five digs are they sleeping in tonight?

    12. camojack says:

      Hillary for runner-up: 3:-o

    13. benning says:

      I have an uncle who did two tours in ‘Nam. For the life of me I can’t recall what it was he was doing – other than being in the Army, and he may have been Airborne – but he told us of how, flying over in his helicopter, they could find NVA, or Cong, traipsing along jungle trails. But they were not permitted to open fire. Permission had to come from “up the line” somewhere, by which time the bad guys were long gone. My uncle went career, but I don’t think he was ever impressed with “rules of engagement” as they existed in ‘Nam.

      He’s at least 60 now, long retired from the service, and he just signed up to go to Iraq. Support, I guess. He’s still in better physical shape than I have ever been in!

    14. PCD says:


      I’ll nominate you for Honorary Alumnus of Snow Hall at the University of Idaho. We had a little annual contest called the “20 in 8”. 20 full sized Real beers in 8 hours or less. You couldn’t drink Coors. Winners were usually in the 3 to 4 hour range.

      Oddly enough, our usual Everclear drinkers never finished highly in the contest.

      I could have made a small fortune (for a poor college student) if I had filled my foot locker with PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon beer) instead of my belongings when I went to school from home.

    15. sanity says:

      My drinking days are long since passed.

      That was, what, 16 years ago? Hmmm, 16 years since I was in the Army. I never sat down and thought about that. There are times I miss it. (not the drinking)

      I wish I could get my hands on some Soju (my guess it was equivalent to everclear). I could definately do some major damage to some of these peopel who think they can drink. We used to get guys come over to Korea and think, hell I can drink that, I drink 151 proof without a problem and after two drinks we are carrying them back across to the base.

      It was fabled to be, that Soju was 60% alcohol and 40% formaldehyde. The running joke was you get bombed and embalmed at the same time. Scary thing was the Korean cab drivers drank soju like water……

      You want to know Soju, this write up has what the Soju experience is down to a T: Link

      The ‘four stages of soju’: (1) you are handsome; (2) you are rich; (3) you are powerful; (4) you are invisible!