“Terror-Free Oil”?

Posted by: ST on January 24, 2007 at 3:32 pm

An interesting idea.

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    1. libertarian observer says:

      I’m completely on board… and yes: I’d drive out of my way to buy “terror-free” oil.

    2. steveegg says:

      It’s a nice gesture, but one that ultimately doesn’t work for a couple reasons:

      – About the only countries where Terror Free Oil can get its oil are the US and Canada.

      – Because of the realities of oil distillation and transportation, there is no way Terror Free Oil can keep its non-Middle East oil separated from other companies’ Middle East oil.

    3. Severian says:

      I really wish this was possible, but from everything I’ve read, steveegg is right, it’s all but impossible to separate the oil and what gas is made from it. But given my luck, as sure as I bought gas there I’d find out that all their oil came from Venezuela, which is hardly any better. Kuwait is a better friend to the US than Venezuela is.

    4. camojack says:

      Did you hear (Venezuela’s) CITGO is changing their name, due to lost revenues here? =))

    5. Severian says:

      Didn’t a lot of 7-11’s just decide, not long ago, to dump CITGO in favor of another fuel provider because of sales declines and the controversy surrounding CITGO?

    6. PCD says:

      Mobil was virtually run out of Iowa because people decided not to buy gas made from foreign oil.

      CITGO is crap gas to begin with. If I want mileage, I’ll buy about anything else, even Clark.

      How about this for “Terrorist Free Gasoline”, force our government to drop the bariers to companies from offering conversion kits to convert your car to run on E85, to drop the $1000 fee for a permit to make alcohol at home for motor fuel, and to drill for oil in the Gulf of Mexico, off of California, and in Alaska?

    7. Bill says:

      Perhaps it is not about keeping the oil
      separate in the refinery and just
      keeping the money separate for the
      transaction. It would be OK by me if
      the oil mixed but the money did not.

    8. Severian says:

      You hit it PCD. I just love the Democrat “plan” for energy independence. In order to stop our reliance on foreign oil, they want to ban drilling for oil in this country in FL and Alaska and prevent the building of more nuke power plants. How’s that again, I didn’t quite understand that..:-?

    9. Interesting, yes, but other than allowing one to stand up for his principles, pointless. Oil is fungible.