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Posted by: ST on January 26, 2007 at 10:28 pm

Want to show your opposition to the Republicans in the Senate who plan on siding with the Dems by voting to express their opposition to Bush’s surge plan? Dean Barnett explains exactly how you can do it.

Already aware of the pledge but just haven’t gotten around to signing it? Click here to do just that.

Lots of ‘signatures’ on there already, including one from yours truly.

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  • 6 Responses to “Sign the pledge”


    1. Melissa In Texas says:

      I too, have signed.
      We have to let these people know that we are watching them and are holding them accountable.:-w

      It is astounding how many signature have appeared just in the last 24 hours.

    2. sanity says:

      Add one for Michigan.

    3. karl says:

      and mine, plus i will be reposting this tomorrow

    4. Great White Rat says:

      One more added from NJ.

    5. geezer says:

      Woo-hoo! Delaware’s up to 53!