Disgraced Edwards blogger Amanda Marcotte resigns

Michelle Malkin has the details and a link roundup.

Marcotte and her faithful supporters are, of course, blaming this on “the right” and “Catholic activists” but in actuality she was a victim of her own hateful excesses and likely felt she couldn’t live up to Edwards’ expectations. Heck, Edwards had decided to keep Marcotte and the other blogger in this whole brouhaha (Melissa McEwan) after having a little heart to heart with them over things they’d said in the past on their blogs, so it’s not like she can say she was “forced out.” The gal chose to step down herself – and because of a choice she made today, even after Edwards told her she could still stay on the campaign, she’s blaming others for her decision.

What a fitting an end to this controversy and how typically liberal the explanation for her decision: It’s not MY fault I had to do it!

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