Promoting jihad at the expense of the state

Posted by: ST on February 28, 2007 at 8:10 pm

After reading this piece by Mike Adams on a Kent State University associate professor who also has a blog promoting and supporting jihad “in the name of OBL”, words simply fail me.

And before any of the Nutroots weigh in and tell me that Kent State “isn’t paying him to promote jihad” yes, I know this. But what he gets paid at Kent State apparently gives him the time and opportunity to actively promote death to the west.

There’s also this:

Although obsessed with the notion that America is being over-run by “Christian fascism,” he has affectionately referred to his students his “little Jihadists” and his “beloved Taliban.” In other words, he makes no bones about the fact that he works to indoctrinate, not educate, the children of the taxpayers of the State of Ohio.


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5 Responses to “Promoting jihad at the expense of the state”


  1. geezer says:

    Kent State has David Horowitz booked to speak when? Yup. I though so.

  2. Bachbone says:

    I wonder if all these leftists think everyone murdered in the World Trade Center buildings was a conservative. I also wonder what scarlet letter they will wear, if/when the Islamofascists start blowing up malls and restaurants here, so they will be spared. Someone should point out to them that their ‘elite’ classes are the first to be eliminated (AKA killed!) or sent to re-education camps by the very nutcases they so admire. Common sense has, indeed, become the uncommon sense in our society.

  3. PCD says:

    Hillary is coming to town this weekend. All the arrangements are still secret. The Democrats are protecting Hillary from close scrutiny, especially being protected from a person like me that would ask Hillary about this prof in an open meeting bevore the press.

    Oh, I forgot, the local political editor is just a Xerox machine for the Democrats. She wouldn’t ask a hard question if a gun was put to her head.

    I doubt the Democrats would let me near asking Hillary any real question.

  4. forest hunter says:

    PCD – Jack could get her to talk! I just wish he could get half of these morons on both sides to SHUT their cake holes!

  5. marc says:

    Looks like Professor Iamamericanandhatemyself has put in a kludgy redirect to a pro-military web site to cover his tracks.

    To see his moronic blog, go here – – and hit the Stop button on your browser as soon as the page loads.

    Don’t wait too long or you’ll be redirected to a site that actually has value.