Republicans take up collection to bring Nancy home

I LOL’d at this bit from the Washington Examiner:

Republicans on Capitol Hill jokingly took up a collection to bring her home.

“I never thought I’d say this, but I really wish Nancy Pelosi was back here in the Capitol,” a top GOP aide said.

In related news, the Nutroots are upset over some of CNN correspondent Suzanne Malveaux’s reporting about La Pelosi’s Mid-East “tour.” They apparently don’t like it that their queen is being scrutinized by one of their favorite networks.

And idiotic quote of the day goes to GOP Rep. Robert Aderholt of Alabama, who delivered this nugget re: his and two other Republicans’ visit to Syria:

Returning on Wednesday, the lawmakers said they made clear to Assad that they support Bush and were not representing the administration. But they said they felt it was important to keep open lines of communication.

“This is an area where we would disagree with the administration,” Aderholt said. “None of us in the Congress work for the president. We have to cast our own votes and ultimately answer to our own constituents. … I think there’s room that we can try to work with them as long as they know where we draw the line.”

That guy is about as dumb as a box of rocks, and anyone who would cotton to his naive attitude is not far behind. He may not “work for” the President but as a Republican, he’s supposed to try to work WITH the President, and on matters of foreign policy, when the US has cooled relations with Syria because, among other things, their president is a murderer who believes that the Jew-hating Hamas outfit is a ‘legitmate political organization’, and the Bush admin doesn’t want to resume normal relations with Syria until they straighten up some, idiots like Aderholt should understand why it’s better to honor the US’ stance towards Syria rather than blatantly defy it.

By the way, I wonder how many of Aderholt’s consituents pressed him to go to Syria?

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