Remaining charges in Duke lacrosse rape case to be dropped

Posted by: ST on April 11, 2007 at 3:06 pm

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Huge news from ABC:

April 10, 2007 — The office of North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper will announce that he is dismissing all charges against three Duke Lacrosse players, ABC News has learned from sources close to the case.


Special prosecutors from the Attorney General’s office took over the case after Durham District Attorney Mike Nifong recused himself in January, citing charges of unethical conduct filed against him by the North Carolina Bar. Since then, Jim Coman and Mary Winstead have examined the case from scratch, interviewing key witnesses and working through reams of evidence.

The reasons that will be cited for the dismissal are not yet known, though the case has been riddled with criticism and colored by controversy since its early months. Defense attorneys released documents showing the accuser changed key details of her story in the weeks and months after the alleged assault.

Legal analysts and forensic experts have criticized what they call a critically flawed photo identification lineup — a lineup that led to the identification and indictment of Evans, Finnerty, Seligmann. No DNA evidence was found matching any lacrosse players with samples from the rape kit, while DNA from unidentified men was found on the accuser’s body and clothing.

On Tuesday, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General confirmed to ABC News that his office had completed its investigation into the Duke lacrosse case. A press conference on the outcome of their inquiry is widely expected sometime this week, though members of that office have not yet revealed a date and time.

La Shawn Barber:

I hope Crystal Gail Mangum, the now-named stripper who lied/cried rape, pays for what she’s done. And gets some help.

Yep, and I’m hoping that the three accused players will sue the state and/or Mike Nifong for the hardships they’ve suffered since being falsely accused and made out to be guilty by Nifong himself in the early days of the ‘investigation.’ Because it’s my feeling that in this case, justice has not been served – for the real victims here: the three lacrosse players, whose names were dragged through the mud thanks to a lying stripper and a deceptive attorney who wanted to get re-elected even if it meant ruining three young lives in the process.

And speaking of Nifong, KC Johnson brings us up to speed on his ethics problems, those who naively stood by him, and some commentary from the family of one of the accused.

More: According to the gents at Powerline, the three accused have only raised money to pay for about 1/3rd of their $3 million in legal fees. If you’d like to help out, click here to find out how you can.

Update: Multiple news outlets are reporting that the NC Attorney General has announced he will hold a presser at 2:30 today.

PM Update I: The presser is ongoing now. Roy Cooper (the NC AG) says the state is dropping charges, and is condemning Nifong, saying there is no proof that a crime was committed. “Case shows consequences of enormous overreach by a prosecutor” …

Next week a ‘fact summary’ sheet will be listed detailing the contradictions in the accuser’s story and Nifong’s statements, essentially explaining in detail why the charges were dropped.

It’s hard for me to hear him right now on the MSNBC feed, but I think Cooper has proposed a new law that would allow an attorney to be removed from a case if it’s determined he/she have overstepped their bounds.

Cooper says that some of the attorneys who have worked on the case think that Mangum may actually really believe her various stories about what she alleges happened the night of the alleged ‘attack.’

Stand by from video of the presser from Hot Air.


Here’s the official statement issued by the NC AG.

Here’s a profile of the accuser, Crystal Mangum, and more on her via The Smoking Gun.

PM Update II: KC Johnson has posted the statements of Reade Seligmann and Collin Finnerty.

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  • 43 Responses to “Remaining charges in Duke lacrosse rape case to be dropped”


    1. omapian says:

      Soon we will hear the refrain “I believe the story is true — so disregard the evidence” that works for Dan Rather and other celebrity activists.

    2. ChefJeff says:

      Yep, and I’m hoping that the three accused players will sue the state and/or Mike Nifong for the hardships they’ve suffered

      They should also sue the school for their mishandling of the situation. The teachers and administration found them guilty without a trial.

    3. pjb says:


      Yep these teachers and staff of Duke sure show how educated they are when they don’t even get that here in USA you are presumed innoncent untill proven guilty.

      I think at the very least bare minimum, the city of Durham, the state of North Carolina should reimburse the legal fees. Duke University should be pay damages.

      Here is my list of folks that should be sued

      The Stripper
      The strippers employer
      Duke University,
      Each professor, and signature of “The Duke 88”
      DA Nifong,
      The City of Durham
      The Bar Association of North Carolina
      The State Of North Carolina

      Can there be some sort of legal action be taken against Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton? Will they pay for the damges incurred? Will they halt paying for the stripper, Crystal Gail Magnum’s education now that she is found to be a fraud?

    4. Tom TB says:

      I hope at least one of them graduates from Duke Law School and becomes a criminal defense lawyer!

    5. Leslie says:

      Well it was a long time coming, but once nifong resigned the outcome wasn’t in much doubt.


      More important than who the Duke students can sue (I’ve no idea), is that I very much doubt that the stripper can now sue the students.


      But that doesn’t mean she won’t try.


    6. sanity says:

      I hope Crystal Gail Mangum, the now-named stripper who lied/cried rape, pays for what she’s done. And gets some help.

      She will get the help she ‘needs’.

      Didn’t al sharpton, or jesse jackson (cant remember which one, they seem to be interchangeable in dragging race into everything) say no matter what the outcome they wil pay for her education fully?

      According to the gents at Powerline, the three accused have only raised money to pay for about 1/3rd of their $3 million in legal fees.

      With the case being dropped, the Prosecutor and the state should be liable for the fees – at least that is what I would make them do. Also, I think a civil suit against Nifong would help also, since he was intrumental in causing the case to continue to be drawn out with unethical and perhaps even illegal practices.

      Suethem for the recovery of the court costs and pain and suffering that this prosecutor put them through, especially since the case is being dropped – it wsan’t an acquittal, it was dropped.

    7. mahwah says:

      I’ll bet if Imus had called Ms. Mangum a ‘nappy headed ho’, there would have been little outcry , if at all. Of course, he wouldn’t have said that about her because the truth is rarely considered funny… I hope she is made to pay for the destruction she has caused to the young men on the Lacrosse team, but I doubt it will happen.

      Soon we will hear the refrain “I believe the story is true — so disregard the evidence” that works for Dan Rather and other celebrity activists.

      Comment by omapian @ 4/11/2007 – 9:29 am

      We already heard that last year from the ‘New’ Black Panthers that were patrolling the Duke Campus in an attempt to intimidate the student populus. We’ll be hearing it again from them, for sure.

    8. PCD says:

      Crystal Gail Mangum = Twana Brawley.

      The Duke 88 Professors are getting off scot-free, and they should be fired en masse.

    9. dogtown says:

      where is the offer for an apology to the students and their families. afterall, apology seems to be the big request from the black community to right all wrongs. Imus, etc.

    10. Patty says:

      I don’t believe for a minute that those guys are totally innocent of criminal behavior against the accuser. These guys were out of control that day, shouting racial slurs at people of color as they passed the house and sending an email stating what they were planning to do to the dancers once they arrived at the house (skin them…). Money and power can get you freedom, it’s a sin.

    11. PCD says:


      Facts are a dangerous things to agenda livs such as yourself. THERE WAS NO CASE. You would have been happy burning “witches” at the stake in Plymouth, wouldn’t you.

    12. NC Cop says:

      Just as I was about to post how some people will still accuse them of being guilty, along comes Patty. Although all the evidence has been discredited in one way or another, although the D.A.’s office realizes they have no case, although the accuser has been proven a liar, Patty still decides they are guilty.

      Why? Because, according to Patty, they were “out of control”, so they must have raped her. It makes perfect sense.

      I pray you do not get called for jury duty anytime soon, Patty, as your ignorance could very well send an innocent person to prison.

    13. Mark McClafferty says:

      Unfortunately for the African American community, Sharpton and Jackson lead by bad example and are only interested in their own gain and being in the media spotlight. This was instantly turned into a race issue by them when what supposedly took place was a crime against a woman. They should apologize to the Duke players and administrators personally for labeling them as biggots, then they can mouth off about Don Imus.

    14. David L says:

      I think as a minimum Cyrstal Gail Mangum, Mike NIfong the Gang of Eighty-Eight owe the entire Duke Lacross Team an apology.

    15. dave says:

      I want to know why Al Sharpton, Jesse jackson and all those other race hungry victim seekers were not on the stage with those young men denouncing what a black racist did to 3 white men.

      God forbid they should stand up for a wrongly accused white man. Just goes to show you how racist Jesse jackson, Al Sharpton. Always looking for an agenda to get on a soap box to to defend blacks but never once critizie a black person who outright lies.
      Do you really want to know whymore whites, asians, spanish dislike black leaders………..look at this case.

    16. Steve Pirkle says:

      What did they do? Probabaly something to irritate her, but it seems like it might be reverse racism to me!!!

    17. sanity says:

      There was a rape that occurred though, unfortuantely it was the rape of the 3 innocent young men’s rights, dignity and reputations, wrongfully accused and tried in the MEDIA and not in the courtroom with facts.

    18. Great White Rat says:


      Either you wrote a brilliant satire of the way the average liberal will view this, or you’re dangerously detatched from reality.

      Here’s the fact: as PCD says, there was no case. The so-called “victim” had more DNA in her than the average sperm bank, but, inconventiently, none from any of the Duke lacrosse players. You don’t send someone to jail for something they didn’t do. Or for acting “out of control”. Or for saying something stupid (if this last were the case, we could be sending the law over to arrest you right now).

      As for “money and power can get you freedom”, in this case you had the entire force of the Durham DA’s office, the collective power of the University (which prejudged the players to be guilty), the total backing of the so-called ‘civil rights advocates’, and the entire left-wing media….against three kids. I’d say in this case the “money and power” lost out to the truth.

      You’re not entirely wrong about money and power, though. There are loads of cases where money and power got the blatantly guilty off the hook. Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. Patrick Kennedy driving high at 3am. Bill Clinton violating the civil rights of another citizen. Hillary Clinton shredding Rose Law billing records. Sandy Berger stealing and destroying classified government records.

      Somehow, I don’t think those particular cases bother you, because to you, it’s probably all about the politics, and the truth be damned.

    19. sanity says:

      With the charges against the players dismissed, Nifong could face lawsuits from the players and their families on slander and civil rights violations, local attorneys said.

      Prosecutors have absolute immunity for actions taken in the course of their duties. But the immunity becomes more limited for actions taken outside their duties, which could include Nifong’s statements to the media before any of the players was indicted.

      “It sounds like the parents and the families are pretty interested in pursuing a civil lawsuit, and I would expect one to be forthcoming,” said attorney Carlos Mahoney, who isn’t connected with the case.

      The players and their families also could sue the city of Durham if they could prove any negligence by police in the investigation, attorneys said. But they said they knew of no grounds for any possible suits against Duke.


    20. Patty says:

      Dave, the reason they weren’t there (and I hope they’ll never come forth ever with an apology) is because they do not believe that they’re innocent, and neither do I. I know corruption when I see it. Great White Rat, their DNA was found on her and in the area that she said she was attacked. Sperm on the towels. You go right ahead and believe the media, what they report. They truly know how to control the masses and they’re thinking. Brainwashing at its best. People in power wanted these boys free.

    21. Kimberly says:

      Brainwashing at its best.

      I agree completely, Patty.

      Oh, wait…you were talking about yourself, right?

      One of the many, many, MANY blessings of AG Cooper’s statements is that it leaves no wiggle room. It is 100% clear that anyone who continues to believe that a crime occurred, much less a crime in which these three students were involved, is simply living in a fantasy world.

      I can’t pretend to know whether people like Patty don’t understand forensics, don’t understand criminal law, don’t understand human nature, or are just receiving signals from outer space, but there isn’t any room for debate. Anyone who doesn’t understand that it has now been definitely established that this entire case was a hoax is simply refusing to accept reality. I can only hope they’ll soon tire of their bleatings about this case and move on to a more believable lie, such as insisting that the earth is flat.

    22. stackja says:

      The left is always right. The right is always wrong. Black is always good. White is always bad. The earth is flat. Pigs fly.

    23. Drewsmom says:

      Since sharpton and jackson have finished ruining Imus I guess they will come out now with outrage that these bogus charges have been dropped.
      I hope nifong gets disbarred and those professors who signed the petition agaist these innocent kids get the boot, but since they are tenured I ain’t holding my breath … ward churchill didn’t get the boot so I guess they are off the hook also. Makes me want to gag. !!![-(

    24. marc says:

      The CBS interview with Reade Seligmann’s parents from yesterday is available here:


      These are two bright, articulate, outraged, and right people. Wow.

    25. PCD says:


      You along with Sharpton and Jackson are a race hustler. Again, the facts of the case mean nothing as long as you have a podium to scream racism.

      It is pretty sick and perverted for you, Jesse, Al, and the 88 professors to go off on a jihad against the team for something that DID NOT HAPPEN. Can you wrap your head around the fact that this dancer was a “ho” and psychotic?

    26. Baklava says:

      Patty shows God powers by saying, “Dave, the reason they weren’t there (and I hope they’ll never come forth ever with an apology) is because they do not believe that they’re innocent,

      We here see this time and time from leftists. They profess to know what is other people’s minds with statements about what others believe or think. Leftists SHOULD stick to FACTS so there can be a discussion about what facts really exist or there is no evidence of.

      ALL of the Lacrosse players submitted their DNA and none of the semen on the lying woman came from ANY of the lacrosse players. Additionally, there was photographic evidence that exonerated the players and contradictory statements from herself and even from her friend that was with her.

      This has ALL been discussed on conservative fact oriented websites versus leftist hyperbole oriented websites. I converted from leftism in 1991 for one big fat reason. The facts are 95% in line with conservative rhetoric. Conservatives aren’t perfect and don’t always state truth but you can almost always guess that the liberal perspective is not based in truth on almost every issue.

      Patty wrote, “Great White Rat, their DNA was found on her and in the area that she said she was attacked.” Can you provide us ALL the link for that evidence? I’m thinking not. The evidence was found to exonerate them.

      Patty really turned perspective upside down with this statement, “People in power wanted these boys free.

      The people in power put forth bogus charges even with lack of evidence. They cancelled the season. They ruined the boys lives. Etc. There was only ONE person in power who stood up publicly and that was the girls lacrosse coach. She went against conventional wisdom and decried the treatment these boys were receiving and how the school administration was acting. She was then vilified by members of the press for doing so.

      /begin s
      I want you Patty to never have to endure false charges being leveled upon you. Like OJ for instance. All that he had to go through because of the people in power trying to get him. He was only successful in defending himself because he had money. His innocence finally came through and one day the real killers may be found.
      /end s

    27. NC Cop says:

      Patty probably believes O.J. was innocent too.=))

      Ignorance is such a dangerous thing. Try thinking for yourself once in a while, Patty, you might like it.

    28. Patty says:

      Race is not really the issue here, but it’s here once again. The real issue is that a woman was violated. We’ll agree to disagree. It was a little more than just “circumstantial evidence.”


    29. Severian says:

      And like liberals everywhere, Patty sulks away, no facts to present, whining that “we’ll agree to disagree” and nurses her wounds, with a terrible headache, vowing never again to talk to mean people who actually insist on facts instead of vague feelings. Dirty, evil conservatives anyway, poor poor ol’Patty.

      Just where in the hell do they find members of the surreal community like you Patty? Unfortunately we don’t have to turn over many rocks before people like you come crawling out like legions of maggots, with the exception that maggots actually have a useful function. 8-| Somewhere over the past few decades the ability, even the desire, to act like a reasonable, intelligent, properly serious and educated person has just evaporated. Maybe it’s the liberals running the schools, whatever, but idiocy, wishful thinking, and “feelings” have replaced decency, hard work, and a skeptical attitude. It’s truly as if the inmates are running the asylum. And people like Patty will continue to want to punish people for what they “think” they did. Nice, our republic is doomed.

    30. Ted says:

      I linked to your post from one of mine. Just wanted to give you a heads up.



    31. sanity says:

      Patty states:

      Race is not really the issue here, but it’s here once again. The real issue is that a woman was violated. We’ll agree to disagree. It was a little more than just “circumstantial evidence.”

      Your right Patty, there was little more than “circumstantial evidence” – there was nothing of these boys DNA on her at all.

      You say race is not really the issue, then tell that to the race baiters Sharpton and Jackson.

      Tell me this, woudl the uproar have been this much, would the media circus been this great, would Nifong done the same things, if it was a white girl claiming this against a group of black boys?

      You say it has nothing to do with race, but how this was covered; how this grandstanded through the media; how this was escalated; speculated on; and essentially guilty until proven innocent….was all about race and class.

      Even today, that is what people are saying:

      “It’s interesting that it comes at the time of the Duke rape case. The boys are off because the girl lied and she didn’t- wasn’t raped. However, it’s interesting to me that a little white boy’s club was in effect in the Duke University situation too. You have a bunch of white boys sitting around with black girls, coming in and stripping. Alright, they didn’t rape them, but-”
      – Behar from the View

      If it isn’t about race, then why the emphasis on white boy and black girl?

      Alright, they didn’t rape them, but-”

      I was waiting for the …but they are still guilty..

      See Behar can’t help make statements about race:

      BEHAR: Old white guys sitting around making comments about women.

      When talking about Imus also. Link

      Hi my name is Behar and I am a hypocrite:
      BEHAR: It doesn’t matter. It’s still a stripper. I don’t care about color. [crosstalk] Those are white boys. That’s a white boys club.

      So even though they have been proven innocent, even their idiot guest can;t help but feel, just because they were falsely accused, they were probably bad boys and done stuff like this before:

      Ah, but this is rich irony:

      BEHAR: You know what’s great about this show? You can hold two thoughts that are antithetical at the same time.

      McGOWAN: I actually hold both of those thoughts. It’s one or the other. I’ve argued with myself about it.

      They can hold 2 thoughts and argue with themselves.

      *rolls eyes*

      This is what American Culture has been reduced to.

    32. Bruce says:

      Message to young men out there….Don’t hire strippers for your private parties…..

    33. Great White Rat says:

      BEHAR: You know what’s great about this show? You can hold two thoughts that are antithetical at the same time.

      Which apparently is much easier than having a brain and thinking the issue through. At least in her case.

      You’ve got it right, sanity…American culture is being reduced to the celebration of mindlessness (exhibit A: the View) and preprogrammed reaction to certain stimuli (as in the Imus case).

      As for Patty, she’s completely lost it, I’m afraid. If this woman was ‘violated’, why didn’t she file charges against the people whose DNA was found in her? It’s not like there would be any shortage of candidates.

      No, the total lack of evidence and the constantly shifting stories lead me to believe she saw this as a quick payday: file charges, get the usual racial scam artists out to garner some publicity, and eventually get the accused to offer to buy her off just to make the whole thing go away. What she didn’t count on was (1) the case was so flimsy it didn’t stand up under even the most casual scrutiny, and (2) the defendants weren’t intimidated by the usual collection of liberal politicians, Marxist academics, and race-hustling charlatans.

    34. There’s a difference between the two cases, so go here and find out.

    35. forest hunter says:

      NC: Hope the Patty wagon has GPS.

    36. Sum Yung Gai says:

      Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson may have been race-baiting, but the mainstream media wasn’t. They were *feminist*-bating, which is actually what Patty was doing, too (“Race is not really the issue here, but it’s here once again. The real issue is that a woman was violated. We’ll agree to disagree. It was a little more than just “circumstantial evidence.”).

      I remember a false rape accusation by a white woman against a white man, both young university students, at my own alma mater. It was my first year there. She prints a story in the school newspaper talking about how he “date raped” her. The young man was immediately kicked out of the university, the police were hounding him and his family, the local news made a HUGE deal out of it, but that’s not all. Women’s groups pasted a “WANTED:” flyer, with his picture on it, on virtually every telephone pole, every billboard, in at least a five-mile radius from the university.

      Well, three weeks later, the white woman prints a retraction. Turns out that their entire meeting consisted of a 90-second “hi, how do you do, nice to meet you” encounter at a well-attended evening social function at the university. THAT’S IT. So, what were her reasons for printing the lie three weeks prior? I quote her: “to focus attention to the reality of date rape.”

      Meanwhile, this poor dude’s life was ruined. The university only *grudingly* re-admitted him, the local news media got suddenly silent (as did the women’s groups), and furthermore, the women’s groups didn’t even bother to take down their “WANTED:” flyers that they’d posted all around the city. I don’t know if the young man ever sued her or the university, as I transferred elsewhere after that.


      These days, I don’t date Americans. I tend to date foreigners; they don’t seem to be so hostile to men.