Miss USA heckled, booed at Miss Universe competition in Mexico City

Here’s the video of the crowd making a–es of themselves everytime Miss USA (Rachel Smith) was featured on stage:

Hot Air has more booing video.

Here’s the story:

Smith, 22, from Clarksville, Tenn., who was crowned Miss USA last March, was continuously jeered by the mostly Mexican audience during the pageant’s interview phase.

The pageant was won by Miss Japan, Riyo Mori, a 20-year-old dancer, marking only the second time her country has won the world beauty title.

Miss USA finished fifth.

Pageant owner Donald Trump downplayed the booing, saying it was aimed at American policies and not Smith.

“We believe it wasn’t Rachel being booed but the USA and some of our policies as a country,” pageant spokeswoman Lark-Marie Anton told FOXNews.com. “The booing was unfortunate, but Rachel represented the USA with style and grace. She was extremely dignified.

First, I feel badly for Smith for the fall that she took. Being in that competition has to put tremendous pressure on the contestants to get every little detail right. To fall like that not only in front of a hostile audience, but on national TV, had to be mortifying.

But what was worse than that was the crowd of jeering fans who made a—es out of themselves just like they did at a US World Cup qualifying game with the US played against Mexico back in 2004:

GUADALAJARA, Mexico β€” The jeers from the crowd of 60,000 and the chants of “Osama, Osama, Osama” quieted Tuesday night when Mexico took control of the Olympic qualifying game against the USA at Estadio Jalisco. The 4-0 victory eliminated the U.S. under-23 men’s soccer team from the Athens Games this summer.

“Since Mexico won convincingly, every fan walked out cheering,” U.S. goalkeeper D.J. Countess said Wednesday after training. “I’ve been hit with bags of urine, limes and batteries. There even was a dead chicken thrown on the field next to me in El Salvador, but since Mexico got the result they wanted, there wasn’t much of that.

“I’m sure if we would have won the game, there would have been a lot of stuff thrown at us and a lot of chants.”

In the teams’ meeting here last May, the crowd pelted the U.S. players with beer bottles, batteries and racial epithets, causing the U.S. Soccer Federation to send an official letter of complaint to the Mexican federation.

Michelle Malkin has more on the recent history of native Mexicans heckling US competitors.

If Mexico is trying to garner any support/understanding/sympathy from people in America for their position on illegal immigration, they’ve picked the wrong way to go about trying to get it. This type of behavior is contemptible – there is simply no excuse for it, no rationalizing it. And if they honestly hate America that much, here’s a little not-so-friendly suggestion: They can keep their whiny juvenile behinds there and let us solve our own damn problems!

Hats off to Smith, who was as dignified as she could be considering what she had to put up with.

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