2005-2006 fiscal year: A banner year for Planned Parenthood

Abortions are up, and so are the profits, thanks – in part – to the American taxpayer:

(CNSNews.com) – Despite a drop in donations and the first fall in income from clinics in its history, the nation’s biggest abortion provider made a high profit last year, thanks to the American taxpayer. Pro-lifers want this to stop.

During its 2005-2006 fiscal year, the nonprofit Planned Parenthood Federation of America performed a record 264,943 abortions, attained a high profit of $55.8 million and received record taxpayer funding of $305.3 million.

According to its annual report, income is divided roughly into three major categories: clinic income (fees charged to customers at clinics); donations (gifts from corporations, foundations and individuals); and taxpayer money (grants and contracts from federal, state and local government).

For the year July 1, 2005, through June 30, 2006, Planned Parenthood received $345.1 million in clinic income, $305.3 million in taxpayer funding and $212.2 million in donations. Total income reached $902.8 million while total expenses came to $847.0 million, leaving a profit of $55.8 million.

Numerous calls to Planned Parenthood offices in both New York City and Washington, D.C., seeking comment for this article, were not returned, but a statement on the organization’s website says that the report “illustrates the achievements of an organization founded to prevent unintended pregnancy and protect women’s health and safety.”

If PP were so interested in ‘protecting women’s health’ and ‘preventing unintended pregnancy,’ then why don’t they promote abstinence as vigorously as they do abortion and ‘saving Roe v. Wade’? If you consider the fact that you can still get pregnant even if birth control is used, and you can still get a sexually transmitted disease even if protection is used, you’d think that would be paramount in their minds, right? Wrong. Take a close look at that fiscal year report, and scroll down to the last page. See what sites they make special mention of? Of course, their own, but also SaveRoe.com and TeenWire.com, a site known for ‘educating’ underaged kids and teens about sex using cartoons and ‘hip message boards.’ The SaveRoe site, BTW, has a link on the front page that – if you click on it – takes you to the “Wall of Protests” where foolish, naive, selfish women are protesting the recent USSC ruling on the partial birth abortion ban. None of those sites promote abstinence, but instead encourage women to have sex with whoever whenever.

“Women’s groups” like PP like to claim that they’re interested in promoting not only ‘safe sex’ but to keep it so that women, not the government, are always in control of their own bodies. Odd, that, because I don’t think a woman is ‘controlling’ herself if she’s sleeping around with the flavor of the month and then some. Is this supposed to be something for men and women alike to respect? This response I wrote back in October to a feminista’s faulty argument bears repeating, I think:

Think about it: If a woman respects her body, is she going to share it with just anyone? No self-respecting woman would. Sharing it over and over again – whether it be through sex, or revealing photos, or what have you – isn’t a sign of respect for your body, I don’t care how you spin it. Men don’t respect women who are fast and loose with their bodies, either. They might enjoy looking at them and, ahem, spending a little time with them, but they don’t enjoy coming home to them.

Feminists have always been fond of talking about how women should be empowered sexually, but in the process ignore where the real ‘sexual empowerment’ begins. It looks as though [Joan Z.] Shore realizes now, as I do, that the real ‘sexual power’ (if it should even be called that) was and always has been in the mystery of the female mind, body, and soul – and holding on to that mystery, not in literally and figuratively putting it out there on the table at drop of a hat.

Taking control of your body by telling yourself you’re not going to be fast and loose with it is a sure fire way to cut down on the possiblity that you are going to get a STD and/or get pregnant. Taking control of your body means not just saying “no” to the man who wants to sleep with you but saying “no” to your urge to throw caution to the wind. Yeah, sometimes the urge is strong to just say “yes” but we have to apply the same rule of thumb to sex as we do other aspects of our lives – like eating, for example. Who wouldn’t want to eat every brownie on that plate? Slurp down every last bit of that chocolate milkshake? If we give in to those temptations every time they are put in front of us, it’s not going to help us healthwise nor figurewise. So what do we do? If we’re concerned about our health and our looks, we say no more than we do yes to those things, because we know it’s better to not have much of it rather than too much. Why not apply that same rule to sex?

If you’re a diehard feminista reading this, look at it another way: Your supposed ‘goals’ throughout the feminist movement have been to level the playing field and have people respect and admire you for the work you do as they do men (I’ll play along with that argument for the purposes of discussion). Exactly how do you plan on garnering that respect when you act like the very men you have come down on so hard – men who, you claim, don’t respect women and who ‘can’t control their sexual urges’? Do you realize how hypocritical it is for you to claim to want the same respect and admiration when you don’t respect the opposite sex and can’t control your own urges?

It’s a sign of weakness to give in to every urge you have, and a sign of strength for you to show restraint. Want to show that you really are a strong woman in control of her body? You can do so by simply saying “no.” So many potential problems could be avoided just by saying that one little word.

It’s just that simple.

“Just say no!”

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