More on the BBC’s left wing bias

Last October, we read about executives and ‘star presenters’ within the BBC who admitted at an ‘impartiality summit’ that they were “dominated by trendy, Left-leaning liberals who are biased against Christianity and in favour of multiculturalism.” This didn’t really come as any surprise to any of us who monitor – even casually – some of the BBC’s news ‘reporting’ but nevertheless was refreshing to see come straight from the horse’s mouth.

Confirming that bias was a report, commissioned by the BBC itself. Via This Is London:

The BBC is out of touch with large swathes of the public and is guity of self-censoring subjects that the corporation finds unpalatable, an official report has claimed.

As part of the report’s research the BBC’s own controller of editorial policy admitted that people felt that the corporation was guilty of a “bias of omission” by not covering their views.

Authors of the report called on the corporation to be more “open-minded” in the views it reflects and warned against “bias of elimination” which it branded “offensive”.

The report noted that the BBC had “come late” to several important stories in recent years, including Euroscepticism and immigration , which as it happens, were “off limits” in terms of a liberal-minded comfort zone”.

Research for the 80-page report showed that viewers were “frustrated” by political correctness at the BBC and feel the corporation is dominated by a London-centric bias, reflected in its programmes, presenters and coverage.

The report, which was commissioned by the BBC and written by independent programme-maker John Bridcut, also warned that if the BBC’s viewers did not feel that the corporation was reflecting their lives and attitudes people would lose faith in it.

Their review hit out at programme-makers for misjudging where “cultural mainstream” opinion stood and for wanting to “swim” against popular opinion.

Staff were told to avoid imposing their own liberal assumptions on the audience and told to “embrace a broader range of opinion”.

In the report, a news and current affairs producer recalled an instance where he had proposed a Newsnight investigation into the subject of “abortion on demand” but had been accused of being “anti-abortion” for even suggesting the idea which was not pursued.

Roger Mosey, former head of television news at the BBC, now head of sport, is also quoted as saying the corporation displays “fairly overt support” for multiculturalism.

Check out many more links on the report via Biased BBC – whose motto should be “Disovering bias in the BBC, before discovering bias in the BBC was cool.”

What I wrote in my previous post on the BBC executives (among other media bigwigs) admitting bias is worth repeating again, I think:

Liberals here at home and liberals abroad who continue to deny there is a strong liberal bias in the mainstream media in the face of all these admissions to the contrary are doing nothing more than the customary burying of their heads in the sand (I call it HISS: Head In Sand Syndrome) when faced with facts they don’t want to hear. Non-media liberals who will admit to seeing the liberal bias, who say it’s no big deal should imagine a world filled with mainstream media outlets that were predominantly conservative, uninclusive of opposing viewpoints, while showing an insensitivity to liberal concerns. Then they’d understand why conservatives feel the way they do about the mainstream media today. Not only that, but maybe, just maybe, they’d realize what a sham a political party and a media, both of which claim a Γ’β‚¬Λœbig tent’ type of tolerance for all kinds of views, actually is.

Let’s see: We have liberal bias institutionalized not only in our mainstream media, but our colleges, too, and people wonder why conservatives so distrust the “big 3 networks” (plus a few more) and heap criticism on liberal college campuses? As they say, denial is a river …

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