Breaking News: Bush commutes Libby’s sentence

Posted by: ST on July 2, 2007 at 5:57 pm

Via Reuters:

WASHINGTON – President Bush Monday spared former vice presidential aide Lewis “Scooter” Libby from going to prison for 2 1/2 years for obstructing the CIA leak investigation, a White House official said.

The official said Bush “has commuted the prison sentence … leaving intact the probation and fines handed down by the court.”

“That means he is not going to jail,” the official said.

Here’s the President’s statement on the rationale behind the decision.

Earlier today, Libby had been denied by a federal appeals court to remain free on appeal.

The Nutroots who were out for Rovian blood in the pLamegate case (but settled for Libby’s instead after it was announced that Rove wouldn’t be indicted) won’t be too pleased to hear about this – nor, I’m sure, will Pat Fitzgerald and that liar Joe Wilson. Expect the usual foaming at the mouth and howls of outrage any second now.


More: Here’s CNN’s report on the news. They sound a little depressed. Awww.

Update: Don Surber wonders: Will there be a book deal for Libby?

And the blogosphere goes wild.

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  • 16 Responses to “Breaking News: Bush commutes Libby’s sentence”


    1. vatar says:

      Brilliant! I hadn’t considered that option. Now Libby can still have his appeal, which is sure to overturn the conviction, but still not go to jail. I was afraid that a pardon would take away the opportunity for appeal, which would mean that the injustice would never be corrected.

    2. G Monster says:

      I like the president’s decision. Everyone knows that this whole Valerie Plame leak wasn’t a leak, but a way for the dems to try and embarass George W. Bush, and Dickl Cheney. Armitage was the leaker, and the special prosecutor knew it all along.

    3. G Monster says:

      For comparisons on presidents and thier pardons, see the link below:


    4. vatar says:

      Clinton pardoned 16 convicted terrorists.

    5. G Monster says:

      The lib websites will come off the hinges. But they come off the hinges on a daily basis anyhow. I’m tempted to watch KO tonight to watch him come unglued, but I won’t.

    6. Drewsmom says:

      olbernut probably did go nuts as usual, he hates Bush with a passion but I did not catch him foaming about that when I switched when the commercial came on during O’Reilly Factor, mostly I switch to CNNN and was happy to see Glen Beck on, wonder where Paula was as this is her time slot.
      I’m gonna go over to the dark side blogs like move on and kos loons to check it out.=))=))=d>

    7. Drewsmom says:

      Hark, dan abrams over at msnbc is bitching about this now. He is such a jerk.:d

    8. TedintheShed says:

      Getting tired of the Clinton’s and the Libby’s getting off scott free.

    9. G Monster says:


    10. ruth says:

      President Bush could have given Libby a full pardon if he wanted to pander to the unapeaseables who will find fault with whatever he does. He did the right thing for Scooter Libby, undoubtedly after consultation with him and his team of attorneys and commuted the sentence before it could be carried out this week. His concern was for Libby, who will now be able to appeal his case and if that does not go in his favor, the President can then pardon him. I know that the blowhard talk show hosts will claim credit in the morning for the Bush decision but all options were considered long ago and did not just pop up to meet some current political issue. God bless President Bush.

    11. ashton says:

      Kudos to President Bush for commuting Libby’s sentence.
      The left leaning blogs were predictable,some on the right are complaining of not getting a full pardon.
      The only thing that matters is that
      Libby will not go to jail.

    12. Tango says:

      The left overplayed its hand once again. If they’d have been smart, they’d have settled for what they got. Now Libby is free to persue his appeal (in which the smart money says he’ll prevail). I’m not sure which was worse in this whole debacle: the sham trial itself, the jury (some of whom had their own agenda), or the judge (first handing out an absurd 30 month sentence and then denying Libby his freedom while the case was on appeal). Dubya did the right thing. **==

    13. Leslie says:

      Does this mean it’s over? Can we all go home now? I certainly hope so. I hope the next time I hear the name of Plame it will be as a “where are they now?” piece on some anniversary of something.

      Leslie out!