MSM runs with story about alleged beheadings in Iraq, but blogger Bob Owens finds out the story was false

This is an excellent piece of citizen journalism.

It goes right to the heart of what some of the complaints have been about regarding MSM reporting on what happens in Iraq: Some of their so-called ‘reliable sources’ are dubious at best, and in this case, corrections were made to reflect the error made but after a story is sensationalized (as the stories about the beheadings were, as McQ notes here) how many casual readers of the news look for the corrections that have been printed/published on these stories? And – obvious question here – why aren’t these ‘facts’ checked into a little deeper in the first place, which would cut down drastically on the misinformation?

Memo to the mediots: ‘Fact’ verification isn’t exactly rocket science, but it is part of your jobs. A big part.

Good work, Detective Bob.

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