Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL): We must censure Bush over the commutation of Libby’s sentence (MORE: READ LIST OF CLINTON PARDONS)

Larry Lipman at the Palm Beach Post has the details of the latest moonbat whining over Bush’s commuting of Scooter Libby’s sentence:

Rep. Robert Wexler says President Bush’s commutation of Scooter Libby’s prison sentence “is nothing short of (a) political quid pro quo, and Congress must go on record in strong opposition.” Wexler has drafted a resolution to censure Bush and plans to introduce it when Congress returns next Tuesday. A censure is a rare public reprimand but does not carry any other penalty.

House leaders could take the resolution directly to the floor, but that’s unlikely. More likely is that the resolution will be sent to the House Judiciary Committee of which Wexler is a member. Since this is a “sense of the House” resolution, it would not require Senate approval.

Wexler said Bush’s “intervention is an unconscionable abuse of authority by George W. Bush, and Congress must step forward and express the disgust that Americans rightfully feel toward this contemptible decision.

Read the whole thing, as it includes the text of Wexler’s ridiculous “resolution.”

Um, just how is a commuting of a sentence an “abuse of authority”? See, this is one of the things that irks me about Democrats: throwing out sensational accusations that they have to know are not true. It is not an abuse of authority for a president to commute a sentence. If it is, look how many presidents in history have been guilty of this “unconscionable abuse of authority.”

In the unlikely event that this clown is actually ignorant of past presidents and their commutation of sentences, I sure as hell hope some close to this guy takes sympathy on him and buys him a damn history book!

Oh, and get this: Rep. John “Reparations” Conyers has vowed a “full review” of presidential pardon power. While he’s at it, maybe he could launch a “full review” of the sanity of House Democrats, including himself.

The manufactured “outrage” over Bush’s decision is so massive that WH Press Secretary Tony Snow wrote an op/ed for the USA Today defending the decision.


Related: Tom Maguire catches several news outlets making a faulty comparison between Libby’s case and the case of convicted Army veteran Victor Rita. Read more about his case here.

More: Of course, now Bubba – in addition to Hillary – has gotten in on the act of explaining how his pardons and commutations were “different” than Bush’s.

I see the Clintons are still doing one of the things they’v all done well: Whitewash history and taking the American people for complete fools.

Update: Van Helsing from Moonbattery links up in the comments section to the list of Clinton pardons. Lots more in there beyond FALN and Marc Rich. And James Taranto at the WSJ looks back at some Clinton political pardons, like Clinton’s HUD secretary Henry Cisneros.

But nooo, no political considerations were made in any of those pardons, were they? LOL …

Also: Huh?

11 thoughts on “Rep. Robert Wexler (D-FL): We must censure Bush over the commutation of Libby’s sentence (MORE: READ LIST OF CLINTON PARDONS)

  1. Nostralus is just doing what he does best — being an absolute loon who finds nothing wrong with a dem doing what he says Bush did wrong, God but this party sux big time.:-@:-@

  2. Once again we see that it’s perfectly ok when a democrat does it, but it’s a major investigation when a Republican does it.

    The dems really have no shame.

  3. Of COURSE S(l)ick Willie’s pardons are different; other than family (and I’ll bet it was just a reduction on the price), he sold them.

  4. Someone needs to send Wexler the list of crimes Clinton pardoned. It includes just about everything short of murder. No wait, I don’t see faulty memory on there. Looks like Slick Willie’s pardons were different after all.

  5. Still, I don’t think Libby should have been convicted of anything. This was a politically motivated Kangaroo Court, investigating no crime at all.

    Libby was railroaded. Bush did the minimum he should have in the case.

  6. The Democrat Congress’s approval rating in the latest Rasmussen poll is down to 16% who say “good” or “excellent”.

    Which is exactly why the dems are desperate to keep some kind of made up “scandal” involving Bush in the headlines. They figure whatever they can do to make Bush look bad will make them look good. Apparently they are underestimating the American people.

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  8. The Democrat Congress’s approval rating in the latest Rasmussen poll is down to 16% who say “good” or “excellent”. That is a single point above the GOP-led Congress before the 2006 elections. Bush’s ratings are about twice that.

    Given these facts, perhaps Wexler should introduce a resolution to censure himself and his Democrat pals.

    I’ll second that, MD!

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