As much as I dislike the Daily Kos …

… and some of the repugnant stuff that is routinely posted there, I have to agree with The Corner’s David Freddoso, who writes this in response to one blogger’s filing of a FEC complaint against Kos:

The proprietor of this blog claims that he has filed an FEC complaint against Daily Kos. Supposedly, this won’t fly, based on earlier FEC rulings, but this is nonetheless an outrage against the First Amendment that every conservative should fight vigorously. Freedom of speech — especially political speech — is our God-given right, as the founding documents of our nation attest.

Granted, there is at least some wry amusement to be had in the fact that the liberals will someday bite their own rear ends with their unconstitutional, anti-free-speech campaign-finance-reform laws. In fact, this may be the only way to wake them up. But no good conservative can make a justification for using the power of government to silence political opponents.


The point here is that Kos directly advocates election of Democrats. Well, good for him. None of this is an argument for regulating Kos, but rather an argument for abolishing the silly campaign finance regime that that the Kos-krazies and their ilk have pushed on us for a generation now. Why should the federal government get involved at all if I’m advocating a particular candidate, or encouraging others to donate or vote in a particular way?

That’s a question that perhaps only Senator McCain could answer.

In any event, let’s also not forget that in addition to this being a free speech issue, it’s much better to stand by and watch your opponent show their true colors rather than forcing them – especially via the government – to hide behind a mask. Better the devil you know, than the one you don’t.

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