What is a “staunch Republican” to the Chicago Sun-Times?

One who overwhelmingly gives more to Democrats than Republicans, as Brit Hume explains:

Chicago Sun-Times columnist Jennifer Hunter is taking heat for a recent story headlined “GOP Lawyer Sold on Dems.” She wrote that after watching the top Democratic presidential candidates speak —one “staunch republican” lawyer said he will not vote for anyone from the GOP in 2008.

But federal election contribution records show the so-called “staunch republican” — Philadelphia attorney Jim Ronca — actually has contributed overwhelmingly to Democrats since 1994 — giving them more than $10,000 — to $1,250 for Republicans.

Hunter — who is married to the publisher of the Sun-Times — subsequently blamed the headline writer for emphasizing the Republican lawyer angle and critical readers for making the contributions an issue.

Here’s the piece in question. Patterico was on top of this story back when it was first published last week and has a link up to recent campaign contributions for Ronca.

Isn’t it telling how Hunter blames the headline writer when “staunch Republican” is nowhere in the headline? The article also notes that the lawyer is not just any lawyer, but a trial lawyer, which was a dead giveaway to eagle-eyed readers of the Sun-Times who know that trial lawyers are the bread and butter of the Democratic party.

This guy is about as staunch of a Republican as I am a staunch feminist.

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