Radical feminism gone haywire

Dan Riehl wonders: Are Some Radical Feminists Child Abusers?:

I’ve wrestled with making this post, based upon a tip. I have no real connection to the people involved on either side of the issue. But given that this is linked to a radical feminist the Lefty blogs, including Amanda Marcotte, Majikthise, Feministing and others raised up to suit their purposes, I wonder, has any of them considered that basically teaching a young man he is evil and destined to rape women simply because he was born with a penis might actually rise to the level of child abuse? If the Lefty feminist blogs know this person and know her mind and this is it, I hope some of them have had the decency to advise her to get some help.

Should a Mother post something like this below on the Internet, simply because her teenage son was caught looking at Internet pornography?

“(I) hate myself for not pouring him down the sink at Planned Parenthood or grabbing a rusty coathanger and doing the job myself even if it killed me.”

Or this and the other items below?

I’ve had him read Dworkin, my site, and other places (namely OAG’s site) and I still can’t unseat this problem. He can recite feminist literature all day long, he can understand the tenets, the ideas behind it, how it links together but he will not allow this knowledge to stand in the way of his porn use.

“I know, that as soon as my child leaves my home and moves into his own place that he will be looking at porn immediately. I know that I am raising a problem for women. I know that this child will one day grow and will fully absorb the messages that porn sends to men. I know that my child masturbates to degradation of my people (when I use that phrase I mean womyn) and that with every orgasm he will further solidify his own hatred of and superiority over, women.

“I know that there will likely come a day where my son coerces a young woman into sex (rape) and there isn’t a damned thing I can do about it. I look into the eyes of my son and they still sparkle like they did when he was a baby, but he’s not a baby anymore, he’s growing into a man and that man will have trained himself to degrade women before he leaves my home.


Read the whole thing.

This is what happens when you allow irrational hatred to control you. Essentially, you become that which you abhor. You whine for years about how men supposedly hate women, but then you turn into a hater yourself. It becomes even worse when you transfer that hatred to your children by using them as proxies for the object of your disgust.

These are the same types of people who would join marches on Washington if a prominent black or gay figure were to be severely maligned by a conservative in Congress. But in the radical feminist’s world, it’s “acceptable” to hate – as long as it’s a man you’re hating.

This is representative for an even bigger hypocrisy not just amongst radical feminist women, but against liberals on the whole: They’ll rip a conservative up one side and down the other for ‘broad brushing’ (no pun intended) an entire group of people – specifically “minorities” – but they have no problems whatsoever broad brushing the entire male gender. Oh, and they do the same thing with the military. But then again, the military is comprised primarily of alpha male men, so of course it’s only natural that the left would come down against them as well.

Can’t have any examples of strong, accomplished, upstanding alpha male men out there, because that would destroy the stereotype radical feminists and others in the Democratic party wildly embellished in order to use as an instrument of fear amongst fence-sitting almost-feminists and female voters in general, respectively.

Thur AM Update: Dr. Helen (91%) and Eugene Volokh (95%) both have taken the “Are you a feminist?” quiz. I took the quiz, too, and here are my results:

You Are 50% Feminist

You aren’t a total traditionalist when it comes to gender roles. But you’re no feminist either.
You generally think that women should be treated as equals, but you’re not convinced the world should be gender neutral.


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