Research fraud within the IPCC? And other ‘global warming’ news

As always, Noel Sheppard is all over the allegations of possible IPCC fraud (emphasis his):

At virtually the same time NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies was correcting historical climate data with the assistance of Climate Audit’s Steve McIntyre, a British mathematician discovered serious flaws in papers used and cited by the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in its most recent Assessment Report.

Douglas J. Keenan, a former Morgan Stanley arbitrageur and current independent mathematical researcher, identified “fabrications” in such studies that suggest a “marked lack of integrity in some important work on global warming that is relied upon by the IPCC” and that “the insignificance of urbanization effects on temperature measurements has not been established as reliably as the IPCC assessment report assumes.”

Here’s Keenan’s full report.

This shouldn’t exactly be a surprise, considering the IPCC’s ‘creative’ methodology for the preparation and publication of their reports. From Section 4.2 on “Reports Accepted by Working Groups and Reports prepared by the Task Force on National Greenhouse Gas Inventories”:

Changes (other than grammatical or minor editorial changes) made after acceptance by the Working Group or the Panel shall be those necessary to ensure consistency with the Summary for Policymakers or the Overview Chapter.

Interesting, eh? Translation: Anything that doesn’t mesh with the ‘consensus’ view after the ‘acceptance’ of the report by the working group or panel should be changed.

Noel Sheppard also writes about a recent paper composed by the Center for the Study of Carbon Dioxide & Global Change and published by the Science and Public Policy Institute, which indicates that temperatures in Greenland are declining rather than rising, contrary to what the ‘consensus’ says, and that glaciers are expanding rather than melting.

But shhh. Don’t tell any of this to the Goracle and his faithful followers.


There’s a rebellion of sorts going on in the Aussie gov’t over the alleged ‘man made’ link to global warming. The reports:

Four coalition backbenchers have questioned the link between human activity and global warming, saying Mars, Jupiter, Pluto and Neptune are also warming up.

In a dissenting chapter to a parliamentary report, Dennis Jensen, Jackie Kelly, Danna Vale and David Tollner labelled as fanatics those who believe humans are causing climate change.

Labor seized on the comments by the four MPs, saying they highlighted divisions in the coalition over climate change.


Labor ridiculed the MPs, with environment spokesman Peter Garrett asking Mr Howard which planet the backbenchers were on.

“On the planet inhabited by people who hate the Australian coal industry,” Mr Howard replied.

Mr Garrett said Mr Howard had given Dr Jensen a glowing endorsement as a research scientist while the MP was fighting off a preselection challenge for his Perth seat of Tangney.

“While the MPs are happy to accept claims about global warming on far-flung planets – ones that Australians can never hope to visit, much less live on – they continue to deny the very real evidence we see of climate change in our own backyards, such as more intense drought and extreme weather events,” Mr Garrett said later.

In their dissenting report, the four MPs said scientists had not proven the reasons for global warming, which was a recurring natural phenomenon “that has always been with us”.

“The science related to anthropogenic global warming is not, despite the assurances of some, settled in the scientific community,” they wrote.

“Another problem with the view that it is anthropogenic greenhouse gases that have caused warming is that warming has also been observed on Mars, Jupiter, Triton, Pluto, Neptune and others.

“It is the natural property of planets with fluid envelopes to have variability in climate. Thus, at any given time, we may expect about half the planets to be warming. This has nothing to do with human activities.”

The remarks were made in a report about carbon capture and storage, prepared by a parliamentary science and innovation committee.

Here’s more on how the True Believers in the Aussie gov’t are giving PM Howard major grief over his comments, as well as the comments of the four gw skeptics.


Lorne Gunter writes in todays National Post (Canada) about how global warming alarmists are trying to downplay NASA’s climate figures revision last week – due to a Y2K glitch, revisions which proved that five of the hottest years on record were before WWII, contrary to assertions made by an unknowing Goracle in his Academy Award winning movie An Inconvenient Truth.

Hat tip for the Sheppard links: ST reader Sev


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