My favorite time of the year

Today is the first official day of autumn, but you couldn’t tell it by the temperatures here in Charlotte, which currently register 87 degrees – and they are forecasting a high of 96.

In any event, the fall season is my favorite time of the year. It’s cooler, of course, and when the leaves change colors, the views here in NC can be spectacular. Nowhere is that more apparent than the famous Blue Ridge Parkway. The history of the Blue Ridge Parkway is interesting – you can read it here.

The BRP provides visitors of western NC a chance to view up close the Great Smoky Mountains, which is routinely listed at different travel websites as one of the top ten places to visit during the fall. Check out the current view from Look Rock, or the one from Purchase Knob. Awesome, eh? Still a lot of pretty green there, but you should bookmark those two links (or any of the ones listed here), and check ’em again in about two weeks and you will likely see the leaves starting to change color. In fact, the Appalachian Ski Mountain cam is already starting to show the beginnings of fall foliage.

Here are some photos of autumn in the Great Smokies from last year.

I’ve recently purchased a new digital camera, and hope to get to the mountains to take some photos sometime before the leaves start falling off the trees. I also hope to get some photos of the fall foliage here in Charlotte and surrounding areas. It’s been dry here all summer and some of the leaves have already dried up an fallen off the trees, but I know of a few good places to go to get some nice shots of fall foliage when it starts.

I can’t wait :)

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