The New York Times and Haditha: A retrospective

As the cases against the Haditha Marines continue to fall apart, Gateway Pundit goes back in time to review the New York Times coverage of this story versus what they’re saying about it now.

In essence, it would appear that the NYT editorial board is attempting some sort of lame “apology” for their coverage yet at the same time is sad to see the cases disintegrate, as they viewed them as the “defining attrocity[ies]” of the Iraq war. Gaius at BCB minces no words in response:

For the New York Times, the “defining atrocity” must be conducted by Americans. Not the jihadis who saw people’s heads off on video. Not the jihadis who push the bit of an electric drill through their captive’s knees. Not the jihadis who mutilate American soldiers. Not the jihadis who detonate trucks filled with explosives and chlorine gas cylinders in crowds of civilians. Not the jihadis who are killing more Muslims than the Americans ever could. The left in this country has continually cheapened and trivialized the real meaning of words, twisting them into something that can call an American politician “the worst person in the world” while ignoring the depravities of the real thugs in the world.

This is a new low. And I think maybe it is the defining anti-American self-outing of the New York Times.


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