Racial hoax on the Columbia U. campus?

Via AP:

NEW YORK (AP) — Columbia University has refused to turn over security videotape that could help identify who hung a noose on a black professor’s office door, police said Thursday.

Investigators began asking on Wednesday for tapes from cameras in the building, but have been rebuffed by administrators, said Paul Browne, the New York Police Department’s top spokesman.

He said police will have to get a court order to force the school to provide video they believe could crack the case.

“It’s unfortunate because it adds a time-consuming step to the investigation,” Browne said.

A Columbia spokesman did not immediately return a request for comment.

Authorities were testing the 4-foot-long twine noose for DNA evidence, but had no suspects as of Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, the professor who was the target of the attack, Madonna Constantine, told hundreds of faculty and students at a rally on the Ivy League campus that the incident was a “blatant act of racism” that “reeks of cowardice and fear.”

“I’m upset that our community has been exposed to such an unbelievably vile incident,” she said.

Police believe the noose was placed on the doorknob of Constantine’s office at Teachers College — Columbia’s graduate school of education — Tuesday morning, when a colleague spotted it and notified authorities.

It’s odd how Columbia won’t turn over the video. Jonah Goldberg speculates:

I wonder why that is? Perhaps it’s yet another racial hoax on campus? Or perhaps the perpetrator is another professor? It sounds more like the latter according to the reported victim:


Either way, I bet if the perpetrator were the head of the college Republicans, the tape would be on YouTube by now.


Gateway Pundit has more.

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