I Saw My First Ron Paul Yard Sign

Posted by: Brian on October 21, 2007 at 1:36 am

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Not really a post here, just an observation and I thought I’d share it with you.

As you may or may not know, I live in a small town in Iowa. I was driving through Ottumwa on Friday, running my errands that had me posting open threads for you guys, when I drove past a house that had a “Ron Paul for President” sign in the front yard. It’s the first one I’ve seen, so believe me, I noticed it (and yes, I was laughing the entire time I drove past it).

Anyway, no big deal, right? Well, no, it wasn’t, but what was interesting was what kind of house it was and what neighborhood it was in.

Ottumwa is a pretty solid Democrat town. The last Republican mayor we had only ran as one because someone else was running as a Dem. Everyone knew he wasn’t really a Republican and that it was just a way for two Dems to run…but I digress.

Anywhoo, as I was saying, Ottumwa has, like every other town in America, areas that are considered “the wrong side of the tracks” (as opposed to areas you dare not go to after dark). This was one area, where everyone who lives there is dirt poor, but they’re not the types to be out robbing liquor stores every other Thursday night. And the house itself looked like it had been abandoned for some time, only it wasn’t (there were cars in the drive and there were lights on).

Now, I know it’s not automatic that the poor support the Democrats, but they don’t often bite the hand that feeds them (sometimes literally). But I found it odd that this family, poor as they certainly must be, would be supporting any Republican, let alone Ron Paul.

I guess I’m just not “getting it”. Any thoughts as to why I saw what I saw?

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5 Responses to “I Saw My First Ron Paul Yard Sign”


  1. Proof says:

    I was driving along Hwy 80 in Ohio when I saw my first Ron Paul for President bumper sticker. (Actually, there were two on the car, symbolizing that they really, really like Ron Paul!)
    I pulled up alongside the car, to try to get a look at exactly what a Ron Paul supporter looks like. Imagine my surprise, when I passed the car, I looked through the driver’s window and didn’t see anybody!
    Not sure if the driver was just too short to see over the steering wheel, or just happened to duck down at the moment I was passing. (Might have been Dennis Kucinich! He’s barely tall enough to see out the windshield!)

  2. benning says:

    Brian, in olden times when a map had an area of unknown inhabitants or properties, they affixed an appelation to it to warn people. You have seen the modern equivalentof those areas, I think, which should be on your road map. It should say, “Here there be Ninnies!”


  3. Sean says:

    I guess I’m just not “getting it”. Any thoughts as to why I saw what I saw?

    Ron Paul “crosses all boundaries”, you could say. His limited-government beliefs is old-school Republican, but he also supports civil liberties, ending the war in Iraq, and is downright honest (even if you disagree with him, you have to give him that). Such integrity is uncommon these days in American Politics, and has convinced many poeple such as myself to cross the line and support a Republican.

  4. Lorica says:

    I do like Ron Paul, the man has never voted for a tax increase on the people. He is a strict Constitutionalist, he is genuine, and is honest, he is an OB who has delivered over 4000 babies, is all for limiting abortion. My only problem with Ron Paul is his stand on Iraq. I am sorry, but we cannot just pull out on an ideology. We are in Iraq, and we need to stay in Iraq, until victory has been achieved. The surge is working and AQ is hurt very badly, the Peoples of Iraq are working with us to defeat the enemy, things are better there, and we need someone who will keep the momentum building. Sad to say, I just don’t see Ron Paul doing that. We need to end this war in a way that doesn’t cause our children or grand children to go back there to fight another one. It is bad enough that we gave Hussien 12 years to rebuild which is why this war is taking so long, so why would we want to pass the weight of this burden onto yet another generation?? – Lorica

  5. TedintheShed says:

    I like Ron Paul on many individual issues, but like many Libertarians takes some issues to the extreme. I am hesitant to vote for him, but do admire his integrity.