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Election ’08

Pravda would be proud

People on the Right have for years complained about a media establishment biased toward the Left, only to be roundly mocked as paranoid, even when some evidence shows they were right. (For example) During the 2008 campaign, it became increasingly apparent that the major media had given up objectivity and was openly pulling for the victory of then-Senator Obama. While concentrating all their powers on Sarah Palin’s tanning bed, they almost totally ignored Obama’s political background, relationships, and lack of experience......   [Read More]

Audio: Former DNC finance chair gives most pathetic defense of New Black Panthers voter intimidation attempts evah

Yesterday on my way home from work, and after doing some grocery shopping, I listened to Sean Hannity’s 4 PM segment. The issue up for discussion at the top of the hour was whether or not the Obama administration was playing racial politics with the 2008 New Black Panthers voter intimidation incident in Philadelphia. A refresher:.....   [Read More]