Liberal McClatchy news outlet shills for Iran in latest hit piece on the Bush administration

Back in February, I wrote about how the liberal McClatchy news outlet, along with others, constructed strawman arguments that Bush never made about Iran, and then proceeded to tear them down in one of the most blatant displays of anti-war bias on the pages of a major news outlet that I had ever seen.

I see today they are at it again, devoting considerable space to advocating how skeptical we should all be about the Bush administration’s claims on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, even though if you read beyond the headline and the first few paragraphs, you’ll see that the reader is given disturbing information about Iran’s nuclear activities and claims past and president that casts the McClatchy headline in a different light than what I’m sure they intended. Jules Crittenden does a great job of dissecting the piece here and at the end, he concludes:

It’s heartening to see that, news organizations having shamefully aided and abetted in the demonizing of Saddam Hussein in the runup to war in 2003 by guzzling Bush Koolaid, there is now an effort to give American-killing, hate-spewing, rabid anti-Semite terrorism sponsors every benefit of a doubt. Only 14 1/2 months to go!

Yep, and as I noted back in January, they are walking hand in hand with – who else? – the Democrats in Congress, who have been attempting to downplay the threat from Iran in an effort to appease not only their anti-war base but, well, Iran, too.

Memeorandum has more blogger reax to this story.

In related war on terror news, there are some major developments going on in Pakistan – I haven’t been able to keep up with them all but Publius Pundit’s got a post up about the latest news.

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